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                                                                             Secret-diary-of-a-call-girl-billie-piper-431x300 by Laurenthebumblebee

The Doctor had some how managed to calculate a way to see Rose again through a parallel dimension, he had invited her to have lunch at a restaurant/ hotel, it was quite posh but the Doctor thought he'd make it up to her in that way. He missed her and probably a lot had happened since he had last seen her. If this was the last time he would see her for good, he had to make it perfect.

He sat down at a white coated table, his gaze upon a red rose sitting in a glossy glass vase. The Doctor was waiting. Anxious enough to have a build up of urge to maybe go back into the TARDIS and materialize away like nothing happened. But he couldn't do that to Rose.

Not his Rose.

He remembered the way she used to walk by his side, her satisfying style of clothing complimenting her golden hair and wild brown eyes. The way her hands fitted with his, her delightful laugh when he told a bad joke about some place he had been to

Yet he wondered how she would be different now. Would she have the same mannerisms? The tongue between her teeth or how she often stared into space, quite literally.

Although the Doctor had been daydreaming for the last five minutes or so himself, blurring in and out of reality until he realised a waiter had been standing at his side for quite some time;

 "Sir, sir?" The waiter had rung the Doctors ears as he sat up straight, looking bewildered in the mans direction.

"Sorry, hello!" The Doctor greeted in his usual chirped tone. The waiter laughed nervously, "Would you like anything to drink sir?" The waiter offered his well written accent had shown how expensive this place was going to be by the end of the evening.

The Doctor waved him off, "Ahh, no. I'm waiting for a friend" He explained quickly, almost stumbling across words. But then the waiter snorted, "A bit romantic for a friend, don't you think?" The waiter suggested.

The Doctor cleared his throat, scratching the back of his head, "Right... Well.. yeah.. anyway, thanks for the offer" The Time Lord shooed the waiter off as he made things quite awkward. Rose wasn't even here yet. Don't worry Doctor, everything will be fine.

He tightened his tie around his neck, making sure it was in place.

Soon after that, a woman with highlighted golden ringlet hair with strands of different shade of browns, strutted through the entrance to the direction of the Doctors eyes, her quirky yet smug smile had reminded the Doctor of so much as she walked in his direction. She looked different.

Her dark purple low cut dress had suggested a different side to Rose the Doctor wasn't used to. Did it make him uncomfortable? Probably.

 Before he knew it, she sat down opposite him. Raising a hand in his direction. A formal greeting. He shook hands with her, "Rose..." He breathed out then took his own hand back into his lap where they were most comfortable.

That's when she winced, "Belle" She corrected him. The way she presented herself was different, it didn't make sense. No slouching. The exposure of her body not making her even the slightest uncomfortable. Now Rose.. would usually wear jeans and a hoodie. But no.

 The Doctor thought for a moment. Belle? Why Belle? It was obviously Rose despite her exposure of clothing and make up. She looked at him with a questionable expression, "And you?"

The Doctor made an 'o' shape with his mouth. Maybe she was undercover for Torchwood. He looked around suspiciously, "I'm the Doctor" He gave her a look that he understood but maybe she misread his look.

She grinned something different this time, it was sort of flirty, "So you're into that kind of stuff then?" She commented, also clearing her throat. The Doctor had gathered she would be suggesting to get the moneys worth for the food out on the table already, he nodded and took out the money for the food, placing it on the table. She winked at him, "I'll take care of that" She stated, grabbing the money and slotting it in her handbag.

Rose, or Belle rather, leaned across the table looking deeply in the Doctors direction, "How about we skip dinner and book a room?" Her tone was hasty. The Doctor leaned back on his chair, his eyebrows raised, "What really? aren't you hungry?" He asked, surprised about Rose's change of appetite, he guessed if she was hungry, she would order the classic fish and chips.

She sort of fluttered her eyelids at him, her finger tracing the curved top of the empty glass stood beside her with the cutlery, "I can relieve my hunger ... later if you want" That pause had made the Doctor think more deeply, he found himself sinking into his chair, staring at her intensely. That would be creepy if he didn't stop soon.

He did that kind of sudden heavy breath and tensed up motion, sitting up again on the chair that said that he had finished his trace of thought, "Okay. C'mon then?"

"Gladly" Belle abruptly added, taking no time to stand to her feet, grabbing her bag.

 By now the Doctor had completely forgotten about the money she had taken, they both had the completely wrong idea but here the Timelord was, linking arms with what he thought to be his Rose being undercover as he lead her out of the restaurant and up the spiral stairs to where the rooms were found.

As soon as they had gotten into the room, they both leaned against the dresser by the nice view looking down on London's main landscape. It was a modern setting, mostly whites, creams and the casual blacks and reds.

Belle swayed her hips, smiling brightly, setting the scene, "So what are you interested in?" She asked, small talk wasn't really the Doctors area by now he was definite something was wrong here.

He frowned in response, taking out his sonic, scanning Belle. As the blue hue of lighting reflected on her, his eyes widened, slowly lowering his gadget, "You're not... Rose" He breathed out very slowly, his tone showing remorse to the situation, he wished the TARDIS would some how create a worm hole and swallow him up in the process.

Belle shook her head, "Of course not.. I told you already, I'm Belle" Her focus was on the sonic but she didn't question it yet. She had gotten her fair share of strange clients and The Doctor hadn't crossed the line yet.

The Doctor gulped, "Sorry.... urm... I thought you were my friend" His cheeks coloured red now, camouflaging his freckles. He was now longer looking at her directly. She was very beautiful, much like Rose. Exactly like her. Just the wrong universe. But this could be the Doctors break?

Yet before he could question it any more, she had placed a hand on his burning cheek looking more considerate, "You asked for me to be here... am I replacing your Rose?" He leaned into her touch, this wasn't Rose but he couldn't help himself.

The Doctor barely shook his head, "I really did think... you're Belle. A parallel version of my Rose. I got the wrong dimension" He explained in sadness.

Belle winced, "Is that some sort of Star Trek reference?" She asked. The Doctor tutted, moving away from Belle's touch. He turned and looking down stern at the view of London, "I didn't ask for you in that way. I know what you're are" He replied bluntly. Referring to Belle's career as a prostitute. It was a very unfortunate position for both of them. Belle just happened to look like The Doctors best friend.

But it was more than that. So long he had grieved to find that in some universe, Rose was better off as something that was seen as a poorly dedicated job. He didn't look down on her, she was probably amazing at her job. But it wasn't Rose and everything about it was off.

Belle slowly shifted to the Doctors side. She was no longer smiling, she somehow looked more like Rose now than she ever did. The kind of look which told the Doctor she really cared. Her hand somehow slithered through the Doctors tightly folded arms. His stubbornness showing through his tensed eyebrows, intensely looking down at the traffic outside and how life passed so quickly.

She leaned her head on his arm, "Its okay to be frightened. I'm sorry about your friend. Its unfortunate that I remind you of her. I can say... I've been in the same situation as you-" Her intellectual way of speaking told the Doctor, in this universe Rose was possibly better educated and grew up in a different part of London. "-I once fell in love.. and I was doing my job. And I felt like I was betraying him and all I seen when I closed my eyes was him. Nothing could convince me other wise and even for a while my job no longer mattered. Love does that I suppose"

The Doctor turned to her, he let a small smile slip, "Thank you... keep the money.. but I think I should go now.." He said and with that, he gave her one last good look before not looking back and walking out of the hotel room. He felt bad for Belle, that he couldn't give her what she was expecting but the Doctor wasn't the typical guy. No matter how great his hair was.

Lord Doctor? - Doctor/Rose AU
Crossover fic of Doctor Who and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I quite enjoyed writing this. It was sort of a break for me to write this since I recently watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl and loved it. I hope you enjoyed reading :)
                    CasDeanTalk by Laurenthebumblebee

Dean and Castiel had been keeping their relationship to a limit ever since a few weeks back when they had an intense moment that heated them both. It all started when Dean invited Cas to go out drinking with him as a one off when Sam was hunting alone. Sam had offered for them to have a break and he needed the space while he could since the brothers had been in each others pockets for too long.

 But things that night at the bar got a little too heated for the both of them to keep their relationship to how it was before. Knowing how quiet they had to be, they would have to be cautious of other people finding out. Despite the rumours, they still believed they could pull it off.

 Cas and Dean both tried to make things stay the same but in reality, that became too hard to even think about. They couldn't keep their distance and be sane at the same time. This is how it happened.


"Hey Dean, could you check on some of the employees to see if they know any thing else while I take a look at some of the data files in the computer systems to check any links between the employees that have gone missing?" Sam murmured into Deans ear as he looked around, seeing if anyone was around in the office. It was unusually quiet apart from the lady which had let them in before hand now at the coffee dispenser talking to her boss.

'They're totally not having an affair' Dean thought to himself before turning back around as though he saw nothing, "Uh sure..." Dean replied, sort of out of it.

 There had been suspicious missing persons from this office and they were on a hunt to find out if it was more than just a psychotic bastard looking for their next victim... or creature... as they expected, leaving traces of flesh and bone behind with them whenever they took their prey.

Castiel flew his wings to the wind, popping up beside Dean, "I shall help Dean... with... deducing...." Castiel announced, nodding his head at Sam and then proudly gave Dean a quick glimpse of a suggestive smirk.

Sam raised an eyebrow in a questionable expression, "Riight.... have you been watching Sherlock again Cas?" Sam asked chuckling to himself, "Anyways, I'm going to leave you two..." Sam's words trailed off as he walked over to some separate pods of computers, desks and paper clips, the usual set up for an office setting. No one really suspected anything as they were under cover as the FBI.

On the other hand, Castiel had already started dragging Dean by his suit and tie to one of the empty staff rooms down the corridor. The kind of room where the main office workers would plan in their meetings.

Castiel barged through the door, luckily it being open, Dean soon shut it behind him, locking it before his force was being pulled by Castiel eager for the lust of Dean to be consumed in his vessel.

Like a magnet, Dean latched his lips onto Castiels as Castiel undone Deans tie, pushing him against the cream wall beside a small couch, "Cas..." Dean gasped, grasping any part of Castiels trench coat that he could, it slowly slipping off his shoulder blades between the movements and friction of each other.

Cas panted, his hands exploring Deans dirty blonde hair, the way his jaw tightened as their kiss deepened, tongues dancing with one another, Cas' hands going further down to Deans hips, digging his nails in for a second.

 As they breathed out, pausing their kisses, Deans chin lay against Castiels shoulder, as the angel began pecking kisses all over Deans slightly wettened neck. Deans mouth parted, eyes closed, "Oh god Cas..." He murmured under the sounds of both of them making sweet noises, "We can't keep doing this..." Yet he still managed to buck into the angel through fabric.

Castiel stood up straight in front of Dean now, his face pure dominance, that scowl of a look, the look which showed that Castiel could rock Deans world with the snap of his fingers but also could make armies of demons drop to their surrender if he had to for Dean himself. He left Deans neck exposed from the kisses that lingered there, a few nibbles leaving dotted red.

Dean was weak at his knees, picturing himself going down like the army of demons he imagined a second a go. His green forest eyes filled with complete desire for his angel.

Cas' grip was still tight to his hips. He leaned his forehead against the Winchesters, their noses grazing, "I love it..." Dean whimpered barely audible but his voice croaked and vibrated inside him with need, Castiel heard his call. As he always did. His words made him tremble;

Them sneaking off and getting up to mischief. That was the best part about it. To be doing something that you're not supposed to, the adrenaline rush, their bodies all hot and worked up. This wasn't going to be the end of this. Oh no, as long as they didn't get caught.

The sudden atmosphere change had made Castiel feel a greater strength that over come him, he grinded himself against Dean earning a grunt from Dean and in the process lifted the Winchester by his hips and threw him onto the couch beside them.

 With a yelp from Dean, Cas took no time at all to climb up over the top of Dean, letting himself indulge into Deans figure.


Soon after, Sam had finished gathering all the information he needed from the computers, but Dean and Cas were nowhere to be seen. He strolled down corridors and asked around to see if anyone had seen them. No one had saw them.

Sam began to get worried, he paced down the corridor, "Dean.." Sam muttered, he couldn't exactly shout him due to them being undercover.

That was, until he came across a door with a window. He stopped in his tracks, peering into the window. The door was locked, he checked. But then Sam's eyes widened as he saw two familiar figures fitted together in a rhythmic pattern against the couch just about visible from the small window.

He backed away.

 "I'm. just gonna leave now..." He commented to himself, pulling out his phone to text Dean for him to read later when he wasn't so busy.

He was soon out of the office, giving Dean the text of 'Hows about next time you decide to get some private time with your angel, try to put a tie on the door at least. Hope you had fun tossing off Castiels halo ;)' Dean definitely wasn't going to hear the end of this.

Sneakin' off - Destiel.
Things get steamy in the office for Dean and Castiel as they can't simply keep their hands off each other, that is, until Sam catches them at it and decides to tease Dean about it later on. Hope you enjoyed reading :)
Hey everyone, sorry my uploads have been muted lately, a lot of stuff is going on and my brain is refusing to work with how I used to plan my uploads regularly. Hopefully I'll pick up and upload some stuff for you guys. I'm sorry if you were expecting better things from me but I simply cannot work like I used to.

I've been on Holiday too which is another reason for my lack of work. I had a great time and it was nice to get away from everything. I didn't go far from home but enough to feel fresh and not have to worry about things close to home.

I may postpone one of my fanfics 'Midnight Sky' due to it not going as I planned and I really don't know how to work with it. But you never know, it may turn out great! Just be patient guys... since I'm finding it quite stressful to be able to concentrate so much time on writing and drawing at the moment.

I hope you understand. Have a fantastic day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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                                                                                                                               Pizap.com14351632802961 by Laurenthebumblebee

The Doctor sat at the front row of seats of the Crusader 50 to the one side. He witnessed a hostess dressed in all sky blue matching the seats and carpet of the cabin. She stepped in front of the cabin between the two long rows of double seats. She wore the typical blue blazer and pencil skirt with the slit up the back of her legs, a yellow frilly scarf she wore probably to cover her rather curvy features. Her dark complexion complimenting the light colours of clothing. Dark contours of make up on her face.

The Timelord grinned at her, dimples piercing into his skin removing the freckles painted all over his pale cheeks. She gave him a returned smug smile before turning to the rest of the cabin. He was so fascinated by these humans sat around him but then he realised the hostess was speaking in a rather rough yet pleasant accent which companied her looks completely;

"Ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon, please remain seated as Crusader 50 is about to set off. Remember to wear your seat belts as we set off, thank you" The hostess stated, clapping her hands together sharply taking a few looks around the cabin. That's all the Doctor had took from her, his mind was wondering quite frequently.

There were about seven other of them, not counting the Doctor. They were spread out into groups sitting quite homely in sections of each of the two rows. Two men were behind The Doctor, a teenage boy behind them, across from him were a happily married couple into their thirties and in front of them were an old man and a young lady. It was a pleasant environment for the Doctor, his mood bright as ever, yet he did wish Donna had come along with him to discover the place of Midnight.

"This is nice... lovely in fact" The Doctor noted, nodding in agreement to himself. He heard muffled conversations, radiating through the metallic structure of the cabin, that was until he felt his ears metaphorically raising at the intriguing talk of the others. Preferably going to the two young men behind him.


"Dude... you'll be fine..." Sam announced sitting closest to the isle separating the two rows of seats. He turned to look at his brother, Dean.

Dean had found himself sunken down in his seat in an uncomfortable position, his back was just about resting against the bottom of the chair. The seat belt riding up his tensed stomach as his legs curled longly at the ground. He was much like a tensed stick being held down by gravity. Or rather, the seat belt.

Dean shot his brother a filthy look although his head moulded into his neck made it hilarious. His multiple chins curling over one another much like a worm, "I hate travelling okay...." He answered back, his tone croaky due to his voice box being crushed by his chins.

With that said, Dean had spotted the hostess as she glanced at him with a worrying look, her high heels clip-clopping against the floor boards of the cabin as she walked passed. Dean thought she was rather cute, as she was on his mind, he straightened his posture on the chair, back flat against the cushion. He watched as her rounded rear moved as she walked away.

He raised his eyebrows in satisfaction, his face not looking so bad now that his jawline was sharp matching the rest of his features.

"Awww, cute" Sam mocked him. He chuckled at Dean but then felt a gaze, he turned. Looking twice across from him to a woman staring at him with admiration.

She was clearly with her partner, the woman looking about thirty or something, her blonde hair, probably bleached, tied back into a bun, wearing a flowery red and white spotted top with a red cropped cardigan. She wasn't Sam's type even if she didn't have a husband. He hesitantly turned away as Dean had called his cue,

"Shut up, you're scared of clowns!" Dean exclaimed loudly, he then caught eyes on the woman eyeing Sam. He got the picture instantly and that's when he cheekily grinned back at her, waving like the Queen would across the cabin. She quickly began talking to her partner again, turning away from their direction. Dean winced as he noticed Sam's famous bitch face next to him.

The Doctor chuckled at them, they were definitely brothers, no mistaking it. That reminded him much of him and The Master in the good old days. Although he would have to talk to Sam and Dean to find out what they are truly like.


The blonde woman from across The Doctor, Sam and Dean had called over to her young gothic son who was sat behind Sam and Dean, "Jethro, come and sit with us!" His mother suggested kindly.

But then Jethro replied with, "No. I'm alright here thanks" He had commented bluntly, he had short black fringed hair, swift to the side of his forehead with a black band t-shirt, black skinny jeans with a silver chain hanging from the belt loops around his hips and bulky boots.

Jethro was sat so his knees were resting on the seat backwards, he was clung to the back of the chair, lifting himself up, his painted black nails glistened in the light. He didn't look like a bad kid, he just was a typical teenager trying to get away from his parents. The Doctor soon knew why when Jethro's father perked up,

"Oh come on!" His father raised his tone looking over at Jethro. That quietened the rest of the cabin. Jethro's father was a broad man with heavy brown stubble and a reducing hair line, wearing a red shirt and baggy jeans which did not hide his rounded figure.

He was older looking than his wife. Probably a man you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of. Only one way to find out.

As the atmosphere calmed, the Doctor cleared his throat, lifting himself up, released by his seat belt that was no longer wrapped around him. His head peaking up so that everyone could see him, "Well.. as we're here for a few hours, we might as well get start talking to each other!" The Doctor suggested his bright grin making Dean roll his eyes, this guy...

Soon after, every one from different groups around the cabin had started talking to each other. The old man wearing his grey patterned cardigan and tracksuit bottoms, moon shaped glasses which ruffled the sides of what was left of his grey hair, known as the Professor now had started talking to the couple known from earlier, Bif and Val Cane.

 His assistant sat beside him, Dee Dee, who was listening in, leaning in to the seats in front of her, hands in her lap. She was a mixed race woman who was wearing a black vest under her baggy cream top which had a low cut revealing her vest that embraced her colours dearly.

She also wore three quarter length jeans and black pumps. Her dark jet black hair tied into a tight bun, little strands pulled out to the sides where her ears were. Dee Dee wore little pearl studded earrings. She knew when not to butt into the Professors conversations, when she wasn't wanted that was. But all in all she looked lovely. And the Doctor thought she would be interesting to talk to.

Jethro sat silent with his headphones in, his head banging to the music, eyes closed, focused and lip syncing to the lyrics. You could just about see his eyeliner if you looked close enough. His boots resting against the back of Deans chair. Dean didn't mind as he was being babbled by The Doctor and Sam.

The Doctor was turned to the back of his seat so he could clearly see both brothers, Sam and Dean. They had only just met the Doctor after his sudden speech about people getting to know one another. It felt like hours since his speech, yet it had only been about forty five minutes as they all knew when the hostess popped back in to check on everyone.

 Dean was usually the first to speak up and be sociable with others but his nerves from travelling, noises from the turbulence and inquisitive thoughts of The Doctor had kept him quiet until he could get a word in to ask the Timelord some questions.

The Winchesters were only there to investigate some strange readings on the EMF.

 Something was bound to happen while travelling to this place called Midnight.

 As soon as the Doctor had finished babbling, Dean took his chance, his eyebrows fused together as he frowned, "Who are you? Like really?"

The Doctor looked dumbfounded, "I told you, I'm the Doctor!" He chirped again.

Sam rolled his eyes, staring at The Doctor in disbelief just as much as Dean was. Then Dean continued, "What Doctor? You're one weird Doctor...".

 He examined The Doctor, he was wearing his blue pinstripe suit, red tie matching his red converse, on point eyebrows with spiky chocolate hair. He looked well into his thirties but even that, Dean questioned.

"What's your name?" Sam finally spoke, he pursed his lips, scratching the back of his head where his long hair fell.

"The Doctor" The Doctor repeated. Somehow his voice did not hearse of annoyance.

His gaze turning from Sam and Dean much like the audience at a tennis match. That received a snort from Dean, being rather rude. But then The Doctor was just as rude at times, "No really... your name is 'The Doctor'?" Dean threw Sam a quick gesture who was grinning at Deans sarky comments. It was nice for the Doctor to see the brothers get on so well despite their lack of trust in him.

"Dean isn't it?" The Doctor asked suddenly, his posture straightened, more serious like his own name was a shifty subject.

Sam cleared his throat, finding that Dean didn't answer him which allowed Sam to take his chance, "I'm Sam.. this is Dean, my brother" The Doctor and Sam shook hands firmly over the seats. The Doctor basically already knew they were brothers for a start and certainly figured their names. This conversation would be going around in circles if nothing happened soon.

Then the Doctor confirmed, "So you're scared of travelling Dean?" The Doctor raised his tone so probably most of the cabin heard him. Sam sniggered staring at his brother who was now sulking, sinking back into his chair, arms folded like a little child.


"Complimentary head phones, complimentary slippers-" The hostess suddenly popped up from the cabin doors and pulled out a cart full of supplies, her first destination, the Doctor as she passed him all these items, "-Complimentary ear buds, peanuts and complimentary juice drink", The Doctor now had a seat full of random, un-useful things beside him as she continued to walk down the isle of seats, then she added, "Some content may contain nuts"

The Doctor sniggered, "That'd be the peanuts.." He muttered to himself as the hostess was back into her own little world, serving Sam and Dean behind the Doctor now.

"Ear phones please" Dean commented politely for once, probably sucking up to the hostess to maybe get a piece of her later on. If he dared.

 The Doctor rolled his eyes, listening in and watching as Dean happily took the ear phones from her and gave her a cheeky wink quickly. She quickly jolted back, the Doctor wasn't sure whether she approved of Deans flirtatious introduction, he got very confused with human affairs at times. The hostess continued her duty down the long pathway of the Crusader 50. She stopped at the Professor and Dee Dee now on the other side.

The Doctor peered over again, seeing Deans updated iphone playing some music as he stuffed his ear phones in his ears, "ACDC is it Dean?" The Doctor asked, just about making out the small font on Deans lit up screen. Sam was happily sat beside Dean, him amused just by watching Dean and The Doctor have an actual conversation, so far being the first time they hadn't clashed within five seconds of talking.

"The Classic!" Dean nodded, pouting to himself, his head bobbing to the slow beat.

The Doctor looked impressed and then confessed, "I once composed with Mozart" He said without much thought, he had become engrossed in the air vents from across the cabin. More like staring into space. The air vents weren't really that much interesting at all.

Dean and Sam frowned, Dean spoke first, "Dude... you're weird!" Dean raised his tone, turning up the volume in his ear phones so even both The Doctor and Sam could hear the sharp beats.

And a few moments after, there was a sudden jolt coming from the metallic structure of the cabin, the creaking as though the structure was about to split and give way to the toxic dangers of the outside.

 Everyone cringed, shooting looks all around, "What the-" Dean almost spat out, jumping out of his seat, clutching to his brothers arm. The Doctor gave him a sharp look of disapproval due to his accidental language, yet he also stood his ground too since the whole crusader vibrated and rocked.

As the Doctor looked around, everyone was shifting and feet sliding as the cabin had dropped on the one side, a scrapping noise from the outside. He felt like a rabbit in front of headlights, aware of every sense rushing through his body.

Lights flickered, the passengers all clutched to something, the seats, the columns supporting the ceiling or anything at all. Each other.

 The hostess came through the door from the other side, her expression complete fear, she stumbled through the isle as everyone took cover. Her destination was the cockpit to find out what was going on from the driver and mechanic.

The Doctor assured everyone to get down as he felt something coming. That was his first goal to make sure every one was safe and alive. Like he always did. Everyone did what he commanded. Now he just needed to find out what had happened. But-

 Everything was slow. Everything went silent. Everything stopped.

Then there was a scream.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
Midnight Sky - Superwho.
The Doctor makes his way to Midnight without Donna by his side, on the way, he meets Dean, Sam and a few others but then suddenly the Crusader 50 which claims to never stop has a jolt in the system causing it to crash.

Hope you enjoyed reading this part :)

Next part- coming soon.
Midnight Sky - SuperWho manip. by Laurenthebumblebee
Midnight Sky - SuperWho manip.
Sam looked blankly into space, he was curled into a ball by where the wall was previously, the banging of the metallic walls had stopped. The Doctor and Dean were both edging to Sam, Dean was more concerned, eyes widening, breath hitching, "Sammy?" He asked, his voice sharp and more blunt than from earlier, The Doctor shot Dean an empathetic glance, mouth parted.

 Everyone else stayed back, Val was the first to speak up out of the audience, "What's wrong with him?!" She asked she seemed incredibly scared, she was clutching to her husband Bif. Jethro on the other hand was beside the Professor and Dee Dee, the professor still looked in denial.

Dean stepped closer to his brother, his bow legs gave way to the floor a little as his brother tensed at his movements, his eyes had shifted slightly in Deans direction, "Nothings wrong with him" Dean hissed finally, he got lower to Sam's level and The Doctor gradually joined him, "brother, you're okay. Just please say something..."

Sam's lower lip moved a fraction, flinching to speak. Everyone else was hawk eyed. Waiting. Just waiting. Then Sam spoke slowly.. "Say.. some-thing..." Sam announced blankly.

Dean shook his head, grinning slightly at Sam, he placed a palm to Sam's cheek, "You scared me for a second... don't do that, okay?" He thought Sam was joking but The Doctor knew different.

The Doctor looked between the brothers, something wasn't right. Sam looked dead behind the eyes.

"You scared me for a second.. don't do that, okay?" Sam copied. He sounded just like Dean just with less emotion.

Dean scoffed, removing his hand from Sam's cheek. Then the Doctor gestured for Dean to move over, as Dean did. The Doctor sat in front of Sam. Tilting his head, Sam did the same. The Doctor gulped, "Sam? Sam Winchester? You're okay now... you're brother is here. And we'll all keep you safe"

Sam looked scared somehow but he wasn't expressing it. The Doctor felt his aura, he wanted to know what was wrong and sort it before anything else would happen. It didn't seem good. But he didn't want to break the news to his brother if he didn't know exactly what was wrong.

Then Sam replied, "Sam? Sam Winchester? You're okay now.. you're brother is here. And we'll keep you safe" He said it in such a way which sounded sarcastic. His body was tensed, shoulders hunched and eyes watering.

Dean was no longer smiling and everyone else edged back to the cabin door at the other side of the Crusader 50. Whatever had happened to Sam, he was no longer himself.


A quick manip, I know its not completely accurate but I'm working on a fanfic to go with this. It should be uploaded soon. The description is just a few paragraphs of what may be included in it (this is not a fixed version of how the fanfic will turn out). Hope you enjoyed reading this though, the full version will be completed as quickly as possible :)
Hey everyone, sorry my uploads have been muted lately, a lot of stuff is going on and my brain is refusing to work with how I used to plan my uploads regularly. Hopefully I'll pick up and upload some stuff for you guys. I'm sorry if you were expecting better things from me but I simply cannot work like I used to.

I've been on Holiday too which is another reason for my lack of work. I had a great time and it was nice to get away from everything. I didn't go far from home but enough to feel fresh and not have to worry about things close to home.

I may postpone one of my fanfics 'Midnight Sky' due to it not going as I planned and I really don't know how to work with it. But you never know, it may turn out great! Just be patient guys... since I'm finding it quite stressful to be able to concentrate so much time on writing and drawing at the moment.

I hope you understand. Have a fantastic day/night~Laurenthebumblebee.
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United Kingdom
***Updated 17/05/15***

Hello, I'm Laurenthebumblebee ..... or you can just call me Lauren.

Add my Tumblr! -…

Doctor Who Stamp by Zalina678 Waving Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler

Run Doctor, Run Stamp by TwilightProwler Supernatural Changing Channels Gif by MageStiles

Supernatural PUDDING stamp by limpet666 Supernatural by kicsianna Crowley Stamp - Test by LaJolly

Misha Collins Stamp by MageStiles Free Eye of the Tiger Stamp by HikariKoboshi happeh dean by Bloody-Changeling

sam and dean : wheeeeeeeeee by Bloody-Changeling MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki stamp by MariaPereira

Loki laugh stamp - Tom Hiddleston by Queen-Stormcloak PewDiePie Wave and Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler PewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chan

I Smell a Lot of Mad Stamp by dalmins Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum

Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum Oh jeez another Rayman stamp by Spanex Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro

Doctor x Rose Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dean dies stamp by Bloody-Changeling

WWIAFTM Stamp by hosmer23

:thumb273063261: Supernatural Stamp by AmethystVampire

I love Supernatural. I'm a Sam Winchester girl if you haven't noticed already.

Omg... looking through my old fanfics make me cringe haha. I'm terribly sorry if you come across a badly written fanfic by me. I do try my best these days. I started out as a fresh minded young soul when I joined dA. Slightly regret it but at least I've gotten used to it and developed within my writing and art skills. xD

I am a crazy frizz haired girl with a weird personality but you get used to me! ;)

I am a student, I like to study art, English literature and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd and some people like me... but I'm not sure who exactly, seems like lately I've only got one or two friends but that's fine since I can get my own things done and I can spend more time on the internet with you lovelies! :D

Without fandoms I am practically not myself. My four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox.

Some random things about me-

I love all cute animals. Especially dogs, wide eyed cats and owls.

I like Indian food

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.

My favourite colours are blue and purple. Preferably Purple.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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