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                                           Sexy-3-sam-winchester-12998742-1023-575 by Laurenthebumblebee

You had met Sam a long time ago when you took a class together in college. Of course, back then Sam was with Jess and he was very happy. He had told you in a class that he was planning on proposing to Jessica on the upcoming Valentines day. They had been together such a long time, about a year and a half you remember. For the Winchester brothers that was quite an achievement and Sam would have happily stuck to it. You had been close to both Sam and Jess.But from what you recalled, Jessica didn't know about Sam and his hunting history with his dad and older brother. You had to be careful for a while about what you were saying about Sam to Jess, sometimes you would slip up and give her hints of his hunting but she literally took it as hunting animals in the forests.
                                             1 by Laurenthebumblebee

You however, did know about Sam, his dad and his brother hunting and why that was; his mother and so on.You didn't speak to Sam for a while as he was busy and had missed a few classes you were usually in together but Jess did mention him quite a bit whilst you two hung around together. It wasn't until after Jess' passing that you and Sam had spoken again. You had found out about Jess the morning after but you didn't get to speak to Sam until about a week and a few days after.
                                            2 by Laurenthebumblebee

You were both devastated, he had gotten ever so close to you, he wasn't afraid to be himself around you, he didn't care when he would cry into your shoulder because he knew you cared. Sam had always trusted you, you were never sure why. He told you over his ex-girlfriend about hunting which you still found odd. Maybe he didn't want her hurt. But then you remembered what he said to you once.

                                        3 by Laurenthebumblebee

After a few meetings and about a year after Jessica's passing, Sam had stopped talking about Jessica and when you occasionally brought it up into conversation, he tried anything to change the subject. He had also talked less about other things such as his dad and brother, and instead talked to you about what yourself and him used to do at school together and how college was. Neither you or Sam had stayed in college. You had other things to deal with and Sam had gone hunting with Dean instead, Sam had started to teach you how to keep safe if you were ever in a situation where you were in danger by an monster you would come across.

By that point, you had started to gain a little crush on Sam. Every time you would meet up for some training and praise you for doing well, hug you tightly when you had breaks between training. He seemed to make more of an effort when he seen you, his change of hair cut, the way he dressed and of course his attitude. You felt guilty that you had gained this crush on him, he had been through so much already and he needed someone to talk to. He trusted you to be honest and guide him through things when he needed help and maybe if he found out about your crush on him he would think you didn't care and was using him for your own needs.

Sam had built up the courage to show you a diary he kept. It wasn't his fathers. It was just his. He never even spoke to Dean about it. The diary he kept showing you each week you met up had more and more pictures added with quotes and thoughts by Sam. It sort of upset you when he came across the pages with Jess and himself in. Especially their first valentines day together. Sam had taken a picture with Jess on valentines day, they were in each others embrace, smiling and Jess winking at the camera. You and Sam shared a tear or two and Sam hugged you in what felt like forever. It was sort of weird back then, he was holding you in the same type of way he held Jess in the picture. You felt bad for even suggesting in your mind that he felt the same way about you, it wasn't until you read what he had descripted  underneath the picture that you felt even worse about yourself.

The diary was full of his life, from when he was a kid, talking about when Dean looked after him and basically raised him whilst his father was always out. When he was a teenager, getting bullied for being short... which you found convenient since he was like a giant now. It had nearly every detail from what he wrote down and you could picture everything he described pretty clearly.

Sam spoke about Dean a lot before Dean went to hell and during. You hadn't really met Dean in person apart from the time you went out for a night out with the girls and Dean was chatting up one of your best friends, it wasn't obvious at all what Dean and your best friend did that night. Your friend was talking about it all the next few weeks. But you come to realise Dean wasn't the sex machine you first thought he was. He had been through a lot, you may not agree one hundred percent of the time from what Sam said about his brother but you loved him dearly.

                                          9 by Laurenthebumblebee

Sam also spoke about Bobby, how he was like an uncle to him and how he'd love you to meet him. In fact you just might. He said to you once. You didn't understand it back then but after everything that happened with Bobby.. he never really mentioned him.

                                           10 by Laurenthebumblebee

Then, Sam went for Ruby and stopped seeing you for a while. You knew this after an argument you and Sam had over the phone. You understood the situation but you knew Ruby was trouble and she wasn't doing it all for Sam. Sam didn't listen of course before it was too late.

                                           6 by Laurenthebumblebee

And after that was when Sam went Soulless. That's when he visited you unexpectedly. You were planning on having a chilled night in on your own for a change. You were always going somewhere to meet people but you stayed in for once. You still didn't know how Sam knew you would be in and where.

Your crush had faded from Sam for a while but even when he was soulless which you didn't particularly know straight away when you saw him, every time you would see his puppy dog eyes, cute hair cut and muscle-y body through his v-neck shirts, you would melt a little more each time.

                                                          5 by Laurenthebumblebee

That was the first time Sam had ever shown affection for you. Forcefully for that matter. It wasn't rape but you weren't prepared for it. One minute you were trying to calm him down after he slashed out, told you a little about what happened with Dean. He had some to drink, probably more than if he was just Sam. About five seconds after you tried to calm him down he had picked you up and you both trampled into the bedroom, he had thrown you on the bed like you were something unbreakable and he didn't care for.

You remember the bruises after that night. You still were hurt from it a week after it happened. You didn't stay in touch with Sam for a while since that but soon after when he recovered, he came to apologize.

It took you a while to forgive him but you could see he was genuinely sorry for what pain he had caused you. Your relationship had suddenly gotten closer again as he started to talk like you both used to. Sam gradually came to your house more frequently as he had more time on his hands when Dean wasn't around. He sometimes came for tea or slept round on the sofa if he had a bit to drink. Maybe when the hot water wasn't working at the bunker he was staying in, if you were close by he would also take a shower at your place and he would repay you with money or take you out for dinner if you hadn't eaten already.

                                         4 by Laurenthebumblebee

Your relationship with Sam wasn't much more than close friends, you heard about him becoming ill and going into a coma, you sometimes visited him and tried to avoid bumping into Dean or anyone who might be visiting Sam too. You had become insecure and paranoid about what people might think of you as only Sam really knew you and you didn't think Dean thought much of you, that was until after Sam had gotten out of his coma.

Sam had told you about Dean and how he got the mark of cain, how that was changing him into something he was not.

Sam also needed comfort and he was recovering from Gadreel 'healing' him but Sam didn't talk much about it to you. He was more stressed about Dean and Heaven and Castiel. Even for you it was getting a bit much to handle. He was obviously upset about his brother and what road he was going down. That was his main concern.
                                          7 by Laurenthebumblebee

He sort of took his emotions out on you, he didn't hurt you or do anything you didn't want him to do, he began hugging you more frequently and that led to him giving you pecks on the cheek and a soft kiss on the lips but it wasn't long until that escalated into something more. Sam had invited you to go on a few hunts with Dean now and again, this was after Deans little series with him being a demon for a short amount of time. Dean had gotten to know you and still teased you about your best friend. He seriously wouldn't let it go. But you were happy they were both okay and allowing you to be apart of their lives.

Now you believe Sam is also your best friend and lover. Now that you know the basics of hunting and how to protect yourself, Sam isn't afraid of you being another Jessica. No matter how much it still breaks your heart whenever he compares or mentions her to you.

This is your diary entry about Sam Winchester. You would hope one day to sit down and show this to Sam like he did with you all those years ago and see what he thinks of it, you will still add things throughout your life with Sam and how it lasts until you both move on. Lets face it, everyone has to move on one day.....

{To Sam from Reader}

8 by Laurenthebumblebee
                                        2x11-The-Outsider-Mr-Gold-once-upon-a-time-3335888 by Laurenthebumblebee

The Doctor lay against the wall of the console room, the console room was darker than usual, the green hue of the mid-console was a lot deeper and the atmosphere certainly would give chills to anyone who entered. The TARDIS didn't hum. It was silent apart from the Doctor of course. He sniffed hard, wiping his eyes with his palms. It had been such a successful day yet the enemies which the Doctor longed to flee from had won his sorrow this time.

He sighed still shaken up from what had happened, he was just grateful that Pete was able to catch her in time before she went into the void. The guilt buried him dreadfully, his hand slipped from his eyes now clutching to his hair.His hair sprung back up with only a few strands being held back by his hand clutching clumps of his brown hair.

 He started to sob again, his face red as a strawberry. His eyes closed, a few tears squeezed out of him. "I'm so sorry Rose..." He gritted his teeth as his hands fell back to his sides lifelessly.

He sighed again, louder this time, his face wet. He felt horrible. The Doctors expression tightened the more he thought about it. He walked up to a coral column which supported the console room and punched it in an aggressive embrace.

"Having a hard time?" A voice spoke to him from behind.

The Doctor straightened, eyes widening and instincts told him to turn around. He did, wiping his tears in the process. He squinted his eyes. "Oh... its you"

It was a man. A tall, gravely man who looked well shaven. "Oh... no need to talk like that dearie"

The Doctor took a few paces forward to the man. "I don't wanna make a deal Rumpel"

The man winced. "C'mon Doc, I know what you want. You make it practically obvious" He gestures his hands as he spoke, he smirked and his eyes glistened with want.

The Doctors head rised thinking about the idea. "If you do accept what I want, what would you like in return?" He asked.

Rumpelstiltskin chuckled, walking around The Doctor, his hands behind his back still acting unusually formal since the Doctor had seen him.. a long time ago, "No need to worry about what I want, I can get what I want either way. Even you know if I let you see her again there will be major consequences"

The Doctor sniffed hard, wincing as he stared into Rumpels wildish eyes. "Will you deal with those consequences?"

Rumpel poked the Doctors chest. "Hows about, we make a 'cinderelly' like deal. You meet your lover for so long and when you're done making love to her, etcetera, etcetera then you shall return here and deal with the consequences"

"What about before then?" The Doctors voice deepened.

Rumpelstiltskin tutted. "You trust me don't you Doctor. We are life long friends.... remember?"

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Alright. How long have I got?"

Rumpel gave The Doctor a cunning smile and a cheeky wink. "Until she falls asleep with you. I'm sure that won't take too much time with your skills"

The Doctor frowned. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!"


"Good luck" Rumpelstiltskin clicked his fingers and the atmosphere around The Doctor changed, first, it going foggy and blurry. He looked around disorientated and then found himself in a rather dark and homely lounge area. A fire was lit, giving out hues of yellow, orange and red.

The Doctor looked impressed as he looked around some more, the walls were mostly made out of big clunky bricks at the one side of the room where the fire place was built, the theme being reds, browns and blacks.

There was a three seated couch infront of him, it looked expensive. The Doctor brushed it and sat down. There was another chair across from him made from the same material. There were a deep reddish color.

It was awfully quiet, him only being able to hear the fire burning what was left of the logs.

Then he heard hardened footsteps coming towards the lounge he was in.

Blonde, pink and blue stood at the doorway. Astonished.

"Oh... my...god... Doctor!" She cried. It was Rose. She was wearing near enough exactly what he remembered her wearing on Bad Wolf Bay before she disappeared from him. In her case, him disappearing from her.

She ran to him, giving him a welcoming hug throwing him back against the couch with a big of a thud. She clutched onto him, breathing his scent in hard as she held back her tears. Her warmth comforted him. He was unsure how long it had been and Mickey had gone back with her... he has disappointing visions in his mind.

Rose paused, looking down at the Doctor. Her legs resting at the sides of his thighs as she was still having him in a sort of embrace, her hands resting on his biceps. Them tensing a little at her touch.

"How...." She began. He put a finger to her lips silencing her. The Doctor noticed how red her eyes were. How puffy they had become. Had she been crying?

" question I'd like to ask... how long's it been?" He asked her.

His finger lightly traced the perfection of her lips before she could reply. Him eying her lovingly and unknowingly.

She giggled uneasily watching his face change as he noticed her looking at him. "Its only been a few hours"

The Doctor made an 'o' shape with his mouth. The conversation starting to get a bit awkward. He had one other question which was lingering in his mind.

"Are you and Mickey?..." The Doctor rambled on

"-That's more than one question you'd like to ask" Rose added quickly as it came across like some sort of risky subject. She gulped and bit her lip. "No... he went off with Jake"

The Doctors eyes widened. "Are they?"

Rose shrugged, brushing the Doctors suit lapels absently. "I think it's quite cute to be honest" She added pursing her lips in the process.

The Doctor licked his lips smirking to himself. "Where's Pete and your mother?"

Rose scratched the back of her head, her hair poofing out after it. "There was some sort of call at Torchwood they had to see to"

The Doctor nodded. It took a few seconds for him to tick over. "Wait... how come you didn't go with them?"

Rose sighed, her posture begining to curl up each moment as though she was exhausted, "I just didn't.... I didn't feel like it"

She flopped her head against the Doctors shoulder, snuggling up to him. He smiled, wrapping opposite arm around her, kissing her forehead also.

"I was missing you. I don't care about how you got here anymore but I want you to stay" Rose announced, her voice muffled as she tried to get as close to the Doctor as possible.

He stroaked her arm with his hand which was wrapped around her, "As long as we can stay up together. I can stay until you fall asleep. I made a promise which I have to keep"

Rose put her tongue between her teeth, lifting her head off his shoulder to face him again. His hand jolted off her arm and placed on her thigh, "We better spend our time wisely then?" She suggested happily.


The Doctor was lay on the larger couch, sprawled along it with Rose resting on top of him. She was near enough asleep, only wearing her top, panties and The Doctors suit jacket to keep her warm as the room started to get cold even with the fire lit.

The Doctor had his trousers on, his shirt and tie somewhere on the floor. He really didn't want to leave now. But he made a deal. He knew what would happen if he didn't follow the rules set by the deal he had made.

He gathered his clothes together, deciding to leave a souvineer behind. His jacket was still resting over Roses body. He had managed to slide from underneath her, keeping her asleep and sneak out where Rumpelstiltskin was waiting outside for him.

The Doctor just about had his shirt on, buttoning it up again.

"Have fun?" Rumpel asked, "Longer than I expected. Quite an achievement there" He added.

The Doctor rolled his eyes, walking forward to Rumpel. "Can we just go before I change my mind?" His voice groveling. He truly meant it and Rumpel knew that.

Rumpelstiltskin placed a hand on The Doctors shoulder. "Until we meet again Doctor. Thanks for my side of the deal" He winked.

The Doctor frowned. He still didn't fully understand. Rumpel clicked his fingers again. Sending the Doctor back to the TARDIS.

The Doctor expected the TARDIS to be glowing and humming but no. It was dark and cold, The Doctor jumped at the console, trying all the switches and levers. He stopped and took a deep breath in. "Rumpel!" The Doctor raised his voice. He could hear Rumpelstiltskins laughter echoing throughout his TARDIS. He had got the power.

The desperate deal - Once Upon a Who.
When worlds collide: Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time. The Doctor meets up with Rumpelstiltskin to make a deal to meet Rose one last time. Rumpel accepts but what the Doctor didn't know until it was too late, Rumpel had stolen all the TARDIS' power. Hope you like it :) Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, I did this one quite late at night than the usual. ;)
As the Master went to get Jack, Ten had let a few tears slip out of him, his tears glowing golden. As soon as Jack was brought up, the guards helping The Master pull him up on the table he was strapped to. He rolled him into the middle of the room. Eleven went to Jacks side, putting a hand on his cold cheek.

"C'mon Jack...prove me wrong.." Eleven muttered quietly, The Master watched mischieviously, folding his arms across his chest feeling amused.

Eleven held Jacks hand and everyone stayed silent. A few hitched breaths from Ten in the background. River bit her lip as she was getting more and more nervous. Now was the time that the Doctors future would change for what he did from now on. She was scared for him, scared of what he might become with the influence of The Master. Eleven let out a deep sigh.

"Oh Jack please wake up.... you can't die.. not now" He pleaded.

Eleven started to get fustrated and angry with himself, his lips blubbering as if he was about to breakdown. "Wake up Jack dammit!"

The Master walked up to Jack, the opposite side of where Eleven was. Jacks drip which was attached to him still was filled with his own blood, the Master squeezed the end as he pulled it out of Jacks flesh and let a bit drip onto his finger. He licked it feeling satisfied.

Eleven looked disgusted at The Master. "Thats so wrong in so many ways" He announced darkly.

The Master grinned and leaned over the table to Eleven. "He's dead..." He whispered snakishly.

Eleven clenched his jaw, closing his eyes, bowing his head to the floor. "I'm not giving up.... not yet"

Eleven checked Jacks pulse. There wasn't much to indicate but it was enough for a little bit of hope. River put a hand over her mouth, eyes saddening. She was thinking the worst. She couldn't go now, "You don't have to do this" River commented.

The Master and Elevens gaze went over to her. The Master rolled his eyes. "You do chose your wives carelessly don't you Doc?"

Eleven then stared at the fold up chair near him. His facial expression tightened with rage. It turned into a frown. He picked up the chair with force and threw it against the wall opposite him. It made River jump and The Master laugh out loud triumphantly.

"Time can be rewritten!" Eleven shouted back at the Master. The Master continued to smile his way through the situation, standing ever so close to Eleven. Wrapping his arm around him and it rested on Elevens shoulder.

"When you become god like with me, we can bring back our old pals from Gallifrey to finish the war we started!" The Master suggested with such enthusiasm.

Eleven gulped, rumaging through his inside pockets of his tweed jacket. He pulled out Rivers vortex manipulator. He threw it at her and it hit the ground centimetres from her feet. She picked it up, unsure of what the Doctor wanted until he demanded; "Get out of here..." He said in a husky tone.

River didn't disobey, putting it on her wrist. "But I can't leave you love.."

Eleven looked at her with a saddened expression. "Go....please"

Within a blink of an eye, she was gone. Eleven paced around the room. "She won't bother us again"

The Master nodded, agreeing. "Good, that's more like it"

Eleven laughed to himself, the Master tilted his head. "Oh you bastard...."

Eleven laughed louder with victory. "I can't believe you let her go"

The Master breathed in and out slowly to control his emotions. "I needed her and I let her go..." He gritted his teeth.

Ten began responding again, groaning at the pain.

The Master clapped his hands together. "Oh wait... I forgot to say... to have a god like power, you need the TARDIS but even your pathetic little mind can't control that mu ch power" He clicked his fingers and suddenly Eleven hitched his breath, feeling a little dizzy and disorientated.

Eleven fell to the floor with a thud as his arms stretched out to his sides for some sort of support. His top hat fell off and rolled away from his reach, he closed his eyes tightly shut. His breathing audible, his chest increasing in speed.

But then Eleven smiled, looking up at The Master who was standing over him, watching him have his fate. "Like you said.. a livign mind inside the TARDIS"

The Master frowned, backing away at his heels a bit. "What?"

Suddenly another voice could be heard. A womans voice, "The power consumes you, people cannot hold on, you let go and that's how you get consumed"

Elevens body started to glow like the energy of the TARDIS, The Master shaded his eyes with his arm as it got too bright for him to handle.

The words 'Bad Wolf' echoed in the atmosphere ad the energy expanded around the room. "I live within the stars, if I can't live than neither can you, lord of time!" The woman continued to speak words.

Eleven grunted, as his arms pressed against the floor, shaking as he began to get up. He was unbalanced as he stood up but then regained it. His face focused and staring right into The Master.

The Master looked worried, he was full of regret and guilt. "What do you want?!"

Eleven forcefully looked up at the ceiling, energy shone out of his vastly, he opened his mouth wide and a spiral of energy escaped him. He collapsed to the floor again, this time going out of consciousness. The energy dimmed from Elevens body, now the energy gathered into a figure.

A hourglass figure of a woman. The woman looked over at Ten who was battered in chains, blood trailing all over him. Her light glew, reflecting on his dark dirty skin. She raised a hand to his direction and his chains loosened. Ten soon fell to the floor on his knees, gasping for air.

The Master backed away into a wall, his standing posture soon was belittled as he slid down to the floor. He surrendered.

Ten tried to lift himself, still looking at the figure. He could almost recognise the figure. He felt a lot better from death, the energy must have healed him enough to survive.

The figure lay Ten down against the cold floor. She was wearing a long gown, a white cross glowing into her form where her heart was supposed to be. She smiled sweetly, kissing Ten on the forehead, kneeling on the floor beside him.

She stroaked his wrinkles by his eyes with her thumb, looking into his old wise eyes as he was still quite weak from being held captive.

The guards couldn't do anything now that their Master retreated.

The Master began to crawl over to Ten whilst he thought the woman wasn't looking. He reached out to him, pulling a hateful expression. The woman frowned as she looked over at him. She glew red now. She made a sphere shape with her hands and a force field was created around The Master. He couldn't do anything now.

The woman looked sad as she turned back to Ten, his eyes fixed on her. "I can't save you completely, I'm sorry"

Ten nodded. "J-jack never told m-me he saw you"

The woman nodded. "Forgive yourself. I lied in my other life. I could never give you a child"

The Master cursed under his breath. Ten smiled at him.

"Happy now Doctor, you're not gonna have much longer" The Master terrorised him.

The woman faded and Eleven took a deep breath in and the energy all faded back into him. The force field faded also and The Master quickly found his way, crawling up to Ten before he could do anything and grabbed him around the neck with his big hands.

"Die already!" The Master shouted.

Ten choaked. "N-no!" His finger nails trailed against the floor.

Eleven stood up behind them both. "Oi, you want some. I'll get you some!" Eleven announced, the energy suddenly travelled into The Master. Energy scattered around the room, bouncing off walls more fluently and pretty to look at.

Eleven smiled brightly. "Thats my girl!"

The Master let go of Ten, rolling onto his back. The energy entered him like a flash, feeling like electricity buzzing in his vains around his body. He lifted his hand to his face, the yellow light brightening in his finger tips. Suddenly, the energy got the better of him, getting into his genes and all of what he was made of. His atoms spliting and skin disintegrating. He scattered into the air like dust and now he was apart of the TARDIS and forever would travel with the Doctor like he always wanted.

Eleven gasped as he finally let go. "Ooooh never doing that again eh?"

The guards fleed back to where ever they came from. They had no reason for being there anymore.

Both Doctors laughed but then Eleven stopped. He scurried to Tens side. "Oh no..." He sat crosslegged next to him. "How long have you got?"

"A bit longer I suppose, the energy of the TARDIS helped me... I don't want to regenerate" Tens speech had improved which was a sign that he could be getting better. But to regenerate like he was supposed to?

Eleven nodded and then he had an idea. An imaginary light bulb flickered in his mind. "Can I borrow your phone?"

Ten nodded, rummaging for his phone in his inside pockets of his suit. He pulled out a flip up phone and gave it to Eleven. Eleven called River, his voice more chirpier than before. "River! Changed my mind, meet me here in five minutes!" Before River could reply, he closed the phone and the call ended.

"No one else is dying today!" Eleven exclaimed. He had changed his attitude completely.

Eleven soniced the air around him, pointing it to the ceiling. The TARDIS materialized by the stairs behind Eleven. River also appeared a few seconds after, her hair all over the place as usual. She sorted it and then put her hands on her hips. "Don't scare me like that again mister!"

Eleven tilted his head at her and then ran up to her. He pulled her into a tight hug, she burried her head in his shoulder, liking the embrace. "I really thought you took it too far this time" She added.

Ten rolled his eyes shut, he passed out.

Both River and Eleven were alerted and looked at him. "Get him into the TARDIS where its safe" River demanded.

Eleven nodded, grabbing his shoulders whilst River grabbed his feet.They both entered the TARDIS struggling a little but managing. They lay him onto the Captains chair in the console room.

River looked out of the TARDIS once again. "What about Jack?" She asked, staring out at him on the table.

Eleven felt Tens forehead, the TARDIS hummed uneasily. "He's still out cold... the TARDIS won't sustain the two of us being in here for much longer!"

River sighed loudly, turning around to the console. She pressed a few buttons and pulled a few levers. "There... that should stop a paradox from happening right at this second"

Eleven frowned looking over at her. "How did you manage that? Even I can't do that"

River winced. "Spoilers honey!"

River ran out to Jack outside the TARDIS, she leaned on the side of the table he was on. She began loosening the straps with the sonic as they were securely put onto the table so Jack wouldn't escape.

"Jack.. can you hear me?" River asked, looking down at Jack, his face as pale as anything. She frowned. She could have sworn his eye lids flickered as though his eyes were responding.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
The Last Time 50th Anniversary continued 27
They finally defeat the Masters plan, now they have to deal with Jack and Ten to make sure they both make it out alive. Find out how they cope in the next part- coming soon.
Watercolor painting: Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) by Laurenthebumblebee
Watercolor painting: Billie Piper (Rose Tyler)
Black and white Watercolor painting. My first attempt to paint on a canvas as a portrait. I hope you like it :)
                                      tumblr inline musn7aOie61rcy7iq by Laurenthebumblebee
Rose bit her lip, closing her eyes and breathing in tight making her figure more fragile and thin.

She felt the bed springs bouncing as Lucifer climbed onto the bed, causing vibrations inside of her. She leaned her head back against the mattress as she felt the weight of him come closer and closer to her.

It was just him and her, him in his boxers and the tie he was wearing before and Rose in her red lingerie that she had only shown John once before, not with Lucifer until now.

He reminded her of John too mich. It was worrying and slightly petrifying that John could witness this in Lucifers vision and mind. Maybe he could hear all the thoughts about her in Lucifers mind... what was he thinking about her.. was she good enough to complete the deal?

'I bet he won't like me... I've failed everyone'

"Luci-" Rose released quietly, she found herself against the pullow and mattress looking up at Lucifer almost above her already.

He gave her that shifty smirk, he found himself attached to her instantly. Firstly, a small gentle touch to her rosy cheeks, cursively tracing every part of her body making his way by her cleavage and then further down to the dark laced fabric of her lingerie.
'Don't let him see how weak you are with him, you're better than he is'

Her hands were determined to stay by her sides and no where else. She felt like she was betraying John for even sort of liking this at all. This was meant to be for her family and not for her pleasure. No matter how long it had been. She made sure her hands didn't wonder, clutching the bed. Hard. In fear especially.

"How longs it been Rosie?" He asked, his body pushed down against her as he turned his head, leaning it by her head whispering into her ear. He purposely teased her, his body bucking more fiercely. He gazed down at her body, looking impressed and meeting with her eyes again.

'Why does he have to look at me the way John used to?'

Rose turned her head away from him. He was too strong and she couldn't stop now. Would this be rape if she didn't enjoy it but was willing to do it for her family? Lets hope not. This could haunt her forever.

She had no idea what was happening to her, she felt a build up inside her. She didn't understand whether or not it was pleasurable or just plain sadness. Rose imagined John screaming out his lungs to get Lucifer to stop in his body. But would he?

Rose and John weren't technically together before all this had happened, but that made this situation worse. Knowing that John could be watching in on the action as Lucifer progressed the deal Rose agreed to. Rose knew this was wrong.

But she was doing it for him.

"They say you're a goddess... or were" He continued, his voice so soft that sent chills down Roses body. It was Johns voice. Of course it would.

His lips gently caressed her cheeks, he gave her a soft peck. A light bite. Another peck pressing down more forcefully. He was close to her lips, taking another harder bite. Rose whimpered suddenly.

'Shush Rose!'

Rose would try anything to not give away any evidence she was enjoying this. She pursed her lips.

"Oooh I can feel how eager you are" He said in a husky tone. 'His voice....'

His hands trailed her figure stopping at her hips. He squeezed her there. 

"Oh..." A gasp escaped her. Her cheeks filled up with more redness, ruby red. Her chest moving more frantically up and down from how much she was breathing.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Lucifer exclaimed darkly, he opened his mouth and stuck out his forked tongue making a snake light sound. He went for the prize. Rose squealed in surprise.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
2036 - Alternative Torchwood 18
A short one. A small part of how Rose seals the deal with Lucifer, she has to go another forty eight hours with him which is also how long Sam, Castiel, Jake and Jamie have to find the keys to Lucifers cage before Lucifer gets John and Rose. Find out what happens with the others in the next part- coming soon.
Okie dokie. Everything is up in the air at the moment. I have loads of ideas in my notes on my phone which is how I start writing and yet NOTHING has come to mind.

I have a few ideas on Alternative Torchwood but the only problem with that, is.... that's basically all I've uploaded for the past month or so.

I'm sorry I'm taking forever to upload but I'm sure I'll get back on track.

I'm looking for any requests that may get my ideas going, such as... I know one or two people have mentioned to me they like my Sam x reader and would like to suggest more. Any requests? Please comment below and I will appreciate it. I will also do any Dean x reader or maybe some Rose x Doctor...

or maybe you could request some kind of idea for my fanfictions such as 'Not Rose' or the sequel to 'kidnapping' ;) I seriously need to get my ideas flowing....

I've started watching Once Upon a Time and I'm really enjoying it so far. When I say started I mean I'm part way through season 1 so don't bombard me with Spoilers haha.

Supernatural and Doctor Who have got me like 'oh my gosh... what the hell are the writers doing' isn't that literally any fandom which has existed says.

Anywho... more art to come also. Still working on traditional art, I have some new prismacolour coloring pencils so hopefully I improve and make my art look more realistic. That's my aim anyways.

Tumblr is taking over my life. But please feel free to follow me, I'll follow back. My Tumblr is in my ID description, if you can be bothered. :)

Thanks for reading this. More to come soon. I'm planning on a Halloween fanfiction maybe some requests for what I could do??
Hope you have a great day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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Hello, I'm Laurenthebumblebee ..... or you can just call me Lauren.

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I love Supernatural. I'm a Sam Winchester girl if you haven't noticed already.

I like A LOT of fandoms, and by a lot I don't mean a few, I mean LOADS!

I am abit mad and crazy, that's basically me in a nutshell but also with a side of anxiety and depression.

I am a student, I like to study arts and craft along with English and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd. And proud! Many people like me for some reason... don't know why they just do.

Without fandoms I am practically nothing, my four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox with my friends.

Some random things about me-

I love all things 'Hippy Style'

I like Indian food

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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