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Reason why the Doctor never said 'I love you'... by Laurenthebumblebee
Reason why the Doctor never said 'I love you'...
So I saw the original image without the captions on Facebook and I thought to myself 'Omg, I can totally see the Doctor rehearsing this' So yeah... this is what I came up with.

I know he said 'I love you'... or so we think he said it in 'Journeys end' but even then he never said it before as The Doctor and so this is my theory. Hehe, hope you like it :)
                                    tumblr n31u18BiW61tvcydbo1 500 by Laurenthebumblebee
We are so not normal.
Nope. I like it that way.

You and Dean had arranged a date. He wasn't usually the dating kind of guy, you knew that but he had told you that he would give it a go. He really meant it which made you feel great inside.

You were ready to step foot into the diner which Dean was waiting for you at some booth. It wasn't anything too fancy but it was fancy enough for both you and Dean. You had made the effort and worn a red dress which exaggerated your curves greatly, your hair in ringlets just past your shoulders. Red glimmering lipstick upon your lips as you pouted gaining more confidence, brushing yourself off and then you opened the two glass doors to enter the diner.

Your eyes flickered around the diner, squinting your eyes between the eye liner you had perfectly painted on your face along with mascara to make your bold (e/c) stand out, you could see hot waitresses were scattered around, some bending over the tables to grab the empty plates of satisfied customers, showing their cleavage to the customers who were shifty enough to look and their behinds to anyone who hadn't got anything else to look at. You scoff wondering if Dean had spotted them too. Probably so but you only really knew Dean for a few months.

Remembering the duties as a hunter, which where at a halt, you thought about not being able to tell Dean anything if he asked about your career, you had gone through this process many times but it got harder and harder as you seem to slip further and further away from a committed relationship.

This was the only spare time you had and you were going to spend it wisely. He was sweet but he would freak out if he knew what job you had. 'Oh yeah.. by the way, I fight monsters on a daily basis and casually exorcise demons for fun' Of course, you hadn't thought of what job he had although the name 'Dean' had rung a bell before but surely he wasn't the Dean, you hadn't asked and it would lead to the dreaded question of; "What about you?"

You and Dean had met in the typical place which was the bar, dicks were regularly found there, you had met a few in your time but Dean was different. You had a gut feeling about him.

Finally, your eyes met Deans, his eyes sparkled along with his goofy smile drawing you in with a wave of his hand. A waiter who was standing by the doors to greet you caught your eye. You told him you had a table already and you were about to take your seat. He lead you over to the booth where Dean was, you thanked him and he walked off back to the entrance to meet a couple who had walked in just after you.

Sitting down, Dean seemingly hadn't taken his eyes off you since you had set foot in the diner. You clear your throat grabbing the menu from the side of the table.

"Hellllooooo '____'" Dean greeted licking his bottom lip as he did. You giggle, 'omg, seriously I have the most ugliest laugh ever'

"Heya Deano" You added, looking down at the menu, your finger sliding across each word describing the delicious foods, making your stomach rumble even more.

You felt Dean frown from across the table, "Deano, seriously?" He asked, chuckling at you obviously joking to start a conversation.

You shrug and pull a slight flirty smile 'knowing me that flirty smile looks like a rape face', "Its a cute pet name"

Dean was wearing a plain black suit with a pure white shirt and black tie. His hair scruffy yet neat all at the same time. You couldn't have pictured a man like him before even if you tried. You couldn't believe you were on a date with Dean.

Dean sighed, dropping it for a moment, taking his time to grab the last menu and opened it up like you had done. As you thought about what to order you could feel Deans eyes turn from the menu to you. It was one of those awkward silences where you just wanted to laugh it off.

"Dude... Deano!" Dean began breaking the silence, again.. that made you laugh more than it should've done. He smiled at you, raising his arms around being perfectly Dean.

You pointed a finger at Dean, pretending to be serious. "It suits you" You comment and then fake a cough looking back down at the menu, "Dude" You mimic him.

It was Deans turn to fake, he faked a laugh. "Ha ha ha, funny"

You nod and seem impressed with yourself. "Yes, I am hilarious" You were never the type to be self indulgent but you liked to joke about it as much as the next person.

Dean scoffed. "Cause we're totally normal"

You nod, closing your menu and pushing it aside, Dean had your full attention, "Yep. Normal is weird"

"I like it" You continue.

You spot a waiter eying in your direction, you try to ignore him because you wasn't sure whether it was because of your dress or because you hadn't ordered yet, "I like it more2 He says a bit late after the moment had gone but you didn't care as long as Dean was interested.

You raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to Dean. "Oh really, how so?"

Dean used his fingers for quotation marks. "Your 'casual' normal is hilariously fascinating"

"What's fascinating about me Dean?" You ask, biting your lip.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but then only closed it again. It took a few moments but then he spoke, "Urm... everything..."

You snort. "Really?" You wasn't sure yourself if you meant it in a sarcastic way or you were genuinely asking.

Dean looked bewildered. "Wow, did I really just say that?" He laughed it off as you did. You nodded, blushing a little.

Soon after, the waiter finally came to the table, he looked young as if it was his first day or something. Trembling a little, he asked; "Would you like to order?"

He was that type of youngster which had started their new first job and they weren't bad looking so they got away with any mistakes made towards the customers. 

Dean gulped looking up at the waiter like a lost puppy. "Yes.. thank you.. urm" He was a little flustered, shuffling his menu around absently. You knew it was because he was embarrassed from mentioning how much he liked you. You couldn't believe it in all honesty.

You clear your throat, your fist covering your mouth for manners and the waiter turned to you, note pad in hand and pen at the ready. "Two double cheese burgers and a handful of fries please" You ask.

Dean winced and looked at you suspiciously. "How did you-"

"Dean.. Of course I know what to order" You say as if it was obvious to him.

"Thank you, Any drinks with that?" The waiter asked who looked more relaxed with talking to you and Dean now. You didn't know what was so intimidating.

"Two shandies, Jack Daniels" You reply.

"Okie dokie. It will be with you shortly" The waiter walked off quickly as if he were glad to get it over and done with.

Dean tilted his head at you. "Jack Daniels.... shandies?"

You nod like his mother would have done. "Yep. I know you have a car so you have to drive tonight"

He put his hands up in surrender. "Okay.. okay.. '____'"


"So, what job do you do then '____'?" Dean asked innocently.

You stare at him blankly, trying not to give any sign away that may make him think you're lying or some freak. You felt your eyes widening as you thought and then you blink for a good few seconds. This is why you were awkward, especially someone as attractive as Dean. "Urm.... I sorta travel around a bit and get called by the police when they have no more solutions"

Dean smiled out of the edges of his lips. "Like.... like the FBI?"

You nod frantically. "Yes. But don't tell anyone" You winked at him and he returned a salute.

Deans breath hitched. "I like you '____', you're different and I don't feel like I have to hide myself from you"

You felt your cheeks warm at his words, no guy had really had much to do with you so you were easily caught with words from Dean, "Haha, thanks Dean. You too, what do you do anyway, I never asked?"

"Funny thing is '___' I do the same kinda thing as you. Also I have a few hobbies on the side, like hunting" Dean casually rambled on. You gulp, realising that this could be the Dean the other hunters had warned you about. You couldn't leave now and maybe this was a chance to get close to Dean and form a relationship. Find out what he truly is like. He seemed vulnerable enough to follow your lead.

"Hunting? wow, what like deer?" You knew to any other normal person, that would seem like a dumb question to ask but you might have been talking to Dean Winchester. One of the well known Winchesters after Sam and John Winchester. You had read up on his brother but you knew far better than for Dean to be like him.

Dean looked suspicious you thought or maybe that was your paranoia. "Yeah..I hunt deer and all kinds of big scary things haha" He joked.

 You found yourself becoming greedy in the information you were receiving. It took one last question, "Is your second name, Winchester by any chance?"

Dean scratched the back of his head, knowing something wasn't right now. "Why?"

You knew you probably stepped over the line. "I just wondered..."

"Who told you about me?" Dean began raising his voice but not too loud, a few people in the booths next to you had turned around and looked over at you. What had you done?

"I'm sorry Dean.. I just read about you.. I know what you are and I know what you do" You begin, then you lean forward again, quietening your voice, "I'm a hunter"

Dean leaned back against the seat of the booth, he was unsure about you now you could tell. The waiter came over and handed you your drinks and cutlery. You both didn't say anything and then the waiter came back out with your dishes, hoping you would enjoy your meals.

"I don't trust all hunters. Why did you read about me?" Dean asked, pushing his plate away. Not feeling his apatite.

You also didn't touch your food but you stared longingly at the shandy in front of you. "I just... I just, I'm not as skilled. I needed a break, I didn't intentionally mean to bump into you, it just sorta happened"

Dean nodded, swigging his drink and banging it back down against the table. "Okay then, how about we eat and drink up. You show me what you can do and maybe I'll think about meeting up with you again. Maybe next time I can teach you a thing or two?" He suggested surprisingly.

"Okay" Your voice went a bit high pitched, inside you were excited and slightly nervous now. You were going to prove to Dean you weren't the kind of hunter he thought you were out to be.

Normal isn't our thing - Dean-x-female!reader
A little fanfic I wanted to do before Christmas as I may be a little busy and might not upload for a few days. A little fluffy fanfic where Dean and reader go out to dinner but as things see to be going sweet, the reader steps on egg shells when the conversation turns sour. Dean decides he believes the reader from what she has told him and would like to get to know her as a hunter before things become bitter. I would like to keep this as a one part fanfic but if people are interested in me writting more please say so. I appreciate any feed back, please comment and favourite. :D

p.s Sorry for any mistakes, I try my best to have my writing in good quality as I am only a student.
Beauty and Pain, leaves can grow. by Laurenthebumblebee
Beauty and Pain, leaves can grow.
A little experiment I did. I have no idea how this turned out. I hope its good quality. It started as a little christmas-y piece which looked nice and then sorta went creepy so I decided to make it a bit freaky and questionable to the story behind it - 'In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty, but that's the way new leaves grow'
                                       35a67iq by Laurenthebumblebee

   I'm back baby!.... Did ya miss me?


Gwen paces around the room waiting for Ianto to pick up the phone. "H-hello?"

He picked up, "Omigosh, Ianto! Are you alright??" Gwen asked, her expression focused as she stopped pacing just to ask if he was okay.

She felt Ianto's frown through the phone line, "Yes, at home why? Is something wrong?" He asked, obviously not having a clue of what happened.

Gwen scoffed, looking at Ten and pointing to the phone. "Something wrong? Ianto... have you seen Torchwood?" She asked as if it was obvious what had happened.

There was silence for a few moments, Gwen was about to ask Ianto if he was still there, Ten stared at Gwen with a frown as if he was as confused as she was, "Is everything okay?" Ianto finally asked quickly in his welsh tone.

"Come quickly Ianto" Gwen demanded down the phone, holding her phone to her mouth instead of her ear, "Okay.. okay.. Bye Gwe-" She hung up on him. She began pacing around the room again.

Ten gulped, his eyes followed her around the room. He scratched the back of his head, his teeth gritting thinking of what to say because really she was irritating him from pacing around. That was his job.

"Ur.. urm.. Maybe we should go back through to Torchwood and close this void before it causes more problems for the universe" He suggested, more like rambled. He was worried Gwen didn't hear him as she didn't stop or look at him.

And then she said; "Agreed" She announced, pausing at her steps and turning to Ten, he grinned widely at her before giving her his hand to step through the void together.


River instantly stood up straight on her feet, still holding the piece of paper she found on the floor. She saw Ten and Gwen come through the void together. It -as if by magic- closed behind them and Ten caught a high tech device which had been thrown out of nowhere into his palms. He scoffed and stroaked the device. "Aaaaah perfect!" He commented in a high pitched tone, feeling happy with himself. Gwen nudged Ten and he caught eye contact with River who didn't look impressed, an eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips.

"Sorry.." Ten mumbled still absently fascinated by the device which he knew to be the thing throwing them a hole through the void. It was done and he had to move on. Concentrate Doctor...

Eleven scampered to Rivers side, minding the rubble. He frowned and looked at Ten as he had some explaining to do. Ten nodded understanding. "Iantos on his way. After we sort out Jack. We're gonna get this place looking back to its tip top shape"

Gwen folded her arms, nodding as well. Trying to reasure the situation. "Yeah.. I just hope Jack is well enough to come through"

Ten patted her on the shoulder. "He will be"


The five of them rushed into the TARDIS, Eleven, Ten, River, Gwen and Ianto. Ianto was still very confused with what was going on. Gwen and Ianto stared at each other and then looked around the TARDIS.

Eleven and Ten grinned, both hands on the console as they took off to get back to Jack. River took a step back and sat on the console chair, checking out her nails as she did. She was letting the boys do the work for once.

"I thought it would be bigger" Ianto added as he looked around on the spot. He still looked surprised but the Doctors expected more. Ten frowned whilst Eleven chuckled to himself. "Oh, I know what Jack would say to that" Eleven exclaimed.

Everyone laughed, the TARDIS hummed a long as the mid-console rumbled recklessly, going up and down, "So, what happened to him?" Ianto asked, "I know he died but.. he usually does that.."

Gwen tilted her head to agree but then patted Iantos shoulder. She then sat next to River on the console chair, "Its alright Ianto, its gonna be hard but if you believe, he may come around"

Ten gulped looking down at the floor. The TARDIS was stable again and Eleven was the first to check the doors. "Careful, we don't want another casualty" He commented as Ianto and Gwen raced to get out first like some school kids pushing through the dinner queue.

Then when the others followed. Ianto's pace had slowed right down. He stepped causiously, as he continuously stared at Jacks body lay on a table. He wasn't even strapped onto it. He could just get up but he didn't.

Ianto sighed, finally getting to Jacks side, putting a hand across his cheek, stroaking his thumb across it in several different patterns. "Oh Jack.." Ianto mumbled.

Gwen stood back by the TARDIS doors with Ten, his arm wrapped around her for support. River and Eleven stayed back but watched too with the TARDIS doors open looking out on them. Eleven and River were holding hands, feeling the emotion through the atmosphere.

Ianto blinked and it squeezed a tear out. Falling to Jacks dry skin on his face. The fall of that tear drop felt like the quietest drum beat getting louder. Any slight movement to Iantos hearing would sound one hundred times louder. That tear soaked up quickly. Ianto could've sworn...

The tear drop left nothing but the skin around it -the damp spot- had made the skin brighten with color. Jack was blushing on his cheeks, Ianto's breath hitched and he took an anxious few steps away. Fingers twitching and nerves responding.

Everyone froze.

And then there was a slight deep inhale that sounded like someone who had been smoking for years trying to breath normally again. "Ianto.... " Jack croaked as his eyes snapped open. Eyes bloodshot and red veiny whites with pale blues.

He turned, grabbing the edge of the table with his one hand streched across, he looked pale again and....dead. His breathing was like he had a bad case of asthema. He finally could see Ianto but Ianto was startled and like he was seeing a ghost.

Gwen put a hand on her heart as she felt it racing. She had never seen anything like it. All the monsters and aliens she had seen and Jack always seemed to surprise her.

Ianto ran up to the table and almost threw Jack into his arms. A tight embrace and Jack let out a rough chuckle. His attention was brought beyond Iantos shoulder as he rested his chin against it. He saw Gwen. Ten. Eleven and River. He sighed in relief.

Jack patted Ianto on the back and they released their embrace. Jacks eyes went from Iantos eyes to those untouched lips. He pulled him into a quick peck on the lips. Even though it was a 'quicky' as Jack liked to call it, it felt like it lasted forever and they were both longing for more. But now wasn't the time. Jack huffed as he pushed away from Ianto, he shuffled his body to get off the table quickly.

He lost balance and nearly fell but Ianto caught him. "Hey careful you.." Ianto demanded. Jack nodded, using Ianto as help to walk over to the others.

He stretched his arms out to Ten as he met his eyes with him. Ten stood proudly for him. "Hey Doc, lookin' better" Jack commented examining Ten. Ianto nudged him as a joke, Jack nudged him back. It felt good for him to be back.

Ten nodded. "Certainly. And you"

Jack winked at Gwen and then she pulled him into a hug. Her hands clutching to his back and she smiled, closing her eyes tightly hoping this wasn't just a dream. "I missed you.." She whispered and kissed him on his temple friendly.

Then Jack glanced at the TARDIS. Its rich blue standing out. Eleven saluted him and River waved fondly. Jack nodded at them too and turned back to Ianto.

"Well Baby, did ya miss me?" He asked, being cheeky as always.

Eleven let go of Rivers hand and clapped his hands together. "Right then, off we go!"

The Last Time 50th Anniversary continued 32
I know this probably seems like a bad ending but I wanted to keep it short and snappy as it was kinda dragging a bit (I think). I enjoyed writing this a lot even if in total it's took about two years to actually get on here. It was just a little something I wrote in my spare time. I changed a lot of the story line along the way so I hope it was worth writing. Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment or favourite. All is appreciated. :)
The World outside Wonderland - Inked Sketch. by Laurenthebumblebee
The World outside Wonderland - Inked Sketch.
I thought I'd do a quick pen sketch of Alice from Alice and Wonderland, its not based on any Alice in particular but for some reason I've had an obsession with Wonderland for a while since I started watching Once Upon a Time (OUAT) but yeah... I hope you like it and I really enjoyed sketching it :)
Hello my fellow followers or people who are just passing by, I feel like things are looking up in my life at the moment so hopefully I will have more time to write my ideas down in the but knowing me, something will pop up with school and stuff, plus I have to study for certain lessons. LOL but seriously... I'm not gonna do that. Too much Tumblr to keep up with.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed with how my Spn Christmas fanfiction turned out, I was hoping it to be a little fluffy and a tiny bit of smut but obviously it was too long and I dont blame many people not to read it but anyway... I promise to improve on my writing and get my ideas running. I only have a little left to write on 'The Last Time' but I will sure continue my other fanfic '2036 Torchwood' for at least a few more months as I really enjoy writing it.

Any requests? People have asked me to write a Sam x reader one but they haven't got back to me about how they want the fanfic to be... but I can do dean x reader too or maybe a bit of Lucifer.... Crowley?

But anyway, if you would like to request something to me, please be specific, e.g (Sam x reader, Sam takes reader out for dinner and that leads to other things) Just give me a little definition to follow on or if you just want any kind off fanfic and you dont mind what I write please say so.

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