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                                                      vampire2-biteFotolia 14379685 XS by Laurenthebumblebee

Ever since the reader had came to town, Sam Winchester was fascinated by her despite the speakings of her that were spreading like wild fire. It wasn't just that, she was gorgeous, young and.... fresh? was that the right word?, Sam had never particularly felt anything like this before whenever a woman was around, the reader was different. The funny thing was, Sam had only seemed to be attracted to her within her view as if she had some sort of hue that drawn him to her. He did think of her, but lets not get into that just yet.

Sam noticed the reader spent a lot of her time in public places -not that he was stalking her- more like bumping into her now and again when he was out hunting. He usually spotted how men were usually checking her out and genuinely being as attracted to her as Sam was. Not that Sam was jealous, just minding his own business. The reader usually gave Sam a glance or two, as if she would tease him.

It had become a regular thing as Sam tried to avoid her presence as much as possible, he was getting to the point where he desperately wanted to get connected with her, she always managed to catch his drift and she was the one that seemed to pop up near Sam wherever he was.

'The hunter was being hunted', As Dean pointed out, it didn't take long for Dean to figure on what was really going on here. Especially when people -men-  started appearing dead or near death around their place of staying. Dean truly thought Sam was being blinded by the readers tricks and taunts to get him on the list of the dead. Even though Dean had wanted a piece of her himself. Not that he'd mention that to Sam at all.

It wasn't until the reader had finally started taking an interest in Sam and started talking to him that the brothers had really noticed she was like no other they had come across before.


Sam and Dean were at the bunker, trying to put together the case of the men being murdered around town, an obvious vampire attack of some kind, pictures, descriptions and destinations, newspaper cut outs on the wall. The pictures and descriptions had the case perfectly stated and there was no doubt that it wasn't a vampire attack;

Bite marks to the neck. Ripped apart from the back, with what seemed like strong finger nails to the point where men would be classed as slaughtered for pleasure. A lipstick trade mark on all of the photographed deceased which had been involved in the case. All the trademarks placed on the right cheek where the least blood was splattered.

Meanwhile, Dean was sat at the main table with Sam's laptop, looking at his brother as Sam paced in denial back and forth.

"Dude... you're giving me the urge to punch you in the face..." Dean confessed, his face much like Sam's bitch face. Their roles eternally switched somehow. Sam's urge to get to the girls and Deans urge to solve the case even if he had solved it already.

Sam stopped. Looking down at Dean, his arms folded, "What do you want to prove Dean?"

Dean frowned, closing the laptop lid, "Face it brother, it's staring you in the face! You're smart enough to know what's going on here..." Dean tried to lead Sam in the right direction, he pouted waiting for a response but Sam just stood there.

He unfolded his arms, biting his bottom lip and raising his arms as if he wanted Dean to carry on, "No actually Dean... I don't" He stated stubbornly.

The dirty blond just rubbed his eyes in annoyance, slapping his knee with his hand afterwards, "Its (y/n) Sam... it's obvious. She's been luring you in since day one...-"

Sam fused his eyebrows together, jaw clenching. He grabbed a chair and roughly placed it by Deans, sitting beside him. He cupped his hands between his legs.

This time, he really wanted to hear what Deans ridiculous assumption was, "So what... what has (y/n) got to do with this case?" Sam asked, he really didn't know.

 "- She's a vampire Sammy..." That pause from Deans reply and Sam's expression was shuddering. But Sam reluctantly shook his head, "No... just 'cause she gets a lot of attention.... Dean.. that means... nothing..."

Dean could really use that fist to Sam's face right now, but he tried to deal with the situation with a deep breath, "Right... fine.... do it your own way.." He waved his hand in gesture, "Go and speak to her. See what you can do about it... I'm done trying.." Dean stood up from the table and walked to the kitchen to get some beers from the fridge, he really needed it.

Sam on the other hand, it was about late afternoon and it wasn't too late to try. He could go and see what's really going on here, "I will!" Sam shouted back, grabbing a knife, shoving it in the back of his jeans and belt. He walked out the bunker, not looking back. He knew where he was going, he was going to meet you.


Sam sat at a booth, in a bar where he knew you would be. He sat there, swilling the beer between his teeth, placing the bottle ever so carefully back onto the table as he concentrated. There were a lot of men in this bar, so Sam thought you wouldn't resist the urge.

That's when he looked up as the entrance door opened, and to his expectance, you walk through the door. You instantly caught his eye as he did yours, you were startled at first but kept your cool. Swaying your hips as you walk over to his booth, sitting comfortably down opposite him.

You were wearing skinny, ripped jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. It was casual but you were only looking for Sam Winchester, here he was. Right where you wanted him. You brushed your hair to the side as he eyed you, "Hey Sammy" You announced, wiggling your eyebrows as grinded his teeth, not taking his eyes of you.
The feeling you had when he was around, you could sense his blood pump faster as his heart beated twice as much, hot and deep red that would perfectly run down his neck and drench his plaid shirt as you bite your teeth into him.... you realised you had been staring into his direction getting distracted by the images in your head. That's when you straightened in posture, licking your bottom lip in response.

"(y/n), I've heard a lot about you...." Sam began, his voice deep. You knew how much he wanted you. You giggled, leaning closer over the table to Sam,

"Have you now?" You encouraged him to continue. And continue he did, Sam chuckled, his grin showing his dimples, his hazel eyes darkening, "Yeah... I've heard you've been very naughty.."

You scoff, "Oh really?!" Your voice goes higher, in act, you wanted him to believe his feelings were mutual. You wanted him like putty in your hands, "What kind of... naughty things?"

Sam bit his bottom lip, one of his hands reaching to his back, going down to the base of the large knife stuffed into his jeans, "How about... we talk somewhere more.. private?" His tone very suggestive.

Taking a sharp look around, you nod. You leaded the way, tugging at his plaid shirt as you both went down the corridor to exit the bar. Sam's hand stayed by the knives reach. You led Sam outside, down an alleyway to where the abandoned car park was just a few buildings down from the bar. No one could see anything from where you were standing.

Sam's chest was raising and falling more visibly from his hardening breath, you smirk, right in front of him you stood, as your hands caress his plaid shirt, pushing him by his chest to the brick wall behind him.

He fell into the shadows, your figure just about visible from the beam of light coming from one of the street lights down the alley.

The Winchester knew what was going to happen. He had the opportunity to stop but he really, for some reason, liked you. You had the same passion as he did. But you were a vampire.

His lips parted, his eyes lost in you as he imagined you biting into him and getting the thrill from it. Would he really like that? It is so wrong. Especially for a hunter. But that's coming from Sam Winchester, the brother who was hooked on demon blood, "I hope you don't mind... I'm a bit of a nibbler" You teased, leaning into his ear, your breath creating goose bumps on his neck.

"Not.. not at all" He grumbled back, nodding, his one hand still by the knife, but it was hesitant to grab the base of it this time.

You started by pecking your lips down his jaw, your hand going through his locks of hair, pulling his head to the side, exposing his neck to the side. Sam grunted, he should stop now. This is wrong Sam.

You left hickey marks on his neck, you began sucking but not biting just to get him more relaxed. Sam pressed his body against yours as you encouraged him, his spare hand on your hip, gripping tightly. You felt yourself become hungry. Your teeth starting to bleed from the gums, licking your teeth, you felt each one become long and sharp.

Tugging a little more at Sam's hair, you bit a little harder at Sam's neck, making him bleed. Sam breathed out, feeling an instant relief of his body, his hand shook as he held the base of the knife. Could he do it? Was it too late? He felt how hot the trail of blood was down his neck as you licked it.

 He closed his eyes, mouth open, leaning into you. You closed in on Sam both hands in his hair, you holding him up. Your eyes deeper in colour, blood dripping from your mouth, you continued to nibble his stubble and under his neck, "You're one hell of a feast Sam Winchester..." You murmured, kissing his right cheek hard, leaving a lipstick and blood mark.

Sam looked over your neck, his vision blurred, it was too late wasn't it. He was so stupid. Why? Was the question.

 Somehow Sam kind of smiled weakly, he was almost out of conciousness, his body starting to ache. A figure was standing in the light behind you and Sam. That's what Sam was smiling at.

"I'm coming for you bitch" The deep voice said, you turned your head to see the mighty Dean Winchester with a sword like knife. He wiggled his eyebrows at you, twirling his knife between his fingers at you. Before you could do anything, Dean had taken a swing at your neck. And that was all you could remember, just on the floor, seeing Sam's body fall down on the floor, his back arching against the wall, hearing muffled shoutings from Dean to his brother.

Something told you Sam had been waiting for something like this for some time.

You got what you wanted, that was good enough for you~Laurenthebumblebee.
Bloody Tides - Sam-x-female/vampire!reader.
There's a new girl in Kansas, the talk of the town. Beautiful with some devilish, flirtatious personality, men are all over her. But she has a secret- she is an manipulative vampire who gets what she wants.

Sam overhears the rumours about this girl -you- he goes to investigate more after the brothers find bodies appearing all over Kansas but when it comes to doing whats right, can Sam resist the temptations?

Hope you enjoyed reading :)
                                                      Southerndown beach by Laurenthebumblebee

The Doctor looked at the damp blue TARDIS shaped book in his hands and felt Sad.

He walked over to the TARDIS console, putting the book down, resting it on the green and pale hues of the console. He saw upon the scanner; Bad Wolf Bay.

The TARDIS had landed here when it malfunctioned somehow through the vortex and materialized here. He had been pulled here somehow. He reflected upon the scanner, remembering the windy surroundings of Bad Wolf Bay. He had always loved how Cold Bad Wolf Bay felt, with its slow, settling sea. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel sad and to encouraged by love.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather somebody. It was the figure of Rose . Rose was a Goddess like creature with purple gloved hands and fragile pink lips.

The Doctor gulped. He glanced at his own reflection of the TARDIS mid-console. He was a sweet, hopeless-romantic, tea drinker with skinny hands and thin lips.That's how Rose remembered him to be, more domestic than any other of his companions. Although they saw him as adventurous, an average Angel falling from the sky to save them from their boring lives. Yet he couldn't give Bad Wolf that. No Goddess would compare to her.

But not even The Doctor who had once rescued Rose from her apartment store building, was prepared for what she had in store that day. It was raining. This is not how he remembered. It was no longer calm. It was hammering rain, making the sand wet and the sea ferocious as if it knew it was making The Doctor angry.

As The Doctor stepped outside of the TARDIS, Rose came closer, running towards him. He could see the happy glint in her eye despite the weather making her hair into dread-locked strands. He closed the TARDIS doors fully, feeling his red converse underneath him become covered in brown wettened sand that reminded him of soggy wheatabix.

Something was very wrong. He shouldn't be here. Not ever.

 Then Rose gasped happily, stopping in front of The Doctor, getting her breath back, he was surprised she didn't slip through the unstable ground underneath her. She gratefully sighed, "I knew you'd be here!" Rose exclaimed. God, he missed her voice. She brushed The Doctors suit lapels, tugging them a little so he'd get closer to her,"I friggin' love you, Doctor."

The Doctor looked back, even more sad now he knew. He already knew she loved him but it wasn't that.

The rain was drenching both of them by now. The Doctor's breathing had increased, his chest raising frantically. He replied bluntly with a slight hint of relief, "Rose, I love you," he replied, a tug of his heart strings told him it was the very truth. Nothing else.

They looked at each other with hopeful feelings. The Doctor studied Rose's figure and how she was wearing the exact clothes he had left her here all that time ago. Jeans, jacket, gloves, her... blonde, pink and blue features he remembered telling her back on New Earth. It was all too good to be true.

 He took an extra deep breath. "I'm sorry Rose Tyler" Her name rolled off his tongue so perfectly. Her eyes widened and perked under the running of her make up. He could not do anything to save her, " I can't love you"

The Doctor had a sudden jolt as he felt dry and reawakened, realising his sudden change in environment. He was back in the TARDIS console room, him lounging on the Captains chair. He was right. He couldn't do anything to save Rose Tyler.

He could only dream~Laurenthebumblebee.

Remembering - Doctor-x-Rose.
A quick feely fanfic of The Doctor dreaming of his distant Rose. Doctor Who Emoticon  Gif Hope you enjoyed reading :)
Lucy - Sketch of a Zombie Nurse. by Laurenthebumblebee
Lucy - Sketch of a Zombie Nurse.
I like to test my tones on my drawing tablet. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, hopefully in the future I can extend to more of a setting and maybe make this kind of style a little more realistic. I like Lucy, she's kinda cute in her own way ;)
                                                                      Sam by Laurenthebumblebee

You and Sam had been dating for a few months but you had never thought you'd be anything serious. The reality of it was, Sam was too busy with his cases to commit to you even if he had never told you so himself.

Something about Sam had made you stick around.

You had met in a bar on Sam's night off and he asked for your number after your meeting, you even suspected he wasn't expecting to get any more from you but you were both wrong.

On the other hand, Dean approved of yours and Sam's relationship, it wasn't too committed to be a boyfriend/girlfriend status since you and Sam had never discussed it, you were like friends but you both had your fair share of fun in the bedroom.

 It was when you had stayed at the bunker for a few days that you began to feel weird in yourself. You had just settled in and felt comfortable but something was off. You never suspected the sick feelings, cramps and swelling of your bust to be anything other than the fact that you might have been due on your monthly.

Before Sam and Dean had left the bunker the very morning you found out, Dean had commented on your appetite. Apparently you ate his pie, he had never seen anyone have so much in one sitting, even for him. It wasn't that he hadn't offered, it was for breakfast.

 That still could have been symptoms of an upcoming period, you always kept a tab on each time you were on, you hadn't been on for at least five to six weeks and you were usually regular every time. Something wasn't right and you had been holding it off for a long time.

You had been off with the boys after that, it wasn't their fault but you needed them out so you could quickly go to get a pregnancy test. It was a long shot at the time but it seemed like the safe thing to do.


"C'mon (y/n), we won't be long. Just a quick gank and we'll be back.." Sam patted your shoulder as he walked up to you, giving you a peck on the forehead. You enjoyed his comfort, nodding in response as he moved away.

He gave you that cute grin with his dimples intending his cheeks, "Yeah.. I know.. I'll be here when you get back.." You added quickly.

Dean was the first out the door, saluting you on the way out in friendly gesture, "C'mon Sammy" You heard Deans muffled tone through the walls of the bunker. That encouraged Sam to grab the black hunting rucksack from the breakfast table, saying his goodbyes to you and shutting the door behind him.

You dressed casually to go out, this gave time for the brothers to leave without them seeing you. You thought it was sort of shady that you didn't say anything to the brothers about it before, but you hoped if it was all just a paranoia in your mind so you wouldn't have to say anything at all.

It would be nice to have a baby but you thought it wouldn't be great for yours and Sam's relationship. Especially Sam with hunting and his family history.

As soon as you got what you needed, you went home to the bunker as soon as you could. Luckily, there was a store not far from the bunker so you could walk from there and back. You didn't take no time at all to take off your jacket and shoes and run to the bathroom with the contents of what you just bought.

It obviously took a few moments. In the meanwhile, you paced. Paced. And paced. Those few moments felt like forever, your heart pounding as you thought over every outcome of what could happen next. Pacing made you anxious so you placed the toilet seat down and sat on the lid of it.

Just a few more seconds surely. You stared down at the stick that depended on your future. Your vision blurred a little through strain on focus.

Then it happened.

Positive. The two lines on the little stick had proved this. You felt the weight of yourself become heavy, grabbing the edge of the toilet since you lost balance. You slowly stood up, in shock, you dropped the stick on the floor. You had to call Sam. You couldn't just wait for him to come back. You needed him now.

Before you knew it, you had gone out to the living area, grabbing your mobile and quickly placing it to your ear, the ring calling out to Sam. You could barely speak, your throat tightening as he answered;

Hello?.... (y/n)?

"Sam.... oh my god... please... come back to the bunker... I need to talk to you" Your tone was high and in hysterics as you couldn't comprehend how you felt at that moment.You felt like crying, you just wanted to blurt it out to him there and then.

 You heard the sudden stammering of Sam's confusion and Deans distant 'What, she ran out of pie?'

Okay... okay.. shut up Dean...hold on.. I'll be right over (y/n)

Your paranoia was giving you thoughts, why didn't Sam ask why? Will he be happy? Will he break up with me? I should have been more careful. What will Dean think? I did eat all of his pie. This doesn't help things (y/n).

You sat at the breakfast table, fiddling with your thumbs, spaced out and eyes wide staring at the wall opposite you. Just then, you heard the Impala pull up outside. This was it. Oh god, you weren't ready. You felt sick.

Sam opened the door with such force, looking worried as ever, latching eyes with you. He then frowned, "(y/n).... I was panicking. I thought something was wrong.. are... are you okay??" Sam asked, gulping and clenching his jaw, taking gradual steps towards you.

Your heart was pulsing frantically, you tried to avoid eye contact but failed, "Uhh... Sam... there's no easy way to say this..." You began.

But then Dean was second through the door, closing it behind him. He looked at you like Sam did, raising his hands in question, "Well?" He asked, you stood from the table.

Going to Sam you grabbed his hands to hold them. His eyes focused on yours, you felt your eyes water at the thought. Then he repeated, "(y/n)..." He repeated in more of a concerned tone.

"I'm.... I'm.. pregnant.." And at that you started to cry, letting go of Sam's hands to cover your face.

Sam took a moment, rubbing his hands on his face to get over the news. Dean cooed, "Oh wow brother... you have been busy..."

That cued Sam's bitch face towards Dean and then he turned back to you, wrapping his arms around you, still sobbing, you manage to blurt out, "I'm sorry Sam.... I don't know what to do", Sam took your hands from your face, rubbing his thumbs across your palms,

"Hey.. it's okay.. we'll manage. As a proper couple this time, yeah?"

Dean smirked watching you both, despite the hunting they could really use some good news and to them, maybe this was a new beginning. You laugh exasperated, "Really??!" You smile brightly, the tears seemed to have dried quickly as your cheeks felt hot from all the excitement.

Sam nodded and pulled you into an embrace, lifting you up into the air, you wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling your legs dangle, you nuzzled his nose as you looked down on him, "I love you Sam Winchester..."

He then nuzzled you back and replied with, "I love you too (y/n) Winchester"

Dean chuckled, unfolding his arms, rubbing his hands together before running to you both and joining in the embrace almost knocking you and Sam down in the process, "We can do this (y/n), I promise" Dean stated, planting a kiss in your hair.

There's a bun in the oven - Sam-x-Female!reader.
You're pregnant and Sams away hunting. You call him back and tell him the news. You, Sam and Dean all have an intimate moment to end the fluffy fanfic. Hope you enjoyed reading :)
                                                 Spn Dean 000cd177 By Kiratollan At  by Laurenthebumblebee

You and Dean had known each other since high school, you were both good friends through out that time. You had seen a lot of girls walk all over him back in them days but had never actually been with him yourself during high school.

Luckily for you, you stayed in touch with him, it wasn't until after high school you had started developing feelings for him out of the friend zone. Two years ago you tried to be anything other than friends. Dean was the one to come up with the idea and you honestly didn't think you'd last this long.

The two years into the relationship, so far had been great -yeah, granted- with its ups and downs but genuinely a well structured relationship. You knew about Dean hunting with his brother.

There were no secrets between you and Dean, well you hoped not anyway. In your time of staying with the Winchesters, you had grew fond of Sam and he respected you as much as Dean did, it was like you had always known them and you wanted to keep it that way. As family.

 Dean had trained you to care for yourself through hunting and how to survive with different scenarios that could happen when worst come to the worst. You both had bonded that way and he believed you could be as good at the job as him. Yet it was time for a break.

 It was yours and Deans anniversary, luckily no case was needed to be seen to that night. Sam stayed at the bunker researching and Dean had promised a nice night out with you.

 A night which you could make you both forget about your complicated undercover life and pretend to be a normal couple, on a normal date for once. You had never been the type to be overly romantic, and knowing Dean, you both would be comfortable just going to a bar where you'd meet a few friends and have a good time.


There you were. Sat at the table which at the start of the night, you and Dean had been celebrating at. But now you were alone. With four empty bottles, two shots, a straw and some left over seasoned nuts from earlier. You were playing with the straw, twirling it between your fingers. Everyone else seemed to be together, either dancing, making out or drinking until their brains were mush. Either way they were enjoying themselves.

 You had drank quite a lot and so had Dean. Dean had supposedly been ordering some more drinks for you and himself, yet he had been a while. You placed the straw down on the table.

Steamy as you were, you gazed over, everything spaced out, music fading, lights brightening.

 Dean stood leant against the bar, smiling. The lights seemed to have been directing you in his direction for a reason as a grinning younger-curvier-prettier-half cast woman wearing a low cut black dress was beside him.

She was swaying her hips, her red lips puckering friskily in Deans direction. He wasn't flirting was he? Surely not? And yet you still felt jealous, it sat at the bottom of your heart, tearing your heart strings.

You could go over there.

He did seem to be enjoying it.

Next thing you knew, you had marched over there despite your favourite heels piercing your feet as you stomped to the bar. The music had stopped and the dramatic tension of everyone as they turned was something out of a classic comedic movie.

 You had gotten between the woman and Dean, facing Dean you pulled an angered expression, "Dean... what. Do you think... you are doing?" You managed to ask without slurring your words, Dean had to be dealt with first even if you wanted to rip the woman's goddess like mane from her head.

 Your boyfriend staggered to stand up straight without the support of the bar, "Ugh.. what? What're you.. talking about (y/n)?" He asked in a rather irritated tone then looked over your shoulder to the woman.

The woman seemed to have gotten the message, she waved Dean off and stormed off in a wavy line to the exit. You turned fully in her direction as the woman went off, "Yeah... you.. you, b-better run!" You raised your tone.

Turning back to Dean, he looked guilty and you still poked his chest with your bony finger, "And you! This is our anniversary... and you.. frickin' flirt with o-other women!?" You reminded him, much of this had become a blur to you by the end of the night but your little squabble didn't stop there.

Dean grabbed your shoulder as he noticed you shifted to walk away just like the other woman did. Yet you gave him a look of annoyance when you turned back to him, his fingernails digging into your bare shoulders, it hurt but that's just when he let go.

 "Look (y/n), its not what you think..." Dean announced, slow and confident. But you wouldn't have it, shaking your head and your eyes filled with disbelief, "I don't believe you" You replied bluntly.

Walking away, you sat at the other side of the bar, directly in Deans sight as he was the opposite side. You were surrounded by totally out of it men who seemed to be catching your eye since all this started.

Dean looked over at you in fury, downing a few more shots down his neck in spite of you being so stubborn. He looked jealous, that was good.. you could get your own back now.

The music had started to ring your ears, drink in your hand, a guy had asked you to dance. You took your drink and he guided you to the dance floor beside the bar. Dean shifted on his stool as he watched you. You were swaying with this guy, him touching your hips as you jolted to the music, making your drink spill a little onto the floor.

This guy was the same sort of build as Dean but a little taller, his face, you hadn't really taken notice of and you didn't really care. You were drunk. Your plan was going well to get Dean worked up. Now he knew how you felt.

 The guys lips trailed your neck as he teased you, dancing up behind you. That's when Dean stood up. Fists clenching.

Next thing you knew, Dean stomped over to the dance floor and had punched the guy who had been holding you in an embrace from behind, the guy was on the floor in a ball, not so bold now. You pushed Dean away, "What... what the hell Dean??" You asked, a bit out of it yourself, you felt yourself loose balance for a few moments, two bulky figures made their way over to you and Dean, everyone spacing out the way. You're vision was out of focus.

 Dean gritted his teeth at you, "Because I care!" He shouted at you, at that point one of the bouncers grabbed Dean, Dean struggled to get out of the bouncers way but he was already being carried outside without much hassle by the bouncer, he was like a giant compared to Dean. Then a bouncer guided you out the door too but you were more acceptant of the situation.

The bouncer took your drink away from you, closing you and Dean off from the bar. It went silent despite the echoes and vibrations of the music coming from inside.

Blubbering to yourself, you and Dean were left outside the bar, the night scary and its coldness getting to you. Dean was walking beside you but he wasn't as close as he usually would be to you, you felt him staring but it wasn't in anger , it was more like sadness.

You held your arms walking in a wavy line down the path, hearing your heels clomp on the floor each time you stepped, mascara probably running down your cheeks as the tears rolled.

Dean had taken off his jacket and put it over your shoulders, his hand patting away the pain of his finger nails from before, "I'm sorry (y/n)" Dean confessed. You then quickly reacted by latching onto his arm, you honestly didn't care any more, you got what you wanted.

Now you just wanted to go home~Laurenthebumblebee.
Bad Boy Bar - Dean-x-Female!Reader.
A quick fluffy fanfic, Dean and the readers anniversary. Hope you enjoyed reading, all favourites and comments appreciated :)
Hey everyone, sorry my uploads have been muted lately, a lot of stuff is going on and my brain is refusing to work with how I used to plan my uploads regularly. Hopefully I'll pick up and upload some stuff for you guys. I'm sorry if you were expecting better things from me but I simply cannot work like I used to.

I've been on Holiday too which is another reason for my lack of work. I had a great time and it was nice to get away from everything. I didn't go far from home but enough to feel fresh and not have to worry about things close to home.

I may postpone one of my fanfics 'Midnight Sky' due to it not going as I planned and I really don't know how to work with it. But you never know, it may turn out great! Just be patient guys... since I'm finding it quite stressful to be able to concentrate so much time on writing and drawing at the moment.

I hope you understand. Have a fantastic day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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I am a crazy frizz haired girl with a weird personality but you get used to me! ;)

I am a student, I like to study art, English literature and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd and some people like me... but I'm not sure who exactly, seems like lately I've only got one or two friends but that's fine since I can get my own things done and I can spend more time on the internet with you lovelies! :D

Without fandoms I am practically not myself. My four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox. But all in all I would say the playstation is the best due to the games produced and the graphics. Shame I only own the vintage playstation one.

Some random things about me-

I love all cute animals. Especially dogs, wide eyed cats and owls.

I like Indian food, pizza and chocolate cake.

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.

My favourite colours are blue and purple. Preferably Purple.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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