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                                          Supernatural-season-9-episode-2-Crowley-captured by Laurenthebumblebee

On the way to the vault, Jake was minding how much noise him and Crowley were making, his feet barely touching the floor to create less sound as he guided Crowley through the corridor, "Now listen.. I'm not sure how much blood we're going to need" Muttered Jake in Crowley's ear.

Crowley snarled, "Blood for blood. Guessing your boyfriend will help you with that, eh?" He seemed to know what he was doing and where he was about to end up but Jake just sighed heavily at that comment, knowing exactly what Crowley meant, "He's not my boyfriend" Jake gripped Crowley's shoulders tightly as they continued to walk. His nails digging into the material of Crowley's well kept suit.

Crowley snorted. "Come on Jake, we have a past remember? I know you're the sort to like a bit of both" He winked, "I've tried it myself before but women are so much more vulnerable" He shared partly out of interest. Crowley liked a bit of gossip while he had the time.

Jake threw Crowley into the vault being as rough as he could to show Crowley whose boss. Not that he had to, Jake had done it once before. He pulled at Crowley's suit lapels and tossed him towards the nearest cell to the left of the vaults entrance. There was a demon trap above Crowley, each cell had one exactly in the middle of the ceiling. Jake pointed a finger at Crowley as he edged out of the glass cell, "Stay here, don't move. I'll be right back" He commanded.

Crowley looked up at the demon trap, arms spread out and then looked back at Jake. "I wouldn't dream of it dear" His eyes examined the place, flinching at the weevil across the room in another cell. Crowley frowned, "What do we have here?" He mumbled to himself, the lights in the vault started flickering. Jake huffed as he turned to exit the vault, Crowley quickly added; "Might wanna get that checked out" Then grinned in satisfaction, the weevil roared out as the vault door was slammed shut.

Jake dragged his feet as he went through the dark corridors again. The lighting at Torchwood was very poor since everything started happening with the family. Jake went to get the chair which had been found earlier on when Rose was strapped to a chair used by Lucifer. It could come in useful to make sure Crowley didn't resist the deal. It was the only chair Jake knew could sustain Crowleys demonic powers and if Lucifer thought it was good enough then this should be a piece of cake for a demon like Crowley but Jake wasn't going to under estimate Crowley too much. It was best to keep Crowley locked up as well as strapped to a chair for safe keeping.

There wasn't much time to waste by now, Jake needed to be a bit more wise with his actions.To save Rose and possibly John. Jake soon realised the room was upon him, a slightly darker hue in the background in front of him. There weren't many lights down in that area, as he met with some glass walls which left a space in the middle to walk through to get to the chair. The corridors got creepier as he looked back from where he came. The main office of Torchwood was a bit of a distance away, Torchwood had been extended over time, it didn't make it an easier job when anything could be lurking in the dark. Jake was cold, feeling the chills as the sensors flickered the light on and the chair was in the middle of the room, blood splattered all up the sides and base from before.It wouldn't stop him, his breathing increased and heart racing with adrenaline and concentration, running to the chair hoping it wasn't too heavy to carry back to the vault.


Jamie had decided to get his act together as Sam had told him to, he grabbed an ice cold bottle of water from out the mini fridge and gulped it down him, it almost gave him brain freeze. He held his head with one hand, squinting his eyes tightly. Gasping at the coldness. It sorted him out though.

Jamie thought about the mini fridge 'How could all that fit in that tiny mini fridge?' Then he remembered. His dad had probably fitted some kind of Timelord technology to make the mini fridge bigger on the inside.

He turned to face Sam and Castiel, they were by the desk still discussing business for once. He made sure the fridge door was shut and stepped closer into the conversation Sam and Cas were having. They had grown closer since Deans death. Jamie had always known Dean and Cas were more than best friends, and lets face it, Sam did too. Well that's what Jamie thought until he heard the conversation properly as he got closer; "What happened with Dean Sam, you can't let it get you down. There's something you should know but I think it's better coming from Rose" Castiel commented.

Sam blinked hard in annoyance, he was leant against the desk facing Castiel in front of him. His arms crossed, eyes flickered once from Jamie's to Castiel's. "Why can't you tell me now?" He asked like a winy kid.

Jamie snorted, taking the last few gulps of water down him and slamming it on the desk as he joined the old married couple. Castiel was still weary of Jamie since he had gotten drunk a few hours before but he had to concentrate now that time was ticking. Seemingly faster, "We have a job to do Sam. We can't let Rose down now"

Sam nodded slowly, he had anxiety building up inside of him. There wasn't much time left.

Jamie cleared his throat, nudging Castiel as he was by his side. "Look, we need to get moving. I read up on the conspiracy website that the next part to getting the key for Lucifers cage is to find some sort of dna from a horsemen"

Castiel stared down at Jamie, tensing the atmosphere. "But Jamie, you do realise what a hard task that can be if you get on the wrong side of someone like death. It has to be deaths ring"

Jamie pouted, "Yeah I'll do it. No problem. I need to prove myself. It's not every day your dad gets stuffed with Lucifers juice now is it?" He joked.

Sam stood up straight now, letting his arms fall to his sides, "You do realise how dangerous this is gonna be for you? He could kill you instantly"

Jamie looked over at Sam as if he had spat on his shoe, "I'm not stupid Sam, I'd rather die than get scolded in hot water through gluttony. I know what the horsemen are and what they're capable of. Death is the most important, he's the key. His ring holds the power beyond anything we've analysed at Torchwood"

Castiel breathed in deep, he turned on the spot as though he could feel something. Sam frowned, edging his hand to Castiels space. "Cas?...." Sam asked, his voice trailing on a little.

Jamie frowned also looking at Cas.

"I sense... Crowley's presence" He stated randomly, Sam and Jamie looked around flustering almost like a mirror.

"Where?" Jamie asked

Castiel gulped and walked over to the corridor, looking out but not fully walking out. "I'm guessing Jake has got him taken care of but something doesn't feel... right" Castiel raised his voice as he was further away, his body gradually turning back to the boys but staying near the doorway.

Sam rubbed his hands together, the clapping sound when they collided sent vibrations around the room, he started to pace around. "Right, we need to get a move on. How about Jamie tackles death and then one of us goes onto one of the other tasks to complete the ring" Sam suggested, looking at both Cas and Jamie for permission.

Castiel nodded, pointing a finger at Sam, smirking. He had learnt that from Dean. "Good idea Sam. I'll see if I can get my hands on the angel sword. I haven't exactly got mine but I'm sure my brothers and sisters will give me recognition and let me do what I have to do. I may have to do a trade but I'm well prepared" Castiel commented before clicking his fingers and he disappeared.

Sam and Jamie both looked at each other, the atmosphere silencing apart from the mutters which could be heard from the vault. Crowley obviously. Jamie stepped forward to Sam, Sam could tell he had something to ask as he put his hands on his hips waiting for him to blurt out.

"Any ideas where I start with getting death on my account?"

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
2036 - Alternative Torchwood 21
Jake, Cas and Jamie all set out to do what they can in time to save Rose from Lucifer whilst Sam is getting his head around what happened with Dean and what could have happened for it to end like this. Find out what happens in the next part- coming soon.
                                                  00031h18 by Laurenthebumblebee
Oh... you found... the- the... thing..


It had been quite a relaxed day in the TARDIS for both Rose and the Doctor. They had spent the whole day or night in this the TARDIS together. They hadn't done anything practical apart from the Doctor telling stories, reading books to Rose and them doing their own things in the selection of rooms the Doctor had in his TARDIS.

But then The Doctor had asked Rose to go out with him for the night. Somewhere for a bite to eat or two. Maybe a drink?

Rose didn't have much to wear and the Doctor was usually okay with her looking through the wardrobe above the console room. A whole room of clothes arranged perfectly to The Doctors liking. Even the Doctor had some sense in clothes at some point. He had a selection of clothes for both genders considering he could regenerate into the opposite sex at any time he was in danger. He needed to be prepared.

Rose had been looking through the clothes stacked along the rows of poles where clothes hanged neatly. They didn't even need to be ironed!

Rose smiled brightly, her hands brushing past some clothes she had already looked at and then began searching through another partitioned selection of clothes. These were more feminine. She needed something formal but not too much. Depending on where the Doctor was going to take her of course.

Meanwhile the Doctor was under the console, his legs sticking out as he lay on a wheelie platform as he was under the console. He soniced under it and put his sonic between his teeth afterwards.

Rose rolled her eyes, hearing him mumble awkwardly with the sonic between his teeth. She stopped browsing for something to wear when something caught her eye. She frowned, leaning down as she looked intensely at the piece of clothing she found.

"Oh wow... this is... beautiful" She muttered to herself. She had pulled out by the hanger, a pretty long red dress. It had a slit up the leg area, red lace for the sleeves which ended at elbow length with lace also on the chest area. Rose found the lace particularly interesting, the lace material had a certain pattern to it, circular patterns interlocking with each other. She was sure she had seen these patterns before. The dress felt like silk and comfortable as it stretched at her touch as she felt the material. She smirked thinking about how great she'd look when she would try it on. Hopefully!

She turned to look around, luckily there was a stair case leading to the hallway by her bedroom so the Doctor wouldn't see her run past with the dress in her grasp. She scampered across the metal floor to the stairs, being mindful of the dress as she quickly ran down the stairs and found her bedroom door to open it as fast as she could.

The Doctor scoffed as he heard her loud foot steps to the bedroom, "She must've picked her outfit. I need to pick mine" He continued to himself quietly, pushing himself out of the console, the wheels rolling him away on his back from under the console. He got his balance back and stood up. Pushing the platform back under the console. Brushing himself off, he wondered what Rose would look like.

He was going to take her to an alien bar so he could explore with her, the foods, drink? and other species. He wanted to get to know her past more and she would probably ask about his after a few drinks. The Doctor wasn't usually the drinking sort but he would if Rose wanted to. He wanted to keep her happy. She was his best friend after all. Possibly more dear to him than that.

After a while of Rose putting on the dress which fitted her perfectly, she looked in her mirror in her bedroom. Adjusting her white pearl studded ear rings, making sure every part of the dress was secure to the right place on her body. Pouting her lips in the mirror playfully as she was wearing her favourite and only deep red lipstick which matched the dress just nicely. For once, she had worn her eyeliner and mascara very nicely to match both eyes. Not one wing looked out of place. Her hair was in a beehive, at the back clipped in with a white clip. Her hair parted, a few strands of blonde hair falling by the sides of her face to compliment the structure of her face.

She took a deep breath. She never looked at herself like this before. She never liked to show herself to the Doctor like this normally. Especially this Doctor. Once before the Doctor called her beautiful but it wasn't him, she was worried he'd regect her. Rose wasn't the type to usually be comfortable with her body or appearance but somehow she felt pleased with herself and the doctor made her feel better. She knew she had something special with him.

The Doctor had put on his black tux, black bowtie and white shirt as usual. This was his formal wear of course. If Rose was gonna get dressed up, so was he. He waited patiently back in the console room for her, he looked at the scanner, checking his hair. His hair was spiked up as usual. He knew how much Rose loved his hair.

There was a moment where Roses heart was pounding as she left the safety of her own room, strutting in the console room with anxiety and feeling excited at the same time. She was wearing red high heels which didn't help the matter, she could fall over at any point.

The world, time and space, the whole universe felt as though it had stopped as soon as the Doctor had laid eyes on her, his posutre straightened as he turned from the scanner to look at her. Rose was still smiling but then the smile gradually got smaller as she realised the Doctor wasn't smiling back. He looked shocked. Flustered.

He went to scratch the back of his head but his hand sort of went to and then reflexed to his side. He opened his mouth to say something as Rose winced to walk up to him.

"Doctor, please say something" She requested. The excitement had drained from her, her tone was sounding like she was irritable and about to start crying or get upset. She gulped to try and get rid of the feeling.

Her lip blubbered but she refused to cry. "Please..." She barely breathed out loud. Her chest rising frantically.

The Doctors eyes saddened as he looked at her in the dress. He pointed at it. "D-don't cry Rose... I'm sorry it's just... that dress..." He began, his voice low, he sounded down like he had become depressed.

This made Rose very paranoid, "Yeah? What about the dress?.." Her eyes widened as she looked down at the dress and back at the Doctor. "It looks horrible doesn't it?"

The Doctors eyebrows fused together. "No" He snapped. His expression relaxed after he gave out that sharp tone, his eyes looked any where but Rose. "It looks lovely" He continued. Finally after moments he glanced back at Rose. She swayed self conciously.

"Thank You" She mumbled stubbornly.

The Doctor tilted his head. "Was that dress in the wardrobe?"

Rose sniffed, nodding. "Yes it was, why? I thought that's where all your clothes go"

The Doctor gulped. "Yeah, that's where all my clothes go but that specific dress... I thought I lost it... or got rid of it"

Rose frowned. "Why, it's gorgeous?"

"I can't believe it fits you" The Doctor commented, leaning against the console. Rose looked surprised. Mouth open, her hands open by her sides.

The Doctor was ataken back. " that's not what I meant"

Rose crossed her arms across her chest, looking away and then looking back. Tutting. "Then what did you mean Doctor?" Her anxiety made her angry. She knew the Doctor was lying to her.

"That dress... is very special to me. It was made to fit perfectly for someone important, nobody's worn it since" He let out a gasp. "It fits you so great" He cleared his throat.

Roses eyes saddened. Her arms dropped to her sides, she walked up to the Doctor, leaning next to the console beside him. "Who was this dress meant for Doctor?"

The Doctor raised his hand, tracing the patterns of the lace on Roses arm. He stared at the lace longingly, before regaining eye contact with Rose. "It was my wife's dress"

Rose took a few steps back, her hand lay on the middle of her chest, her breathing hitched. "Your wife?" She gulped, her hand the was placed on her mouth in shock. "Oh my god... I'm so sorry" She panicked.

The Doctor lay a hand out to her. "No Rose it's fine.." He smiled for the first time since she had stepped in the console room with the dress on which made Rose feel more relaxed. "I'm just bewildered how the dress could fit you so well"

Rose smiled throughout her sadness, this was the first of many things the Doctor had told her of his past. He did not once think anything more of her wearing the dress apart from the positive things about it, maybe Rose and his wife had something in common. He was very happy to see someone, especially Rose wearing the dress again.

"Well then, where are we going?" Rose asked, eager to get going and change the subject, her tounge sticking between her teeth. The Doctor grinned goofly back at her. He was totally taking her to the alien bar to explore a whole new adventure with her.

Wear the ring that fits - Rose x Doctor.
I'm not sure whether this is a fluff or pure feels... I dunno, I'll leave that up to you. Haha, thanks for reading. If you wish I may write a next part to this. I'm all up for leaving it how it is though. I just thought this would be interesting to write as the Doctor barely mentions his past family, apart from if someone mentions it or something pops up for him to mention it. I love Rose and the Doctor together.

p.s the title is purely like a false friend, it may seem like a completely different story line to what you first thought (sorry about that) but it kinda relates to his wife and the whole outfit of becoming wedded (the ring.. the dress) and Rose is wearing The Doctors ex-wife's dress so it makes sense I suppose. Sorry if its confusing, I'm a learning writer :) <3
                                                           tumblr n6d847VSxH1tt3ixlo3 250 by Laurenthebumblebee
How you feeling? You sure you're alright?

yeah... I'm fine. Great.


Eleven took the Chameleon Arch gently from Roses head, he put it under his arm and kissed her forehead in the process as she was unconcious again. He then stood up straight and put the Chameleon Arch somewhere under the console for safe keeping.

Eleven checked his scanner. He had soniced Rose to keep an eye on her. It shown her heart rate and all over important things he needed to know to make sure everything was okay. Then she began waking up.

"Rose?" Eleven asked, frowning at the scanner and then looking over to her where Ten was nodding off to sleep next to her. He jumped and turned to Rose. "Rose!" Ten exclaimed happily, "Omg Rose!" He added again with the same emphasis of feelings, he nearly fell of the console chair with excitement. He sat in front of her now, kneeling on the floor, making sure he had balanced as he held her hand.

Rose looked down at him, A few strands of her hair hanging down in front of her eyes as she sheepishly looked around, "What... where.. you got a drink of water?" She was dazed but seemingly responding better than the Doctors thought. "Please..." She managed to gulp hard, her throat dry.

Ten cleared his throat, looking into her deep brown eyes. "Urm... you're.." He tried to spit out but he was caught for any words of what to say. He was so happy that she was okay and she was normal again.

"Yes!" Eleven slapped Tens head playfully, running past them from one side of the console room to the other. Coming back in with a glass of water but now slowing down. Speed walking and handing the glass to Rose from behind the console chair. She grabbed it awkwardly and then cupped it with both hands.

Eleven crept back into their view, leaning against the console. He smiled at the couple.

"Thank You" Rose announced before pursing her lips as the glass was put to her lips taking a few easy gulps of water.

Ten scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"You're in the TARDIS" Eleven answered her question a bit late as Ten didn't seem to hear much from anyone.

Ten finally sat next to her again, his body shifted so he was diagonally facing her inwards, "How do you feel?" He asked, not taking his eyes off her, he was concerned there was gonna be some things she didn't remember. What about their relationship? Did she know boundaries? Or was this what he was hoping for?

She sipped her water then placed it against her lap with her hands cupped under it for support, "I feel.. empty. Sorta"

Ten frowned. "In which way do you feel 'empty'?" He nudged her playfully trying to keep the mood happy.

She placed a hand on her head and rubbed it, her hair ruffling as she did, "My head feels.."

Eleven squinted his eyes, folding his arms as he looked over at them both. He leaned against the console still, crossing his legs, one over the other, "Headache?"

Rose nodded. "A little"

Ten brushed a few strands of hair with were in Roses eyes to the side, behind her ear with his fingers. She smiled into his touch. "You sure you're okay?" He asked again.  She looked back at him, smiling brightly.


"Doc!" Jack announced as he and Clara appeared with the energy of them teleporting by vortex manipulator around them. Clara was holding Jacks hands, Jack stared over at Ten while Clara stared at Eleven. She let go of Jack, running to Eleven, waving both arms over her head as she did. "Hey!"

Eleven picked her up and span her around, dropping her back down on her feet looking down at her as they both were on the console. "How was it? Is it done?"

Clara nodded about to speak but then Jack had already started.

"The Daleks are screaming curses at us right now, their plans ruined and destroyed" Jack wiggled his eyebrows at Rose and Ten as he tapped his vortex manipulator twice, "Better get going, times ticking"

"Earth it is, the good ol' TARDIS!" Ten demanded, punching a fist in the air.

As his fist hit the air, Rose shuffled closer to Ten putting the glass of water onto the floor of the console room. Wrapping an arm around his torso. She tucked underneathe his raised arm, resting her head just below his shoulder blade. His arm fell and placed around her, he put his fingers through her hair in the process.

Clara skipped next to Jack and then realised. Repeatedly pointing at Rose, eyes widening. "You're okay!!" She announced, clapping and looking at Jack. Jack nodded, his face expressing a completely different story as he looked back at Clara.

Rose raised an eyebrow, her eyes looking over at Clara and Jack. "Yeah... I'm fine.. why is everyone shocked about that?"

Jack chuckled, seeing Tens wide grin as Rose was resting her head on him and they were snuggling, "Really.. that's really great"

Rose shrugged, looking up at Ten as he looked down at her, she winked and then turned her head to everyone else. "Everyone else okay?"



"Could be better" Jack confessed.

Everyone turned to him and silenced. All of them seemed to roll their eyes as the TARDIS hummed loudly as if she was trying to get involved in the banter. The TARDIS jolted, Eleven pressing buttons and pulling levers, prancing around the console like he knew what he was doing. The TARDIS mid-console starting to rise and fall travelling through time and space once again.

Not Rose 19 - Ten/Rose/Eleven/Clara.
Everything is resolved when Ten and Eleven get Rose back to normal health and when Jack and Clara set out to destory the Daleks plans with a quick escape. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

                                        tumblr inline mve1fkQ9A41qzgaro by Laurenthebumblebee
The death of reality

I opened my eyes, I lay on the floor everyone was surrounding me. I smile brightly as River looked at me. The older me looked at me. He wasn't smiling. He looked guilty, "I can't believe it!"

I frown feeling confused and unaware. It was good to be back and in the safety of the TARDIS. That was one thing. But something didn't feel normal. Everything seemed to be really slow paced and I didn't like it.

River reached out her hand to me, I inhaled as though she was going to touch my chest. I didn't know why. But then I didn't feel anything but a chill down my back. I look down. Her hand went straight through me! I started to freak. I turn around to where her hand had gone through me to.

Slow motion, River fell to the floor next to a body. She knelt down next to someone familiar. The body was lifeless, flopped against the cold floor of the TARDIS. His hand on his stomach and the other to his side. His head was tilted to one side. The side River was kneeling beside.

The body was quiet and still, no movement and his clothes were worn and torn. I didn't understand. It wasn't all celar, like I'd forgotten. Brown pinstrip suit with purple shirt, creased with his red converse. Dirty. I remembered.

The eyes of the man, dark lines underneath his lids. There's only one person in the entire universe who could have so tired eyes, even if he looked so young.

Nothing made sense. It was me.

I stepped back in fear, there was nothing worse than seeing yourself dead. Apart from one other thing. Always facing death until my time was over. I ran to the TARDIS doors to escape. I walked straight through the door, looking around. I heard a voice.

"Doc, what's going on?" It was Jack! The same old trench coat. He looked worried.

I sprinted to him and held his shoulders. "You can see me?!" I asked happily in disbelief.

Jack nodded frantically, he pulled what looked like a fake smile. He hugged me and then let go after a while. I frown looking around. "Something doesn't feel right. I can't.... feel" I added, biting my lip and then realised. Letting out an 'oh'. I took a few steps back from Jack pointing at him. "You. I thought you died!"

Jack and I turned back to the TARDIS as we heard echoes of River and The future Doctor. I drew my attention back to Jack.

"I.. I dunno, I heard the Master shouting and there was a female voice and then I was here. I wondered around for a bit and there you were" Explained Jack.

Jack gestured for me to follow him. I did, running with him back to the basement where Jacks body was. Still lying there just as mine was.

Jack had never died before. It must have been hard for him. He never died properly anyway. He was always scared of death. He looked at me with big eyes. "So.. are we... are we dead?"

I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say

Jack continued anyway, "I'm scared Doctor.. I always wondered what it was like to die but if this is what happens then what's the point?"

I stared down at the floor, my eyes closed closely and opened again after a few seconds. "I'm scared too Jack" I confessed. I cleared my throat and then clapped my hands together making Jack jump out of his skin.

"What do we do now Doc?" Asked Jack.

I shushed him. Putting a finger to my lips, face all serious with my eyebrows going crazy. Everything went silent and then something could be heard. I shushed Jack again even though he wasn't speaking. Just breathing ever so loudly. (Hardly)

"I'm going to see what it is" I announced. I crept to the door behind the TARDIS, I walked straight through the basement exit and crept up the stairs. Hopefully wouldn't needing to be quiet as we were apparently dead. I peered over the side of the doorframe as I got to the other door up the stairs.

I tried making out what the noises were. I could hear sniffing, shuffling. I couldn't see who. I could open the door but something was holding me back. My feelings of anxiety were getting to me. I heard Jack come up the stairs behind me, I should've known he wouldn't miss the party.

I stepped forward going through the door finally. But Jack had stepped forward a bit too much causing me and him to fall over. I saw two figures on my way down to hit the floor. Luckily they couldn't see us, we were hiding behind a wall opposite them. It was Rose and John. They were dead too of course but why were they here?

I listened hard, my ears burning for some reason.

"John, what is wrong with you?!" Rose asked, it sounded like she was really annoyed or irratated. At least now I could know what truly happened before she died.

Jack winced at Roses reaction, he never seen her like this. You notice Rose and John were at least two metres apart from each other. He could feel John and how he wanted to be closer. They still had some kind of connection.

John looked angry. He didn't want to boil his blood again, I knew that. I just didn't trust his rage with her. He wasn't like me. He was too much human. "Wrong with me? You think you're the only one who was effected that day!?" He answered back with the same anticipation as she did.

Rose hesitated to move back. She looked down at the floor. Or anywhere put Johns eyes. She was flustered and slightly scared. She wished it would go back to normal. How they used to be. "I lied to you" She announced, soundly like she had something in her throat.

I felt more upset for her. John looked exactly like me, that must not be easy for her to think of me in that way. John wondered what Rose meant.

"Did you ever wonder why I loved the Doctor so much?" Rose asked with a slight angered tone to her voice. I could feel Johns pain, it wasn't anger anymore. It was sadness.

I could feel Jack looking at me but I was focused on Rose. I was annoyed I'd have to replay this, I didn't want to see them like this.

I wanted Rose but she had grown up since we were together. She was older but looked even prettier now. John moved closer to Rose but then turned away from her, half of his body turned to her and his head and posture turned the other way.

"The Doctor was never the type to want anything else but me.. I can never give you what you wanted. But he didn't want any domestic stuff... and I guess I was just running away from all that with him" Rose explained further.

 He shut his eyes tightly and then looked back at her, she looked belittled and unwanted, "Rose.. I'm-"

Rose pulled him closer by his clothes and hugged him. "I'm sorry" She said muffled into his chest. John slightly smiled and cuddled her tightly, rocking her.

I felt my expression soften as John said; "We can get this sorted" I was happier now Rose was happy, I couldn't bare to let her go again. Jack pushed me into their view and I nearly topppled over. Getting my balance, I gave Jack a dirty look and then turned back to Rose and John who still had each other in their embrace but both looking over at Jack and me.

Rose frowned, now letting go of Johns embrace and stepping cauciously in my direction. "What's going on, are you dead too?"

I felt myself glow inside. She was finally talking to me again. It seemed like a long shot but it had felt like forever. I had to let go what John had done in the past, "I didn't get to regenerate, so I'm here with Jack"

Rose looked over at Jack who waved over at her. "And you? I thought you were immortal" She asked.

Jack cleared his throat. "Me too but I had my blood drained from me and I was drugged with Aspirin. Not the best mixed together. Apparently I have something in my blood which has is connected to what you did to me back at satalite five"

Jack looked at me, I looked back. "What now?" He asked. I was always in charge as usual.

"I dunno but none of this seems real. I don't believe it" I announced, my hearts felt heavier. I regretted every word as Rose got closer to me.

"But I'm real, right John?" She turned back to John, he smiled at her and joined her side. He looked at me stubbornly. "Yeah. We both are real"

I didn't understand his problem. Maybe he was jealous? I stood closer to John. He lifted his head up with pride as I did. We were standing converse-to-converse. Examining each other. Rose stood back with Jack, unsure of what to make of what was happening.

I felt a bit of jealousy myself, I notice John was leaning into me getting in my face. "What is your problem?" John whispered.

I chuckled, flicking his spiky hair and slapping his stubble playfully. "Maybe keep in mind who I am and what you'll be dealing with if you hurt her again" I grin widely, "Glad you two sorting things out"

John scoffed, feeling the touch of my hand grazing his stuble.

I heard Jack clear his throat as though he was enjoying it, we both laugh and then silenced each other as we stare into each other.

"Nice seeing you again Doc. Glad we sorted things out" John said, scratching the back of his head as he backed away. I nodded agreeing.

Rose pointed a finger, pointing it at both me and John. "What was that all about?" She asked.

Me and John shrugged. All of a sudden, I felt a pain in my chest. I hold my breath, letting out a slight hitch of a breath, my one hand now clutching my chest, beating it with a fist. My one side falls as though I was going to fall. I straighten up when John looks at me, the only one noticing as Rose and Jack were having their own little chinwag.

John nodded, understanding, coughing. "So what happened to the Master?" He asked. Rose and Jack turned back into the bigger conversation.

I fisted my chest again but this time all three of them notice as I grunt in pain. Jack and John hold me up, I grit my teeth. Arms tensing as they find a comfortable position to keep me up right. Rose looked startled a hand over her mouth. "Doctor?!"

Surely if we were all dead we couldn't feel pain. This was different.

"I hope you and John get what you look for" I said under concentrated breathed. Feeling John and Jack tug my suit up to keep me up.

I wink at Jack and him and John lower me to the floor. Jack stands up and salutes me as I lay on my knees.

"See you after eh Doc?"

I close me eyes, feeling my body fall back into the position from when I was in the TARDIS. My hand rested on my stomach, the other by my side as my head tilted to the side. It turned very dark, I didn't know where I was. Was this real or was it just a dream?

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
The Last Time 50th Anniversary continued 29
(Credit to the artist of the pic I found on Tumblr) Ten finds himself finding out what its like to be dead but is it really all it seems? Ten found a way to comunicate with Jack on the other side but will it be enough for Jack to awake? Find out in the next part- coming soon.
Jake nodded sadly. "Yeah. I know... So, what have you found?" He raised an eyebrow, standing to a slight angle to Castiel.

Castiel scratched the back of his head, "Basically.. The keys or should I say 'key' *gestures speech marks with his fingers raised in the air* have to be specially moulded together, each specimen has to be within the base of the key for it to work properly. It is really considered 'dark magic'. The ones who have sinned greatly are the ones that can usually make the key work well to what it is used for"

Jake and Jamie stood quite close to each other, both of them squinting. Jamie wiggled his nose, "So who we going to get to do it?"

Castiel took a sharp glance into Jamies eyes. Jamie felt an anxious thought come into mind. Castiel lowered his eyes down to Sam who was sleeping soundly, his head resting on the desk after he had passed out on Castiels command, "Rose is our best shot Jamie"

Jamie frowned, his fists clenching. Jake winced away from Jamie, "My mom hasn't sinned. Not to that extent anyway" He hissed.

Castiel sighed heavily. "There's things which you don't know about her. She changed a lot of things to keep you alive"

"Like what?!" Spat Jamie, he was startled, eyes widened and his tone high. He sounded like his father at this point.

Jake put a hand on Jamies shoulder to comfort him but it backfired and Jamie shoved Jakes hand away. "Sorry but I have a right to have a say if my mom has to make a sacrifice"

Castiels expression hardened as he thought for a minute. He then pointed a finger in Jamie's face. His posture straight and more dominant than before. "You're mother is not a sacrifice"

Jamie threw his hands up in the air. "Then what is she?"

"I have to be honest with you Jamie. She's prey... even now... sleeping with Lucifer isn't the best deal you can make and trust me, that's a sin right there. You have to trust me. She's our best shot, Luicfer is blinded by her. Maybe that will benefit us" Castiel explained, remembering Deans point of personal space. He took a step back, turning his eyes back to Sam.

Jake straightened his posture, clearing his throat. "So, Castiel. You think Lucifer still looks at Rose like John used to?"

Jamie rolled his eyes, looking at Jake now. Giving him a bitch face he learned from Sam. "Lucifer is not my dad and I'm not planning on calling him dad any time soon. Any one up for a beer?" He asked, walking away to go to the mini fridge for the beers that recently were stocked up in the fridge.


Sam had arised from his nap. He surely looked better as he sat up. His hair was ruffled from where he had been lying his head against the desk, He stroked his hair in a suitable style and yawned deeply, looking around.

Jamie raised his beer in the air opposite Sam, sitting on the desk, the computer moved slightly out of the way as Jamie was sitting there. "Morning" He joked before taking a sip of his beer.

Sam looked over at him still getting used to all of a sudden being awake. He tilted his head, feeling as though his head was going to weigh him down back to a deep sleep. "What's going on?" He asked.

Castiels wings fluttered as he appeared from nowhere. He sat next to Sam on a spare spinny chair, "You've been asleep for a good few hours Sam. You haven't missed much. We haven't got long, are you ready to get to business?"

Sam rubbed his eyes with his hands, squinting them when he finished. "What time is it?" He stretched his arms out minding Castiel next to him as his arms were quite long.

"Half eight in the after noon. We've basically got two days to go"

Sam nodded. "I was just tired Cas. I'm fine now" He replied.

Jamie hiccuped making Sam and Cas look over at him. "What about the message?" He asked, going on about the message which 'Dean' had sent on the computer, he was being very loud and Jamie drank a bit more of what was left out of his bottle.

Sam pulled his bitch face. Nobody could beat his bitch face. It seemed to effect everyone at Torchwood. Thanks to Sam. He wasn't impressed. "Have you been drinking? Great that's all we need" He announced sarcastically.

Jamie leaned forward to the men, his bottle tipping a little as his grip was clumpsy. "No shit"

Castiel just looked confused, "You need to control your needs for alcohol Jamie. This is mostly inapropriate"

Jamie scoffed. "Yeah? Tell that to my mom"

Sam raised an eyebrow, ignoring Jamies comment. He leaned back against the back of his spinny chair. "Umm.. guys, where's Jake?"

"Ah yes, he went to find Crowley. Well... he might be asking other demons or summoning Crowley" Castiel looked like he disagreed with Jakes idea.

Sam did too, "Why couldn't he just do it here?"

"This is our safe base not some mental asylum" Jamie commented, the bang of the bottle being placed roughly against the desk beside him rattled Sams ears.

Sam was getting fustrated, "Jam that doesn't even make sense" He announced calmly.

Jamie shrugged.

Sam stood up leaning over the desk with his hands pressed against the table by the keyboard. "Jamie. Stop it now! You're a grown man now. Act like it or so help me. You may not have a mom or a dad to guide you right now and I know we're all mourning over Dean but please.... just don't be a prat about it and get on with it like everyone else here does" Sams anger come upon him. He clenched his fists and kicked the side of the desk making the bottle tip over and smash on the floor beside Jamie.

Jamie flinched. "Ooops"

Sam stared at Jamie for a few moments, with no words.

Castiels eyes scanned both Sam and Jamie. And then down to the floor where the bottle had broken. "I'll deal with that" He added, clicking his fingers and the shattered glass had re-made itself back into a bottle on the desk, further across so it wasn't so close to the edge.

Jamies baby blue eyes watered a little, He jumped off the side of the desk and turned around to look at Sam. Even though Jamie was annoying, Sam could feel his pain and he wasn't always a bad kid. He wasn't now but Sam believed it was breaking him to hide his feelings and have to put up with what happens to them at Torchwood, "I'm sorry man... I'm just.. I jus... sick of my life" He started to get upset as the typical drunk would do. You would have thought a man with a time lord inheritance could handle their drink but Sam wasn't sure how much Jamie had, had to drink.

Sam felt guilt fill up inside of him. Jamie was like his brother. A brother. Another brother like Dean. Sam felt harsh on Jamie but he believed he was really the only father figure Jamie had since Dean and John went down. Jamie also knew the pain Sam had been suffering, he needed to learn to be strong and be a man. He was only just about eighteen.


Jake stood silently at the deck by the back of Torchwood. The river made waves with the wind and the lights blurred in the background as the sky was a deep blue, almost black. He sighed and then started to whisper something in Latin. Candles and Symbols were too mainstream and plus Jake knew there wasn't enough time to be messing with matches. Jake was wanted by demons anyway, he didn't have the best history hunting which was why he came across Susan and Declan in the first place.

There was a sudden breeze behind Jake which made his hairs stand up. He turned around by his heels.

"Jake Simmonds I see" Crowley greeted, gritting his teeth looking at Jake up and down from at least a metres of space.

Jake crossed his arms. "You know why I'm here"

Crowley winced, starting to circle Jake. "You can trap me however you want dear, do what ever you like... but I want something in return"

Jake leaned closer to Crowley. "You already get something"

Crowley shucked, cupping his hands together over his stomach. "What? Lucifer back in his cage? Oh please.... we all know that isn't going to happen"

Jake gulped, looking at the floor. "Then what do you want?"

Crowley spotted Jakes anxiety. "Oh don't be so worried Jake, I just want the usual. I want human blood. It keeps me sane. I want my treatment ever few hours suiting your schedule. Just ask Sam, he's done it before. But Dean isn't here to kick some sense into you" Stated Crowley.

Jake put his fingers through his gelled up hair. "Yeah I get you. No tricks. Dean wasn't like that, he was doing what was best for everyone"

Crowley tilted his head, leaning in to Jake. Their noses almost touching. "Is that what Rose told you?" He asked snakishly, "That bitch was cheating with him. You don't know the half of it. You weren't even here" Crowley clenched his jaw.

Jake pushed Crowley away from him. "I don't believe you. Rose isn't like that. They both had their moments but it was nothing past flirting. I know enough to know the truth"

Crowley fiddled nervously with his fingers in their cupped state. "Just ask Castiel. He was jealous" Crowley kept his voice low like before but there was something snarlish about it.

Jake shook his head not taking any more from Crowley, he took out handcuffs from his inside jacket pocket which he had found in Torchwood. He knew they were the right ones as the demonic symbol glistened with the night light. He clipped them onto Crowleys wrists so his arms were behind his back.

"Shame they aren't pink and fluffy. Kinky stuff" Crowley joked, his grin devillish as Jake guided him back to Torchwood keeping a low head.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
2036 - Alternative Torchwood 20
Sam sets things straight with Jamie whilst Jake finally takes it upon himself to get the first part of what they need for the key to Lucifers cage. Find out what happens next- 2036 - Alternative Torchwood 21
Okie dokie. Everything is up in the air at the moment. I have loads of ideas in my notes on my phone which is how I start writing and yet NOTHING has come to mind.

I have a few ideas on Alternative Torchwood but the only problem with that, is.... that's basically all I've uploaded for the past month or so.

I'm sorry I'm taking forever to upload but I'm sure I'll get back on track.

I'm looking for any requests that may get my ideas going, such as... I know one or two people have mentioned to me they like my Sam x reader and would like to suggest more. Any requests? Please comment below and I will appreciate it. I will also do any Dean x reader or maybe some Rose x Doctor...

or maybe you could request some kind of idea for my fanfictions such as 'Not Rose' or the sequel to 'kidnapping' ;) I seriously need to get my ideas flowing....

I've started watching Once Upon a Time and I'm really enjoying it so far. When I say started I mean I'm part way through season 1 so don't bombard me with Spoilers haha.

Supernatural and Doctor Who have got me like 'oh my gosh... what the hell are the writers doing' isn't that literally any fandom which has existed says.

Anywho... more art to come also. Still working on traditional art, I have some new prismacolour coloring pencils so hopefully I improve and make my art look more realistic. That's my aim anyways.

Tumblr is taking over my life. But please feel free to follow me, I'll follow back. My Tumblr is in my ID description, if you can be bothered. :)

Thanks for reading this. More to come soon. I'm planning on a Halloween fanfiction maybe some requests for what I could do??
Hope you have a great day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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