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                                           Spn1 by Laurenthebumblebee

Sam and Dean had woken up in a -what seemed like a cell- with no windows and steel walls -the only window was the window above the door, far too small for the brothers to even attempt an escape and let alone what could be on the other side - two beds were lying at the other side of the room. Both brothers had found that their hands handcuffed tight behind their backs as they struggled, no way that they could get out this time. The only light to be seen was the one coming from the rectangular celled window above the cell door. Its beam of light, giving the brothers some what to glimpse their surroundings.

 Sat on the floor, their legs were free to move and so were their mouths. Dean had seemed to look a little healthier in his complexion, that was until the smell that was revoltingly strong had hit his nostrils again, "oh... god... that is no barbeque" Dean stated, his face tightened with disgust. His hand in habit had tried to cover his nose and mouth but in result of that, just tugged his hands that were fused together by the extra strong handcuffs.

Sam shuffled to look around, the cell was awfully small, the two beds had cramped the far side of the cell, Sam and Dean had covered the rest of it with their long statures. The cell was giving the brothers a hint of old light, the only colours apart from their clothes and skin were mostly greys and blacks. It was damp and unsettling. The beds had no comfort and looked more like metal table trays that they would serve food off on in prisons.

"Hello?" Sam suddenly asked loudly, his voice echoed throughout, bouncing off the walls, "HELLO??" He asked a little louder now. This rattled Deans ear drums. He nudged Sam with his elbow, straining his wrist when the handcuff caught on it, "Dude...."

Sam shrugged, "Yeah... dude... there's bound to be someone here... I wanna know what beef that police guy...-" His voice trailed off as he realised, "-oh..." Sam remembered Gretel had told him that the police had came into the café after the complaints from the hippies. If the police had real concerns for the café, it would have been shut down before Sam and Dean would even consider arriving. So what happened to them?

Maybe the same thing happened to the police as Sam and Dean but what had caused the police officer to shovel Sam and Dean?

The older Winchester was on edge, "Hey..  earth to Sammy... what's the deal?"

The long haired brother had zoned out for a few moments, staring at the damp, swollen walls opposite him which looked as unsettled as himself. He eventually heard Deans echoed voice getting through to him, giving his brother a certain look which indicated nerve or something bad.

"What??" Dean asked again, his tone now tensed. He could certainly feel the atmosphere tug at his heart strings, the silence from the outside apart from what could be seen as the ceiling fan clicking as the string clapped against the wooden propellers as it turned from the small rectangular window above the cell door.

"Basically Dean-" Sam finally commented a little quieter, "The guy that hit us, he was a police officer" He encouraged Dean to think for a moment,

"Yeah.. and?" He replied, not seeming to care too much, "He's a son-of-a-bitch" continued Dean in a comedic way.

Sam threw a hard hitting bitch face, "Aaaand, this police officer must have something to do with the café as before, Gretel said-"

Dean laughed, "Her name isn't really Gretel Sam..", He tilted his head at Sam, pulling an obvious face of 'I told you so'

At this point, Sam wanted to punch Dean in the face, if he could, he would've. Sam had noticed Deans various childish mannerisms since he woke up, whatever was in that pie, Sam had a gut feeling it had something to do with where they were now. Possibly that wooden hut that he had spotted before getting knocked out. But nevertheless, Dean was always a twat at the worst of times, Sam could just feel it pulsing through his brothers veins. Like a child would have sugar and fat pumping down their gullet if it weren't for their parents.

And that's when the steel door jolted in an unlocking sensation. Sending the brothers both flinching away from it. Both of them deer crossed by head lighted eyes. Their heart beats syncing, fast and efficient to fit their circumstance, Deans saliva filled lips parted as he stated harshly, "I hope that's the pizza man..."

The Hansel and Gretel cafe 2 - SPN!boys.

Dean and Sam wake up in an unsettling surroundings, in hope of getting out, both of the brothers struggle to cope with each others ways as things start to get too much. Find out what happens in the next part-

coming soon...


                                       Spn1 by Laurenthebumblebee

"Oh come on Sammy, this place says its the best in town for its pies!" Dean exclaimed cheerfully drumming his fingers on the wheel as he drove on the clear road towards a building in the distance. It was in the countryside, distant from all the busy cities or industrial buildings. There was only a few cottages to be seen in this area. It was very quiet, yet Dean had concluded this as he turned up Metallica to tune out his younger brother Sam, "DEAAANNN!" Sam shouted over the constant noise that was ringing his ears.

Sam was holding a newspaper, folded out between both of his giant hands, the newspaper front cover pointing in Deans direction had the title in a huge font 'MYSTERY PIE PLOT THICKENS' in other words, all the people who had tried these delicious pies had tried to find out the special ingredient, but no one had. Although what Sam had his attention pointed to was what was inside the newspaper, something about savage murders across the American states.

Dean gave Sam a roll of his eyes, lazily reaching out a finger to mute the cassette playing in his beloved Impala. It was calm, the rumble of Baby's engine throttled on the road, "What Sam?" Dean finally asked as if it were his last breath.

"Dude, we have a real case to attend to. Vampires and Werewolves?!" Sam tried to encourage Deans enthusiasm but he knew deep down the only thing on Deans mind was P-I-E, pie!

By the time that this had sank into Deans pie mind, the Impala had already entered the premises of the petite café in their view. Dean had swiftly parked the Impala gracefully -as if it took no effort at all- into one of the free spaces. There was only one or two other cars parked on the premises which Dean had found silently odd since this café had been in the newspaper for having the best pies all round.

Sam just conveniently stared at his brother waiting for some kind of response that didn't begin with the letter 'p'. Sam scrunched the newspaper into a ball and popped it in the glove compartment of the Impala where all the abandoned cassette's lay.

The older Winchester unbuckled his seat belt and as it scrapped the fabric of the interior, he looked back at his younger sibling, "Sammyyy, come on, Shaggy and Velma and all the other Scooby freaks can solve that mystery. We've got pies to try!" Dean ecstatically bribed his brother, his eyes laid on the café sign 'Hansel and Gretel's café' through the back Impala window. Sam followed Deans gaze, "Seriously... Hansel... and Gretel.... wow dude, you've got ten minutes and we're doing that case!" Sam chuckled taking off his seat belt and opening the door to let himself out. Dean jumped out of his seat with excitement, closing the door faster than you could say 'Twilight'.

As the brothers strolled up to the café, they had both noticed a woman standing at the window watching them with wild eyes, she was old and ragged looking, she seemed to look as decent as a rabbit in front of headlights, wearing a café uniform. Both brothers looked at one another with confusion and then had both picked up their pace, entering the café with two strong hands opening the push doors like they owned the place.

The lady scarpered into the door behind the counter. The café was deserted, the typical diner type look you'd see in movies such as 'Grease'. Sam and Dean examined their surroundings, red booths circled the whole outer interior of the café, a bar type look by the counters where beside it was a display of newly baked deserts such as ice buns, apple and jam tarts and the most famous -meat pies. Deans eyes glowed as his hands touched the steaming glass. Sam gave his brother a shifty look.

As that happened, Dean and his brother jumped out of their skin as a woman who was much younger looking with long black hair tied in pig tails, wearing a pink café uniform that fitted to her figure vigorously. She frantically came out of the door waving a tea towel around, "Oi, you! don't touch that!!" She screeched at Dean, almost hitting him with the tea towel. He took a few steps back, his eyes hawk like. Sam frowned looking between the two.

The woman sighed, Dean had noticed her name tag on the right side of her chest; 'Gretel', Gretel had calmed down, and waved the tea towel around more casually now, "Sorry... I apologise.. just business hasn't been that great.." She announced with shortness of breath.

Sam leaned on the counter, minding the stool beside him, "So...-" Sam also read her name tag, he gulped unsure if that was her real name or some sort of a stage name, "-Gretel... how has business been bad? You've been in the papers for selling the best pies in town?" Sam questioned. Dean bitch faced his brother, he knew where Sam was going with this, making a case out of no case at all. Dean just wanted his pie.

"Urm.. excuse me... before we get into a debate.. can I have a meat pie please?" Dean asked with manners and puppy dog eyes, Gretel looked dazed as she nodded, putting on gloves to pull out the hot plate of meat pie. She gave Dean a fork to eat with and Dean returned the favour with some money he had left in his jean back pocket. Dean happily sat on a stool now, swinging his knees like a small child, eating into his pie like there was no tomorrow whilst Sam and Gretel discussed what was going on.

Gretel stammered, "Urm... well... after the papers were released, publicity was good, despite this place being away from the city. It was good.. until the police investigated what was truly in the pies because some hippies had came in to complain that the meat in the pies wasn't the typical animal meat..." She nervously stated, this didn't stop Dean enjoying his pie, he was moaning like a trooper.

Sam scoffed, his glance at Dean had amused him since despite the conversation topic, he was still going for it. Sam turned back to Gretel- "So... what did they think was in the pies?"

Gretel stared at Dean who had almost eaten the entire pie, "Actually... they thought it was... human... meat" Her expression saddened as Dean paused his eating, meat packed in his mouth. His gaze gradually rose to Gretel. At this point, he wasn't sure whether to carry on eating or what.

Sam couldn't help but snigger, "Surely.. it isn't human meat.. right Dean?" Sam teased.

Dean spat out the meat onto the plate but that made it worse, his stomach lining twisted aggressively. Dean grumbled as he held his stomach.

"Of course not!" Gretel added quickly, cleaning up Deans plate as she did that, the old woman came through the doors behind the counter again, her eyes were heavy with tiredness, her face wrinkled and nose slightly hooked, she wore the same kind of uniform as Gretel but not as complimenting. She, had no name tag. "What happened to no customers?!" The old woman snapped to Gretel. Her tone was unsettling.

"Excuse me..." Sam tried to butt in, Gretel shot Sam an uneasy look.

"Shut up, I wasn't talking to you!!" The old woman continued, pointing a bony long nailed finger at him. 

Dean cocked an eyebrow at Sam as Sam wasn't sure what to do at this point. Gretel had finished with Deans dish. Turning to the old woman who was impatiently waiting with her hands on her jagged hips, "Well child?"

"Grandma, these are just happy customers, they heard about the pies..." Gretel stated.

'Grandma' being a curious noun to use for the old woman who looked nothing like Gretel herself. Gretel looked fresh, young and sweet yet her 'grandma' looked very much the opposite. Almost witch like. Sam found as if it was a wind up that the characters from the story book 'Hansel and Gretel' had happened to be in a café that shared the same name. Something wasn't right here. Dean was still retching at the side of him so there was no point Sam sharing his opinion with Dean for the moment.

"Well.. I said to you as publicity isn't the best. We need more stock for the pies!" Grandma had gruffly announced.

Gretel nodded, "Of course grandma"

Both of the women had shot Dean and Sam a hinted look, Sam gulped, "Right then... me and my brother... will be off..." Sam commented uneasily. Sam grabbed his brother roughly by his jacket and pulled him out the café with him. Sam looked back to see the devilish look that the Grandma was throwing back at him.

The outside world was a much more happier place to the counter environment of the café. No wonder publicity was crap. Dean staggered across the car park, following Sam to the Impala. Then Sam stopped, noticing smoke peaking through the trees and a slight wooden silhouette highlighted to where the smoke had been coming from. Sam sniffed hard, "Hey Dean.. can you smell barbeque?"

Dean suddenly retched forward, hands on knees as he purged what he ate in the morning and the pie from recently, leaving a puddle of vomit on the floor. Deans skin was a pale yellow colour matching his sick that lingered on the ground. The life drained him as he attempted to look up to his brother.  Sam subconsciously patted Deans shoulder, still staring into the distance.

The atmosphere began to get unsettling. The smell had become stronger to their nostrils. A man wearing police uniform had appeared from the shrubbery beside the café, holding a blunt object, running out cunningly behind Sam and Dean. Dean had turned just as he was hit with a shovel, "Sa-" Then before Sam could resist this seemingly crazy man with vague blood dripping from his head, both brothers suddenly fell to the floor with a bang to the head with a shovel.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.

The Hansel and Gretel cafe - SPN!boys.

Sam and Dean fall into the hands of an cafe out in the wilderness. After an slightly tense conversion with the owners of the cafe, the brothers find themselves digging themselves a bigger hole. Hope you enjoyed reading. Find out what happens in the next part- laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…


                                                                                            2x01-Christmas-Invasion-Screencap-Rose-Tyler-rose- by Laurenthebumblebee

"Where are we?" I immediately ask.

"We're just off Bloxsome Road" Mickey answered, all of us looking up at the sky, "We're just round the corner. We did it!" Mickey jumped up and down, raising his arms around.

The Doctor reached out an arm to Mickey, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute" He stated.

The spaceship had flown off away from the Earths atmosphere. The Doctor grinned widely watching them leave.

"Go on my son! Oh yeah!" Mickey started jumping again and I couldn't help but join him as I jumped onto his back, both of us fisting the air,

"Yeah. Don't come back!" I add loudly.

"It is defended!" Mickey quoted the Doctors final words of speech. We both felt so powerful and happy. It was finally feeling like Christmas. We both laughed, I jumped off his back and we both hugged as he turned around to me. I launched myself at the handy man and he hugged me back with little confusion. I apologised quietly after wards and went to hug anyone close enough. I couldn't believe it!

After a while of the Doctor discussing things with Harriet, I had spotted Mum running out to us, "Mum!" I shouted, running at her as she did me,

"Oh my god! Rose!" She answered back with a higher pitch. We hugged in such a motherly to daughter embrace. It felt so nice after everything that had happened, "You did it too! It was the tea, it fixed his head!" I exclaimed happily.

"All I needed. Cup of tea!" The Doctor confirmed once again.

"I said so!" Mum announced.

"And look at him!" I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy again.

"Is it him though? Is it really the Doctor?" Mum asked for one final time. Me, Mum and Mickey standing there, arms around each other as we stared at the Doctor. The new Doctor.

The Doctor tilted his head.

That's when Mum had noticed Harriet Jones, "Oh my god, its the bleeding Prime Minister!" I rested my head on mums as she seemed to be hyperventilating as usual.

"Come here, you" The Doctor suggested, raising his arms to Mum as she hugged him tightly. Me and Mickey both joined the hug.

"Are you better?" Mum asked.

"Yeah, yeah, all better now" The Doctor replied confidently as we all separated from our hug.

"You left me!" Mum finally announced to me, pointing a finger, "What do I do with the food?"

Suddenly we all turned in shock as a beam of green and fire had struck out into the sky. And another, and another. Four beams all directing towards the spaceship. The rupture made the Earth tremor a little, "What is it? What's happening?" I ask in a worrying tone.

The Doctor turned and stared at Harriet knowingly. I joined his side and then I realised, "That was murder" The Doctor began.

"It was defence" Harriet defended herself, "Its adapted from alien technology. A ship that fell to Earth ten years ago"

"But they were leaving" The Doctor announced, his voice angered and tensed.

"You said yourself Doctor, they'd go back to the stars and tell others about the Earth. I'm sorry Doctor, but you're not here all the time. You come and go. It happened today. Mr Llewellyn and the Major. They were murdered. They died right in front of me while you were sleeping. In which case, we have to defend ourselves" Harriet explained, hoping for some sympathy.

"Britain's golden age" The Doctor reminded her, almost mocking her.

"It comes with a price"

"I gave them the wrong warning. I should have told them to run as fast as they can. Run and hide because the monsters are coming. The human race" The Doctor almost threated.

"Those are the people I represent. I did it on their behalf"

"And I should have stopped you"

"What does that make you, Doctor? Another alien threat?" Harriet had threated back.

"Don't challenge me Harriet Jones!" The Doctor angered in fury as he stepped forward in Harriet's comfort zone, "Cause I'm a completely new man!" He paused for a moment and then began with a softer tone, "I could bring down your government with a single word"

"You're the most remarkable man I've ever met, but I don't think you're quite capable of that" Harriet also lowered her tone.

"No you're right. Not a single word. Just six"

"I don't think so"

"Six words"

"Stop it"


The Doctor walked away from her and walked over to her handy man, he took off his ear piece and placed it in the mans hand, whispering in his ear, "Don't you think she looks tired?" The Doctor then walked back over to us and Harriet looked bewildered, the colour draining from her. I walked with the Doctor, Mum and Mickey following. Non of us had sympathy for her. I heard Harriet become flustered with her colleague behind us as we walked back to the Powell estate.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.

The Christmas Invasion 9 - Roses!POV.

The Earth is finally safe yet Harriet had made sure that the Sycorax could not disturb them again. The angered Doctor turns his back on Harriet. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

Find out what happens in the next part-


                                                                                        2x01-Christmas-Invasion-Screencap-Rose-Tyler-rose- by Laurenthebumblebee

The Doctor and The Sycorax leader both raised their swords and stood in a warrior stance at each other. Was the Doctor really going to fight this alien? The Doctor always was a warrior of time but in his own way he was more about protecting than wanting to fight. He was willing to do so in fact as I had learned on Satellite five. He would do anything to save me and all humans on Earth. It was a tensioned few seconds as I flickered eyes from Doctor to the leader and yet suddenly they both drawn swords at each other, the Doctor having all tension run to his now wrinkled face.

Sometimes I forget how old the Doctor is and that he's not human but seeing him fight for the planet really shows how far he has come. Their swords clinked together like partners and the noise ringed through my ear drums. The Doctor was thrown by the leaders sword as he stumbled towards the TARDIS. He got his balance back and looked back at the leader with gritted teeth as he was hardly breathing. The leader laughed triumphantly and the Doctor gave me a considerable look as if to say 'Its going to be okay'

He turned back to the leader and bent his knees with determination, that twinge of his jaw line as he gritted his teeth. I knew he was going to win. That's when he launched his sword and swung it with a grunt from the back of his throat, the leader also did the same and their swords met together again. The Doctor dodged the leaders sword and swung back as soon as he was out of danger. And again. This caused the Doctor to fall to the floor. Everything suddenly felt slow.

"Doctor, look out!" I panicked. The Doctor turned on his side as the leaders sword brushed the floor by his side. That's when the Doctor leaped up and staggered around to find his balance, "Oh yeah.. that helps" He announced sarcastically in return, "I wouldn't have thought of that otherwise. Thanks" Then he was back to sword fighting again.

The Time lord attempted to push the leaders sword out of his way yet it came back to the Doctor finding himself being thrown back again by the leaders arm which had gotten into forceful contact with his stomach. The Doctor yelped. Staggering backwards, dodging the leaders continuous swings of his sword, the leader shouting through pure strength to get to the Doctor. The Doctor ran out of his way, the leader following him and the Doctor found himself going to a door through the rocky interior, "Bit of fresh air?" He asked rhetorically. He pressed a button which made the door open to the outside of the ship.

It was like a huge rocky balcony with metal supports along the outside walls of the ship. The Doctor was the first to run out, going right out to by the edge, turning around swiftly. The leader also came out with an equal stamina as they both raised their swords. It was an onwards, sword clink, sword clink and changing direction of the swings each time. The Doctors feet moving back and forth to direct them both, minding the edge of the ship. By then, everyone else had followed them out. I was holding the Doctors dressing gown beside Mickey and then Harriet and her handy man had both joined his side too.

After a while of the same sword clinking. The leader had hit the Doctor on his nose causing his one arm to block any more attacks from the leader, his body turned in reaction to the sudden hit. He raised a hand to all of us, "Stay back", he must have noticed my sudden movements of natural reaction to save him once again. Yet my feet felt like stone to the floor when he demanded me to do so, "Invalidate the challenge and he wins the planet" The Doctor stated, wiping his nose on his pyjama sleeve.

Suddenly, the two warriors both ran at each other like wolves, being ever so close as they clinked swords once again. The Doctors teeth gritting became a continuous habit. The leader shoved the Doctor away and the Doctor fought with his sword, going backwards away from the leader. But then, the leader had managed to get the Doctor to his knees and push him back into a lying down position by the edge of the ship. Even I could feel the breeze of the drop from below the ship.

The Doctor stared willingly at his arm stretched out before him as he heard the sword take a clean slate out of something. His breathing became hostile as he felt a part of him fall. Literally. I wasn't too sure what had happened at first but then the Doctor had lifted his head in surprise to the leader, "You cut my hand off" He announced in an innocent tone.

The leader raised his hands in victory, "Sycorax!"

The Doctor stood, with no sword, and only one hand, "And now I know what sort of a man I am... I'm lucky 'cause quite by chance, I'm still within the first fifteen hours of my regeneration cycle. Which means I've got just enough residual cellular energy to do this" The Doctor lifted his arm up where his hand had completely been chopped off and as if by magic, his hand had started to grow back! Skin, bone, everything!

"Witchcraft" The Sycorax leader had confirmed, yet we knew better.

"Time Lord" The Doctor confirmed.

"Doctor!" I shouted, suddenly coming out of the blue with a sword, throwing it instantly in the Doctors direction. Hopefully it wouldn't end in another accident. Gladly, the Doctor caught it,

"Oh so I'm still the Doctor, then?" The Doctor asked in a cheeky tone.

"No arguments from me" I replied happily, feeling butterflies in my stomach. The Doctor was back!

"You want to know the best bit? This new hand... it's a fighting hand!" The Doctor exclaimed in a joking tone, throwing himself forward at the leader again. They both fought with such determination yet the Doctor had even more, grabbing the base of the leaders sword and yanking it from his grasp as he pushed him out of the way. The leader fell to the floor, just like the Doctor had a few moments before. The Doctor placed the sword gently to the leaders throat, "I win"

"Then kill me" The leader suggested.

"I'll spare your life, if you'll take this champion's command; Leave this planet and never return. What do you say?"


The Doctor gritted his teeth with fury, and dug the sword just enough so it scraped the leaders flesh, "Swear on the blood of your species"

"I swear"

"There we are then. Thanks for that. Cheers, big fella" The Doctor announced all happily, turning back to us at last.  Safe and sound. He stuck his sword into the ground and Harriet congratulated him with claps of joy, "Bravo!" She called.

I skipped over to the Doctor, opening the dressing gown for him on the way, "That says it all, bravo!" I repeated.

"Not bad for a man in his jimjams" He commented as I helped him put his dressing gown back on, "Very Arthur Dent. Now, there was a nice man. Hold on, what have I got in here?" The Doctor rambled by my side as he pulled out an orange, "A Satsuma" The Doctor verified. Okay then Doctor, it wasn't an orange. I just laughed at him, "Ah, that friend of your mother's. He does like his snacks, doesn't he? But doesn't that just sum up Christmas?" He began, throwing and catching the Satsuma as he continued to talk, "You go through all those presents and right at the end, tucked away at the bottom, there's always one stupid old Satsuma.. who wants a Satsuma?" He asked, suddenly I had heard the leaders loud groans from behind me yet the Doctor was already on it, throwing the Satsuma at the button that he had pressed earlier and that's when the platform that the leader was standing under had disappeared into the ground around it. The leader fell from his ship. The Doctor didn't bat an eyelid, walking to the entrance of the ship, "No second chances" He stubbornly announced, "I'm that sort of a man"

We both walked back to the TARDIS together and the Doctor turned back to all the Sycorax species, "By the ancient rites of combat, I forbid you to scavenge here for the rest of time. When you go back to the stars and tell others of this planet, when you tell them of its riches, its people, its potential, when you talk of the Earth, then make sure you tell them this; It is defended" The transport beam activated and we were all, including the TARDIS, were teleported back to Earth.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.

The Christmas invasion 8 - Roses!POV.

The fight declared for the Earth continues and with the Doctors cunning ways, it ends just as quickly. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

Find out what happens in the next part- laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…


                                                                                          2x01-Christmas-Invasion-Screencap-Rose-Tyler-rose- by Laurenthebumblebee

I suddenly felt the widest and brightest smile uncontrollably crease into my face, I was so glad to see the Doctors beautiful new face again!

The Sycorax leader roared as it swung the whip into a electronic movement, hitting the Doctors arm but not damaging it at all, the Doctor grabbed and pulled it out of the leaders grasp and held it in his own hand, "You could have someone's eye out with that" The Doctor commented, stepping forward to the leader.

"How dare-" The leader began scolding the Doctor but the Doctor grabbed its staff and snapped it in half, holding it against his knee and putting pressure on it with his two hands. He threw all of it onto the floor.

"Just can't get the staff. Now, you just wait. I'm busy!" The Doctor commanded the Sycorax leader. He pointed a finger, that meant business. He turned around to me and Mickey standing beside each other.

"Mickey, hello!" The Doctor greeted in a high pitched tone. He then turned to Harriet Jones who looked blankly upon him, He stepped towards her, "And Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North. Blimey, its like This is Your Life.-"

The Time Lord turned back to me and Mickey again, "Tea! That's all I needed-" He hobbled over to me casually and looked down on me, "-A good cup of tea"

"Super-heated infusion of free radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses" The Doctor rambled a little, pointing to his temples looking around yet he always looked down on me in the end, "Now, first things first. Be honest- How do I look?" He asked.

I was unsure of how to respond to the Doctors request, I stared up at him, "Um... different" That seemed like a good word. He seemed like a whole new man but something was oddly familiar about him. As if I had seen him before. Not now. Not two days ago but before all of this had started.

"Good different or bad different?" He asked too quickly for him to breath.

"Just different" I did think it was bad different at first but now I wasn't so sure.

"Am I... ginger?" The Doctor asked in a very serious and stern tone.

I looked up to examine his hair, I shook my head, "No, you're just sort of brown" I pointed to my own hair line.

The Doctor jiggled around on the spot in annoyance, "Oh, I wanted to be ginger. I've never been ginger" He was much like a child at this point, moaning about what he didn't get for Christmas. In this sense, literally. He then pointed a finger at me. There was a lot of finger pointing this evening, "And you! Rose Tyler, fat lot of good you were. You gave up on me" He lowered his finger and changed his toning to a sweet one this time, "Oh that's rude" I roll my eyes, here we go,

"Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger" The Doctor sounded disappointed.

Harriet butted in, "I'm sorry. Who is this?"

"I'm the Doctor" He replied before any one else could.

"He's the Doctor" I confirmed.

"What happened to my Doctor?" I know the feeling Harriet, "Or is it a title that's just passed on?" She sounded as dumbfounded as I did when this whole thing started.

The Doctor stepped forward towards triumphantly towards Harriet, "I'm him. Literally him" He stopped at his feet yet continuing his speech, "Same man. New face. Well, new everything" He smirked cheekily again.

"But you can't be" Harriet once again protested.

"Harriet Jones" The Doctor began, "We were trapped in Downing Street and the one thing that scared you wasn't the aliens, wasn't the war, it was the thought of your mother being on her own"

"Oh my god!" Harriet gawped.

"Did you win the election?" The Doctor asked making casual chit chat now as he did. I wasn't surprised. But yet we were standing in the middle of a Sycorax spaceship.

Harriet tilted her head in modesty, "Landslide majority"

"If I might interrupt?" Suggested the Sycorax leader. Everyone turned back to it as the Doctor did,

"Yes. Sorry. Hello, big fella" The Doctor greeted fondly, stepping forward with his hands in his dressing gown pockets.

"Who exactly are you?" The leader asked.

"Well... that's the question" The Doctor smiled, teeth and everything. Avoiding the leaders question.

"I demand to know who you are!" The leader demanded bluntly.

"I DON'T KNOW!!" The Doctor imitated the roars of the Sycoraxic speech, his arms spread out in extreme expression. He then went back to the normal state of Doctor, "See the thing is, I'm the Doctor but beyond that, I just don't know" He put his hands back into his pockets, "I literally do not know who I am. It's all untested"

"Am I funny?-" I smirk at him as my eyes follow him around the room as he started pacing the spaceship, "-Am I sarcastic?"

"Sexy?" He looked at me and gave me a suggestive wink. I smirk wider yet I was unsure on how to react with Mickey stood beside me.

The Doctor continued to blabber on, "A right old misery? Life and soul?" He continued to ask, by now he was intimidating the leader by invading its personal space, "Right handed, left handed, a gambler a fighter, a coward, a traitor, a liar, a nervous wreck?" He asked, wondering around in circles, consuming all the attention that was on him, "I mean, judging by the evidence, I've certainly got a gob" The Doctor finally paused from his two hundred mile per hour speech as he looked up at the stand which had enlightened a button.

His speed of speech had certainly slowed, "And how am I gonna react when I see this?" His facial expression was ecstatic. Pointing his bony finger towards the button, "A great big threatening button!" He chuckled away.

The Doctor suddenly had a change of heart when he rushed up the ramp to which led him to the big threatening button that stood on a sort of rocky podium. Everyone including the Sycorax leader, a few other of its people and the Doctors companions had tried to follow, including myself, "A great big threatening button which must not be pressed under any circumstances. Am I right?"

He left a gap for the others to catch up but yet it wasn't long before he rambled again, "Let me guess, its some sort of control matrix. Hmm?"

"Hold on. What's feeding it?" The Doctor ducked down and opened the rock that was underneath the podium like structure, it revealed a disc like metallic device with pipes feeding through to.. somewhere, "And what have we got here?" The Doctor asked himself. He poked a finger into the metallic device. It was sticky and singed to make steam from the Doctors finger, the Doctor revealed it from his finger as a red substance, "Blood.... yep, definitely blood. Human blood. A positive. With a dash of iron" The Doctor pulled a face, looking at his finger and sticking out his tongue, "But that means.... blood control. Blood control!"

"Oh!" The Doctor seemed impressed, this made me a little uneasy, "I haven't seen blood control for years!" His tone was hyped and sharp yet then it dimmed again as he realised, "You're controlling all the A positives. Which leaves us with a great big stinking problem, 'cause I really don't know who I am. I don't know when to stop. So if I see a great big threatening button which should never, ever, ever be pressed, then I just want to do this!-" Suddenly the Doctor without a second thought had pressed an almighty hand onto the button.

"No!" I cried, everyone else had reached out to him in horror. I can't believe he would do it. The Doctor would never do that. Not my Doctor.


"You killed them!" The handy man shouted at the Doctor hysterically horrified. Everyone was gawping at the Doctor.

"What do you think, big fella? Are they dead?"

"We allow them to live"

"Allow? You've no choice. That's all blood control is. Cheap bit of voodoo" The Doctor began wondering around the place again, that man can never keep still, another trait of a child, "Scares the pants off you but that's as far as it goes. It's like hypnosis, you can hypnotise someone to walk like a chicken or sing like Elvis, you can't hypnotise them to death. Survival instinct's too strong" He explained thoroughly.

Everyone looked back at the leader as it butted in, "Blood control was just one form of conquest. I can summon the armada and take this world by force"

"Well, yeah, you could. Yeah. You could do that, of course you could. But why?" He laid a hand upon the group of us stood between them both, "Look at these people. These human beings. Consider their potential. From the day they arrive on the  planet and, blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than... no, hold on-" The Doctor had stopped and waited for an idea to pop into his head or something,

"Sorry, that's The Lion King. But the point still stands" The Doctor added, walking around again, "Leave them alone!"

"Or what?" The leader asked in a tough tone.

"Or...-" The Doctor had grabbed a sword from an unknowing Sycorax' uniform and stumbled through the crowd of us standing there between him and the leader, "I challenge you" The Doctor began as he turned back to the open gap he left from the people. He rose his sword in the air. The Sycorax all laughed.

"Well that struck a chord" He stated looking up at the Sycorax all moving and chanting around the stadium like spaceship interior.

"Am I right that the sanctified rules of combat still apply?" The Time Lord asked.

The Sycorax leader confidently speed walked through the gap that was once made by the Doctor, "You stand as this world's champion?" It suggested. I followed behind, scurrying to get to the Doctors side.

"Thank you, I have no idea who I am but you've just summed me up" He took his dressing gown off and threw it to me.

"So do you accept my challenge or are you just a-" The Doctor asked. I actually didn't know what the  Doctor had suggested to call the leader of the Sycorax since he said it in their language but whatever it was, it surely got the Sycoraxic race going.

The leader hissed at the Doctor, raising its weapon and all its race raised their weapons too. "For the planet?" They both knelt down to the floor, holding their weapons to the one side. Much like the bowing of a royal members presence before approaching them.

"For the planet"

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.

The Christmas invasion 7 - Roses!POV.

The Doctor makes an appearance and fills in the details of what was truly going on with the Sycorax' plan to take the Earth. Will it all end well? Hope you enjoyed reading :)

Find out what happens in the next part - laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…

Hello Everyone, I know my uploading has been very slow but I will make it up to all those who read my work and also maybe some art will go up. As it's Christmas, things are busy but I will hopefully finish my current work in order to upload before the holidays end. I wish everyone a happy Christmas if you celebrate to do so and a very great new year. I personally am so looking forward to 2016. Hopefully it will be better than this current year, at the moment it doesn't feel like Christmas but I do love it very much.

I'm hoping to write another Supernatural fanfiction series this year, whether it be soon or in the near future. I have written one or two parts to it already but it has become difficult after all the hard work put into school at the moment for me to concentrate and I do apologise for this inconvenience. 

I have had requests also from people who have read my work and don't worry, I have considered writing them. I have started on a Doctor Who fanfic of Rose's POV of The Christmas Invasion. I'm enjoying writing it but its time consuming as I have to watch the episode and pause it every few seconds to get the exact dialogue and feelings of Rose from my own observation. So please be patient :)

Thank you for reading, more to come. Hope you're having a nice day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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Hello, I'm Laurenthebumblebee ..... or you can just call me Lauren.

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I love Supernatural. I'm a Sam Winchester girl if you haven't noticed already.

Omg... looking through my old fanfics make me cringe haha. I'm terribly sorry if you come across a badly written fanfic by me. I do try my best these days. I started out as a fresh minded young soul when I joined dA. Slightly regret it but at least I've gotten used to it and developed within my writing and art skills. xD

I am a crazy frizz haired girl with a weird personality but you get used to me! ;)

I am a student, I like to study art, English literature and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd and some people like me... but I'm not sure who exactly, seems like lately I've only got one or two friends but that's fine since I can get my own things done and I can spend more time on the internet with you lovelies! :D

Without fandoms I am practically not myself. My four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox. But all in all I would say the playstation is the best due to the games produced and the graphics. Shame I only own the vintage playstation one.

Some random things about me-

I love all cute animals. Especially dogs, wide eyed cats and owls.

I like Indian food, pizza and chocolate cake.

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.

My favourite colours are blue and purple. Preferably Purple.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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