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Midnight Sky - SuperWho manip. by Laurenthebumblebee
Midnight Sky - SuperWho manip.
Sam looked blankly into space, he was curled into a ball by where the wall was previously, the banging of the metallic walls had stopped. The Doctor and Dean were both edging to Sam, Dean was more concerned, eyes widening, breath hitching, "Sammy?" He asked, his voice sharp and more blunt than from earlier, The Doctor shot Dean an empathetic glance, mouth parted.

 Everyone else stayed back, Val was the first to speak up out of the audience, "What's wrong with him?!" She asked she seemed incredibly scared, she was clutching to her husband Bif. Jethro on the other hand was beside the Professor and Dee Dee, the professor still looked in denial.

Dean stepped closer to his brother, his bow legs gave way to the floor a little as his brother tensed at his movements, his eyes had shifted slightly in Deans direction, "Nothings wrong with him" Dean hissed finally, he got lower to Sam's level and The Doctor gradually joined him, "brother, you're okay. Just please say something..."

Sam's lower lip moved a fraction, flinching to speak. Everyone else was hawk eyed. Waiting. Just waiting. Then Sam spoke slowly.. "Say.. some-thing..." Sam announced blankly.

Dean shook his head, grinning slightly at Sam, he placed a palm to Sam's cheek, "You scared me for a second... don't do that, okay?" He thought Sam was joking but The Doctor knew different.

The Doctor looked between the brothers, something wasn't right. Sam looked dead behind the eyes.

"You scared me for a second.. don't do that, okay?" Sam copied. He sounded just like Dean just with less emotion.

Dean scoffed, removing his hand from Sam's cheek. Then the Doctor gestured for Dean to move over, as Dean did. The Doctor sat in front of Sam. Tilting his head, Sam did the same. The Doctor gulped, "Sam? Sam Winchester? You're okay now... you're brother is here. And we'll all keep you safe"

Sam looked scared somehow but he wasn't expressing it. The Doctor felt his aura, he wanted to know what was wrong and sort it before anything else would happen. It didn't seem good. But he didn't want to break the news to his brother if he didn't know exactly what was wrong.

Then Sam replied, "Sam? Sam Winchester? You're okay now.. you're brother is here. And we'll keep you safe" He said it in such a way which sounded sarcastic. His body was tensed, shoulders hunched and eyes watering.

Dean was no longer smiling and everyone else edged back to the cabin door at the other side of the Crusader 50. Whatever had happened to Sam, he was no longer himself.


A quick manip, I know its not completely accurate but I'm working on a fanfic to go with this. It should be uploaded soon. The description is just a few paragraphs of what may be included in it (this is not a fixed version of how the fanfic will turn out). Hope you enjoyed reading this though, the full version will be completed as quickly as possible :)
The names Agent, Agent Carter - Peggy Carter. by Laurenthebumblebee
The names Agent, Agent Carter - Peggy Carter.
A traditional drawing of Peggy from Agent Carter or Captain America. Hope you like it :)
                                                          Peter Capaldi - The Doctor by Laurenthebumblebee

"I'm sorry... for your loss" The Doctor began, his accent beaming through the seams. He trembled but at the same time felt nothing. His hearts beated but, it didn't feel real. Usually, he remembered his hearts thumping. But, now. There was nothing. He stared onwards at the young woman he had known, yet she was more like a little girl. Everything seemed so small to him.

A bit like a foetus but yet... not so much, that was rude Doctor. Shut up..

The Doctors sense of humour and mind had become cold since he regenerated. And he didn't want to give himself away to hurt her again. He had gotten old now. He wanted to turn away. But her cute figure as she approached him made him stay a little longer.

It was early morning, on the estate on which his Rose lived. The blanket of snow from the night before had lay still on the ground. Footprints carved into the snow from last nights late partiers. The skies clear blue.

 Everything seemed to stand still. Yet it set the scene just like he remembered.

Rose had just come from her flats which were decorated in bright, colourful lights to brighten the night that contrasted with the reds and creams of the battered outside of the flats itself.

 The Doctor vaguely remembered the night of 2005 when he left her that night. He was drunk. Drunk on the loss of hope that it could have been the last time. But now, he was sober on the thought of her never knowing who he was. She would be a lot safer that way.

The blonde smiled at The Doctor. The kind of smile which was reassuring to him but her eyes were telling him different. He felt her gaze upon his features. All the wrinkles and grey roots. His tired eyes more tired than she had ever saw them.

This was a different Rose to what he knew or what he had known. He knew it was only because he looked old and clueless. He meant nothing to her, 'I haven't lost anything, what's he talking about? Old man..' She would be thinking.

That's what the Doctor thought anyway but maybe he was just being paranoid. This was Rose after all.

She was wearing matching hat, scarf and fingerless gloves. All a purple-y pink colour, her skin white as snow. It was a frosty morning. Of course the Doctor had no warmth. Not any more. He was just lonely.

"I'm sorry? I don't quite understand ya" Rose admitted, her fingers stroked the fabric of his shoulder, her fingers gentle with lack of any tension or wrinkles. The Doctor winced as his bushy eyebrows narrowed at her. His expression was taken back.

 Then she continued, "I... haven't lost anybody..." She thought, her voice sounded quietened and he felt guilty for bringing it up. She gulped, her rounded cheeks were flushed but maybe that was the cold catching her. He didn't want her to leave her out there standing in the cold for much longer.

"You will though.... I promise that" The Doctor stated forgetting the human concept of touchy emotions. Rose began to slowly back away. She wasn't scared or felt the need to walk away. Her hand was no longer on his shoulder and she was no longer smiling, she tilted her head, now about a metre away from him, "Who are you?"

A normal person would shove the Doctor away, turn away and run. But Rose. She was considerate and wouldn't want to hurt anybody even if she thought they were wrong.

The Doctor sort of wished she would react so he wouldn't have to feel as guilty, "It's okay to be scared..." He began. Eyes watering and wide his expression like a hawk stalking its prey. His hands were sort of reaching out to her but arms pulled back, "I would get a new job if I were you..." He blurted out.

Rose frowned, "A new job? I like my job at the department store.." She was dumbfounded. But let it slip since he looked like a nice grouchy old man.

She didn't understand.

The Doctor also didn't. He was blinded yet again. He just wanted her to be happy, "Please... can't you grant an old mans wish?" He pleaded, playing on the thoughts he thought she had of him. He was close to telling her everything. He finally felt something. His hearts pounded. What was she going to say?

Roses expression looked angry but considerate. This was it. He had wrecked his chance. He was too old for this, his hearts sank.

"I've got to go now!" She announced, her tone was tough unlike her soft and perky usual tone.

The Doctor took in the cold air, watching her walk away. He just wanted her to be safe. No matter what the cost. He just missed her. He missed everyone.

 He was just lonely.~Laurenthebumblebee.
Meeting you again - Twelve-x-Rose.
The Doctor takes it upon himself to try and make things better, with Clara gone he felt the need to go back in time and see Rose again. It had been too long but did he reget it in the end? Doctor Who Emoticon  Gif 
                                   Pizap.com14304978566512 by Laurenthebumblebee

A year in- 4th November 2016, 10:45pm;

Deans vision refocused, finding himself become a little unbalanced. He scattered trying to stand on both feet. His feet felt like they were sinking into the floor like quick sand but when he looked down, it was solid concrete. He gasped out, feeling spaced out, he felt like his world was going really slowly as if everything was in slow motion. He could just about see Sam take down the last few zombies. Sam had no problem taking them down. He never did.

The older Winchester sucked air through his teeth as his ears rang out feeling them gush and pound as though he had water in them. Dean tried to get over to Sam, his co-ordination of walking and thinking were limited as though he were a small toddler learning how to walk. He hobbled, his feet feeling heavy as if he was mimicking a zombie.

"Sam..." Dean called out breathlessly, his tone had a slight hitch at his throat. Everything felt numb, face feeling lopsided like a stroke was about to occur. He stumbled to his side but then his foot stopped him from falling as it thumped the road. Dean looked down at his hand which had been clutched to his neck, it had previously felt itchy. His vision blurred for a few seconds but then refocused like a camera.

His hand had fresh smudged blood, rich in colour. His neck was bleeding. It had only been the second lack of concentration. It was all clear now. For a few moments he had forgotten his brother. He looked back up at Sam who was checking the dead stayed dead. That was the problem you see, forgetting the people you love. That was the cost.

Sam realised Deans stare upon him. He smiled. That killed Dean. Poor Sammy didn't have a clue. Dean couldn't pull himself to smile.

There were no zombies around now. Just one.


He tried to act normal. He tried to walk away. To escape this new version of hell he was experiencing. Each step he took was agony. Deans senses were a lot clearer. He could feel the blood pumping in his veins. Ears and eyes had become more sensitive. His finger tips throbbing as his one hand clutched the bloody crowbar.

Deans ears perked at every sudden noise. Eyes widened, feeling them change roughly in the sockets. His skin drying, feeling each pore in his face harden.

By now Dean had managed to trek himself just in front of Sam. About a metre or so to be exact. Sam had been watching him since he smiled but he was no longer smiling. Dean had walked that far, but of course it wasn't enough.

Sam looked suspiciously at Dean, he was standing slanted by the two white lines of the road, his posture was drawn to the floor. From where Sam was standing, he could see that Dean had been bleeding, blood pooling on Deans jacket. His favourite jacket. It was as though Sam had already realised what was happening. He didn't want to believe it.

The younger Winchester took a few steps in Deans direction before pausing again, "Dean... it's over..." Sam stated, his tone dragged on as though he was as spaced out as Dean was. Sam felt a little put out by the atmosphere, something was definitely up. He wouldn't go assuming until Dean would say.

By now they would be laughing and joking about the whole thing. But no.

Sam was tired. Not just by recent events. By everything. He wanted to lie down and let the ground swallow him up. Hopefully he wouldn't come back to life from the dead then. His frown remained.

"I'm sorry brother...." Dean finally announced, "I can't...." His voice shaken up. He paused feeling the changes occur.

Dean knew he would be too weak to do it himself. He would turn soon. He hated to burden his brother like his, "I was bit..." The sudden silence that trailed on after Deans words cursed them forever. Dean wanted to turn around but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He shivered at the thought of how Sam might react next. Dean was ashamed. Why did he have to do this now?

The dirty blonde felt dreadful, something taking control of him. He had a fever running through his body it wouldn't stop now.

Sam's face angered. Muscles tightening but all of a sudden, letting go when he muttered, "Dean..." He lay out a hand to his brother, "Oh god..." He continued, choking up a cry as he took his hand back to him. The emotions impacting him. His fingers threaded through his hair, nails digging hard in the skin, "Shit..." He mumbled taking another look at Dean. His lips pressed together, face stiffened through hard feelings.

Sam had lost his baby, his Kat and Castiel. He had bottled it up until now. Loosing his brother. Not for the first time but in this way, was the worst. He had no one else. Sam shook his head, "Don't make me do this to you..." He blubbered out, his face drenched in tears by now. This was it.

This was the cost. Sam looked away for a second, he felt his pistol in the bag from which Dean left in there earlier on. He took it out and bluntly laid his eyes on Dean again, the pistol weakly raised to pointed at him. Sam was shaking. His steady hand lost through his target. Zombies. Easy. Dean. Was not one of them.

He had dreamt about this many times before when they slept at all. Not as vivid as this. Sam desperately wanted to wake up from this nightmare. If he wasn't living it.

A clanging sound radiated through the dark shadows around them as Dean dropped his crowbar. His eyes began to water as he couldn't close his eyelids. They stiffened through the crispy skin forming from his pores. The virus had took a hold of Dean. There was one thing left to do.

"Just remember... this wasn't your fault" Dean announced huskily as his voice croaked. He felt a ball of liquids start to crawl up his throat. Tasting the metallic sensations on his tongue. Sam breathed out heavily and that's when Deans ears rang at the sound of the pistol clicking, ready to fire.

Sam's arm straightened out heavily, feeling the tension pull at his muscles. That was followed with a gulp, "I'm sorry it had to end this way...." His words barely left his lips. And it was too late.

A different kind of apocalypse - Spnboys!AU. 11
A brutal end to the brothers time together. Sam taking Deans life for him. The weight left on his shoulders. Not all stories have a good ending. Hope you enjoyed reading :)
                                 Pizap.com14304978566512 by Laurenthebumblebee

A year in- 4th November 2016, 10:00pm;

Sam and Dean were walking down a long murky road. It had felt like years they had been walking down this road for. As usual, they travelled for miles. They didn't want to be haunted back at the house by the last memories of Castiel being inside out, so they continued to go further out of America. It wasn't until the Impala had been abandoned all them months ago that Dean realised how big America seemed on foot.

Dean sighed, dragging his feet along with his brother by his side.

As they walked, the road seemed to twist into a misty atmosphere in the distance fading along with anything else they could see from where they were looking, the blackened trees entwining with each other much like a roof above them reflecting off the bright moon in the sky. The winter nights had surely kicked in, feeling the cold air escape from them when they breathed out. It had also been very dark, only a few stars lit up the blackened blanket above them.

The brothers had discussed the point in surviving. It was a very dull and depressing setting for the brothers but eventually they would have to talk about it. They walked in hope to find something useful in the dump that they called Earth. Yet there was no Castiel any more to keep the brothers in line. They missed that. Especially Dean. He still envisioned Cas' blood on his hands as Cas lay in his arms helplessly.

They had been silent towards each other for quite some time. It was peaceful with only the trees cracking in the wind with what was left of the leaves crisping to the floor beneath them. Their lives had been effected with the apocalypse greatly since it started.

They had lost everything but each other. The bunker most likely torn apart, left barely standing. The Impala by now was probably scrapped apart by half crazy scavengers, leaving the shell of what once was Dean's baby. Kat and the unborn were dead. Castiel, perished under the weight of the Winchesters name.

Sam was just in front of Dean, stopping at his heels, his hand moving out to the side of him meeting with Deans torso in gesture to stop walking. They spotted a small herd of zombies up ahead. They were fierce and rared up for some reason, their movements wild. The trees blocked any other path available to avoid the zombies. Dean pouted, huffing to himself. He really hated this world. They needed a break.

Dean looked over to his brother, his face softened, "Think we can do it?" He hissed in the wind.

Sam looked over in the distance at the decayed bodies walking around like they owned the place. Then glanced back to his older brother, "Give it a shot?" He suggested, fiddling with his bag suddenly before continuing, "We can't turn back now" He opened the bag and got out the crowbar, throwing it Dean. Dean just stared at it as it lay in both hands.

The crowbar was Cas' favourite weapon of defence yet Dean knew this was the wrong time to be thinking about it in depth. Even though he clutched it hard, feeling the hard edges of the crowbar dig into his fisted palms.

Sam took out his machete, swinging the bag back over his shoulder, the bag now resting on his back. Dean zoomed back into reality when he gazed up at his brother who stared at him. His eyebrows tensed, dimples creasing his skin, "Ready brother?" Sam asked, patting Dean on the shoulder. They soon wouldn't be beside one another as they had drawn attention to themselves, the zombies up ahead.

The zombies all started to drag what was left of them to the Winchesters. Dean stayed quiet yet Sam winked at Dean in a heroic pose with his machete, "Like I said. No going back now" He exclaimed. Dean winked hesitantly back at his brother.

Sam left Dean, taking a run up to the zombies, the zombies scattered, some going towards Dean and a few to Sam. Sam jabbed a zombie through the eyes, the slicing sound going through him as he pulled the machete out again, leaving a few strands of flesh and dripping blood on the weapon but it wouldn't be long before Sam had been occupied by a few more of those creatures.

Dean pushed a zombie away with his crowbar and then spun himself around, crushing another's in the head as it invaded Deans space. His chest rose and fell frantically, vision spinning as he tried to focus on the other zombies gathered around him. A few more were tackled by the brothers, each of them working separately to each other. It would soon be all over.

The older Winchester had more to cope with as more zombies were attracted to the blood and angst going into each of the hits Dean was making. Only one or two at Sam's side.

About five zombies were in Deans zone, he was cornered, backing away, feeling a barky damp tree against his back, "Seriously.. where do you guys come from?" He muttered to them, obviously not expecting a reply as he dodged a zombies pounce towards him.

A snarl and a gaggle of liquids from each zombie. Dean managed to deal with the four zombies which he could see, almost forgetting the one that wasn't in his view. He felt a tremble go down his spine as he heard the roars of the unexpected zombie behind him, he was no longer supported by the tree.

The zombie managed to grab Dean by the neck, Dean struggled, grunting as he did holding the zombie back until he re-flexed behind him, turning and stabbing it through the head with the almighty crowbar. Although his turn was delayed, a little slower than he would of wanted. He managed to get the zombie, it fell to the floor, nerves making it flinch a little. Dean looked up, he stared at a figure what he thought to be his brother. Everything blurred. It went all black.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
A different kind of apocalypse - Spnboys!AU. 10
Dean and Sam find a herd of zombies on their travels, they manage them well until Dean finds himself struggling to fight the pain.

Find out what happens in the last part- laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…
I decided to write this journal based on how I like to write fanfics since I write them regularly throughout the week even if I don't submit everyday, I usually am writing every day despite taking forever to upload, aha (sorry xD)

So, if you're having trouble finding ideas, I suggest listening to your favourite music that may inspire you for a plot or simply re-watch a few episodes and come back to the writing later (if you haven't sunk into a black hole of fandom-yness on tumblr or something ;) )

I would recommend writing about something you like, with your OTP or something like that (One True Pairing) like Rose and The Doctor from Doctor Who or Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter. (Not that I ship these... or I might) *cough* destiel *cough*

If you have an idea of a plot or are inspired by a song, before writing I would go on the internet and just check for fanfiction ideas that may link into what you're thinking of doing (Go on google or any other search engine you might use and see if any people have requested random fanfiction ideas based on the characters you have picked. I also tend to make sure no one else hasn't wrote anything similar to your idea. If not, great! :D

Once you start writing I would listen to music (again) as that's what I do but I try to lower the volume since if its too loud it can be quite distracting and depending on the song it can be quite irritating. (By distracting.. I mean by bursting out into song and ending up in the abyss of youtube at like 3 o'clock in the morning)

 Remember to take breaks every now and again. Its okay to do that. I usually spend about half an hour to two hours writing a fanfic a day sometimes not finishing it until a few days later as I want my work in good quality for people to read. Some days... I just can't be bothered to write. It's perfectly normal to feel like that... I think.

I usually separate my paragraphs into four lines or so per section. I know some people write in full blocks of writing with no paragraphs but I find that hard to read and quite boring since the more you write in a block of writing, the more you're mind seems to wonder.

Short sentences. To build tension. Long sentences. To make the reader have the effect of tripping over like reading a youngsters story all excited, frantic and fast. Depending on the circumstances of writing within the plot, these can be very effective. I use it quite often. Commas are also very important. they lengthen and make the sentences easier to read with some pauses. Sometimes, I tend to over use commas, I know that. But its a simple flaw that most people put over their head ;)

Quirky language (language devices). To get the reader intrigued such as different uses of vocabulary, punctuation and imagery.

Explore the characters identity. Its important to keep the characters vibe. I do this by re-watching some scenes from youtube of the characters I'm writing about to get a refreshed mind about how they act and speak, ect. It could be the slight mannerisms that some characters have, for example, Dean Winchester has bow legs. His knees are slightly bent outwards.. I think it is. And Sam Winchester often clenches his jaw at times. Not that I noticed.. hehe.

One of the character techniques could be using italic writing or however you'd like to write it, you can give the character thoughts within the story and visualise in the story. The depths of their mind to make the reader understand clearer. Since if you're watching something, unless there's a voice over or narrator, you don't necessarily know what the characters thinking unless they make it clear in expression. You have to make your writing simpler to how it is in your mind.

I know when I started writing a few years ago, my writing was very plain because I visualised in my mind a completely different image to what I had wrote down. You get used to writing and explaining throughout. Depending on your level of writing ad interpretation of the readers view.

Every now and again, make sure you go back and check your work. Every few paragraphs, I tend to go back through my work and edit it so when I have finished and move on, I don't have to check through the whole thing over and over since I write a lot. As you can probably tell >:)

Sometimes, I like to use a picture before my writing on my fanfiction to give the reader a visual statement on how the characters or the scene is set. Everyone likes pictures :)

I sometimes look through my older fanfics that I have already written to get a review on my writing, to see how I can improve it further. Always check the comments and see what people have thought about you're writing. I do that and once I've done writing I make sure enough detail (not too much) is put in so you can really picture the story and also speech is important too. I have learnt from the past to not structure speech in the same way all the time as it gets a bit like a script.

Try to put speech from the characters at beginning, middle and end of sentences, spreading it out in the paragraphs, remember to explain how the characters talk so the reader understands.

That's the basics of how I write any ways. I hope that helped a little, sorry if it didn't. I do try. Hopefully I included everything you need to get you writing. Have fun! :')
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I love Supernatural. I'm a Sam Winchester girl if you haven't noticed already.

Omg... looking through my old fanfics make me cringe haha. I'm terribly sorry if you come across a badly written fanfic by me. I do try my best these days. I started out as a fresh minded young soul when I joined dA. Slightly regret it but at least I've gotten used to it and developed within my writing and art skills. xD

I am a crazy frizz haired girl with a weird personality but you get used to me! ;)

I am a student, I like to study art, English literature and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd and some people like me... but I'm not sure who exactly, seems like lately I've only got one or two friends but that's fine since I can get my own things done and I can spend more time on the internet with you lovelies! :D

Without fandoms I am practically not myself. My four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox.

Some random things about me-

I love all cute animals. Especially dogs, wide eyed cats and owls.

I like Indian food

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.

My favourite colours are blue and purple. Preferably Purple.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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