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                                                          Dean-Cas-damon-and-alaric-dean-and-castiel-3269675 by Laurenthebumblebee

"Sam... I think you should leave me and Dean to talk" Castiel admitted in his usual husky tone. He turned from Dean to look at Sam but he still could feel Deans gaze upon his neck, lips.. the way they puckered when listening to other humans such as himself, his cheekbones and eyes glistening like heaven itself.

'If heaven wasn't such a sucky place' Dean thought to himself.

"Yeah sure... talk" Sam mimicked them and stood from his desk, shutting his laptop and raising his hands in surrender. He walked over to the door when Dean finally spoke;

,"Shut your cake hole Sammy!", He obviously didn't realise that as he turned to see Sam go to leave the room, him and Cas were invading each others private space. Not that he minded. He didn't want to make it obvious since Sam was still in sight.

"I can totally smell the b.s in the air" Sam commented shutting the front door of the bunker behind him.

Dean and Castiel turned to each other, Cas shrugging off Sam's comment. Dean winced at him, looking him up and down, "You wanted to talk?"

"Yes" Castiel abruptly announced in a dusk tone, "I think we need to discuss terms of our relationship-" Castiel spat out like it was a bomb shell.

It had been planted.

'Was this is?' Dean poker faced for a few moments- "Angels up in heaven have been questioning my authority over you. They want me to-" Castiel frowned, tilting his head at Dean as he realised Dean has been sniggering all of a sudden, scratching the back of his head. He smirked when Castiel continued- "Dean... why are you laughing? I don't recall telling a joke to you. This isn't a joke!"

Dean bit his lip and raised an eyebrow, "You have authority over me?" He asked his tone of voice adjusting to his feelings, taking a few steps forward to Castiel as he asked him, Castiel took a few steps back in return but then eventually gave in to his temptation. He stopped when Dean got really close.

 Castiels breath hitched, his eyes flickering from Deans eyes to the freckles on his nose, "I'd like to think I have power with you" Castiel admitted as innocently as he could, his head slowly leaning in to Deans.

Dean blushed faintly, absently brushed a hand through Castiels coal black hair, "Really? Are you sure you don't have power over me?" Dean was starting to hint his true colors of how he liked it. Question was: Did Castiel realise this?

"Naturally since I have the power above humans I do over power you"

Deans hand brushed from Castiels hair to his blue tie pulling him closer. Roughly. Hearing a slight groan from Cas, "I'll let you into a little secret" Deans lip trembled with urge as he purred in Castiels ear, "Our profound bond just intensified" He pecked at Castiels ear lobe. Cas hummed in reply, his hand finding Deans jacket as if he had no control any more. Clutching to the fabric, pulling him a little closer.

"Dean I-"

The Winchester kissed the Angels jaw line eventually getting to his wetted lips. Pausing for a moment. Their breathes getting needy, Castiel silently panting, new feelings filled his vessel. His chest rising and falling with such power. He loved every second of it but at the same time, it scared him, "It's okay Cas" Dean hazily commented, pressing his lips lightly on Cas' bottom lip letting him get used to the sensation.

Their pecks lingered and by Deans surprise Cas wrapped his arms around Dean letting his almost humane emotions take dominance, his mouth opening up for Dean, starting to passionately share the grace only the two of them knew, letting them both explore something which they had only dreamt of.

When Sam isn't around -Destiel.
Shortie fic- We all know that Dean doesn't like to express his sexuality. And c'mon... who doesn't like a bit of Destiel? Hope you like it ;)
                                              tumblr mzb81vKVra1tpbri7o10 500 by Laurenthebumblebee

 Dean had rang you several hours before to meet you at the bunker. He didn't give you much information as to why he and his brother needed you but at the time he had very good acting at being flustered on the phone- which worried you.

You had rushed to the bunker in a hurry expecting one of the brothers to have bad news or whatever, you were panting with your hands clutched to your ruck sac over your shoulders. At first you were angry when you saw the two Winchesters beaming at you as you closed the front door behind you, walking in with a blunt expression. But their smiles were what made you feel fluttery inside and you forgave them immediately.

They had gotten a camera out and put it out on a stand. Sam was standing beside it, he gestured towards it as though they needed your permission. It didn't really make sense at first. The Winchesters wanting to take photos to remind them of memories you had together.

It was sweet. You had to admit. You had known them for a good few months. Almost a whole year but it felt like much more than that. They were like family. It was never anything more than friendship you thought of the Winchesters.

You placed your bag down from over your shoulder to the floor and walked up to them, "How come all this all of a sudden?" You ask in a gentle tone as though you had not come across the whole damn state to get there.

Dean cleared his throat, scratching the back of his head, "Truth is sister, I'm quite sure our next hunt will be the last. Its gonna be a tough one but if we do make it through. With two legs or just one. I wanted to take some photos in case one of us turns out for the worst"

You nodded sadly, "What's the hunt Dean?"

Sam was setting up the camera, murmuring something under his breath, you squint your eyes at the younger Winchester. Something didn't feel right to you.

"I can't tell you that Cherry Pie, I'll tell you after the photo shoot. Gotta keep you nice 'n happy!" He exclaimed brushing his fingertips just under your chin. Dean had always come up with a new nickname for you but Cherry Pie felt special since it was one of his favourite pies. You smirk thinking to yourself. Cherry pie my ass!

After Sam had set up the camera, Dean had wrapped his arm around you. His hand clutched around your hip conveniently, you looked down at his hand being a little surprised, you didn't think much into it as you looked back at the camera which Sam had put in front of you and Dean. His smile gleamed at the camera and then Sam joined your side pulling funny faces.

"I've put it on a timer, smile!" Sam announced happily. All of a sudden you felt Sam nuzzle into your temple as the camera flashed, his grin faintly touching your skin. Deans chuckle vibrated through you.

You giggled, letting Dean go from you, "That was fun!", You turned to Sam, standing on your tiptoes and kissed his forehead in return for his nuzzle. Dean raised an eyebrow at you two, "Right... lets take another one for good luck" Dean strutted over to the camera and set it up again, examining it.

Sam scoffed, "You know how to do it right?" Glancing at you after, as if to say 'he doesn't'

 Dean pulled a bitch face. "No. I friggin' don't" He said sarcastically. Dean quickly got to your side again as if eagerly. You yelped when he picked you up unexpectedly, lifting you up as if you were a feather, putting his hands on your lower back as your legs automatically wrapped around him. You both laughed hysterically, looking from each other with tension for a few mini seconds that felt like minutes- then to the camera. Sam made bunny ears with his fingers behind you and Dean, making a silly face by crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue as he stuck his head out above you and Dean.

When the camera flickered, you quickly jumped out of Deans arms, skipping to the camera, stepping behind it, you examined its settings and brightly announced,"Cheese!" both Winchesters looked at each other, then they both looked back at you. Sam gritting his teeth making his eyes wider. Dean stuck out his jaw making his eyes hysterically bigger, you snorted as the camera flashed, "Oh my god... guys.." You held your sides from laughing.

You fiddled with your thumbs, blushing a little as the Winchesters got to your side, "That was great (y/n), thanks for letting us do this" Sam added putting an arm around you,  looking down at you with a wide grin. Dean nodded, "Yeah... you look great", that made you look up at Dean with a questionable expression his tone seemed mature, "No. Thank you guys..." You muttered to them, biting your lip as you did.

Dean pushed the camera away, wiggling his eyebrows at you. Sam had kissed your temple again and you soon found yourself against the wall with him looking down at you, "Sam...." You found yourself whimpering to him with slight confusion.

Where did this come from? his eyes filled with something else that you hadn't seen before, his fingers interlocking with yours, "Tomorrow we're going on a dangerous hunt. We may not make it" Sam hinted.

You shook your head knowingly to find Dean pop up from over Sam's shoulder, meeting your side, He put his hand on your hip, starting to stroke in circular motions, making his way further down, Sam leaned in closer to you by your neck breathing and teasing you there. It was as though they were trying to win at a game, "Me and Sam have agreed on something. Sharing is caring. Now how about that?"

Photo shoot - SPNboys-x-Female!reader.
Dean and Sam decide to have a few photos taken with you so that they have something to remember you and each other by before you all go on a hunt that could change their lives forever. Hope you liked reading :)
Supernatural Journal - The Winchester brothers by Laurenthebumblebee
Supernatural Journal - The Winchester brothers
Quick sketches and a basic summary of The Winchesters family business,ect. Sorry about the quality... I hope you like it. Just thought I'd experiment with my skills.... apologies for my hand writing hehe. ;)
                                              tumblr ne4lbcVepq1tm7fgeo2 500 by Laurenthebumblebee

**Deans POV***


Dean had never been the one to sleep much. When he did he was usually flat out for only a couple of hours per week. He had no idea what he had gotten himself into after having you stay with him and his brother. But anyway, Dean had gone out from what you recall as he had left you in bed.

He had gone out early with his brother. It was a one off since Dean couldn't sleep and Sam had been up all night researching after a hunt that didn't go to plan, it was bugging him. So they both went out, that was, until Dean had gotten into the Impala driver seat first, planning on waiting for Sam as he was doing something in the bunker quickly.

Dean adjusted the mirror in front of him as he waited. Dean was suddenly stunned to see himself, his posture straightened. How could he not have noticed? Dean was wearing his usual jeans and shirt, he had slept in them of course and had gone out straight to the Impala. Not even thinking any different.

But this wasn't his body. It was yours! At first, he put his newly feminine hand to your cheek, feeling how gentle your cheeks were. Your eyes seemed to glisten as the sun rose in his reflection. The way your figure seemed to fit in his clothes- Dean breathed out heavily suddenly

Staring wide eyed as his brother who opened the Impala door and sat in the passenger seat unexpectedly. Dean was so held up with his new appearance, he had forgotten about Sam seeing him like this. Sam didn't realise the changes in Dean until he took a second glance back at him as if to say 'we going then?' but that soon changed, "Dean?!" Sam asked in disbelief. Dean could feel Sam's eyes inspecting every inch of his new body. Your body.

Dean gulped. Hard. Your throat felt more gentle since Dean was used to the harsh feeling of an Adams apple, "Dude.. I must admit.. thank god you knew it was me because it would have been awkward...I know you have a crush on (y/n)" Dean announced. It took a few moments to sink in how sweet your voice had sounded coming from your own ears, completely forgetting the context of what he had just said.

Then he noticed Sam's bitch face across the Impala and pointed out, "I'm not going out in public with you like that. I mean... you aren't even wearing a bra. I doubt (y/n) would appreciate that.. and why does it matter about how I feel towards (y/n).. its you Dean!"

Dean felt a sinking feeling as he covered your chest with his fresh fragile arms, "Hey! That's disrespectful.. I didn't ask for this to happen!",

After minutes of silence, Dean had realised how much he had changed as he looked down into your lap, you had such lovely curves but he knew you'd feel different. In all honesty, he didn't just look different -thanks to you- but he was thinking differently. He had never felt so... emotional. One minute he had been surprised, next minute he felt excited and then now he felt weird. He was unsure what to do...

 "How about we go back in the bunker and sort things out okay?" Dean finally suggested, huffing in your gentle tone. Sort of putting Sam's manly thoughts about your boobs in the back of your mind. It made Dean shiver to finally realise how men think outside the box. He was thinking like a woman. It was a new feeling.

Sam shrugged. He paused looking out the window for a second and then turning back to Dean, frowning, "What about (y/n), you think she's changed too?", Dean turned to his brother with a blank expression, "Oh god... you think she's saw me naked?", Sam winced at Deans question, "You're worried about that?"

The younger Winchester scoffed, not letting Dean reply,  "The thing I don't understand is that you managed to get passed me and get out of the bunker without noticing"

Dean rolled his eyes clutching the Impala door as he was about to get out, "Right, I'm not sitting here much longer. I'm going back in the bunker. You can find a way to sort me out... and (y/n) if that is the case. And I'll have a look what I'm dealing with here"


Dean had come to check on the real you.. he had cautiously looked through the gap in the bedroom door, the light beaming on your face as you lay in bed all snuggled, the real you sighed, mouth parting. Well... it was Deans face of course, his features sharp as ever. Dean raised an eyebrow, inspecting himself from a different point of view. It sort of annoyed Dean to stumble on himself, he hated his own reflection for many reasons but some how it felt different in your frame of mind. It made him feel happy, Dean felt himself smirk in your form as though you were happy to see yourself as Dean in your mind. Dean shook his head in disbelief, backing away from your room shutting the door ajar, quickly scampering into the bathroom.

It still stunned him as much as earlier when he shut the bathroom door and looked in the mirror at your face, your features, the things you seemed to hide from Dean. The real smile you showed as Dean expressed it seeing his reflection. Your freckles beaming as he wasn't used to you being so natural. You often worn make up with the boys, he had obviously seen glimpses of you without make up in the mornings and stuff like that but he never examined you up close. It was the first time Dean saw you for what you were. He certainly weren't complaining.

"Beautiful" He muttered to himself, he brushed your tongue along your top teeth. Starting to pull faces at his reflection. Silly faces, sexy faces. The smoulder he usually did when he was himself. He chuckled, the chuckle was soft and subtle as your cheeks began to blush rapidly. Dean felt your cheeks warmth at his thoughts.

Next, Dean saw how your chest hung from his shirt, he was used to his own shirt being quite firm against his body but Deans shirt seemed to hang off you in a nice way showing off some of your curves, "I might let her borrow my shirt when this is over. Not bad" Dean admitted quietly, turning at the mirrors reflection to seek what your behind looked like in his jeans.

"Deeeaan!" Sam called from the living room area of the bunker before Dean could catch a look at your behind.

'Dammit!' Dean sighed, giving one last cheeky look in the mirror as he opened the bathroom door and strolled out to his brother.


Dean had found himself back in his own body, he was sat at the end of your bed with you beside him. He worn his shirt from before and black boxers. You on the other hand, worn just a black silky dressing gown trying to cover as much as yourself as possible. You breathed out heavily, "Sorry about that Dean..."

Dean raised an eyebrow, "Sorry for what?" He asked turning to face you some more, before you could rely, Dean added, "You're beautiful"

You noticed Dean beginning to smirk from the silence left in the air as you stayed quiet. You decided to speak up, "What's gotten into you Dean?" You ask hesitantly since you dreaded his reply. You bit your lip.

Dean put his hands up in surrender, "Hey, I'm just happy I'm back as my self. I didn't want to make it any more awkward than it already was" He confessed.

You nodded, sort of agreeing with him, "What did you do as me then?" You asked Dean as innocently as you could.

Dean scratched the back of his head and replied, "I was surprised. I must admit. But I was glad it was you I had changed into" He scoffed, "Imagine if I changed into Sam" He chuckled looking at you for a second, to him you looked a little worried. He placed a hand on your shoulder, "But don't worry, your secrets are safe with me" He winked at you, you rolled your eyes, brushing off his hand on your shoulder.

He touched under your chin in a friendly gesture. The Winchester raised an eyebrow at you, "You're not bad yourself (y/n)" He began, tongue tracing the bottoms of his teeth, "Maybe we could be inside each other more often" He flirted jokingly, taking his hand from under your chin.

Before Dean knew it, he had gotten hit by a pillow to the face, "Owww!"

'Guessing she likes to play rough..' ~Laurenthebumblebee.
Body Swap - Dean-x-female!Reader.
Deans point of view on how he dealt in your shoes. Literally. Hope you liked it :)

Original: Body Swap - Dean-x-Reader.
Princess Ariel - Mermaid by Laurenthebumblebee
Princess Ariel - Mermaid
A little drawing of Ariel in my own style instead of Disney style :)
Today, I have literally spent the whole day drawing and I'm still not finished and I'm not happy with the results but yanno. I will continue tomorrow and should be done in the following week to upload to dA like I usually do. A lot of things are happening in my life at the moment. I'm getting prepared for exams which I'm not looking forward to. I get really stressed and anxious when it comes to pressured situations.

I'm limited to friends at the moment, I've lost quite a lot of interests for some people in my life who I thought were there for me but in fact could say all kinds of crap about me if they really wanted to. I think at the moment I probably have one true friend and several other people who I talk to but I'm not completely sure where I stand with them. I'm not really bothered any more where I stand with people, they can all f off if they dont like me. But they shouldn't take advantage of me or mimic me to other people as I have witnessed recently.

Very recently I have changed my attitude towards a lot of people, I used to really care about what people thought of me.. deep down I still do but truly I have learnt that not every one is nice or suffers with a mental disorder which makes you worry or stressed out over every little thing, making you feel like crap for everyone to tread on. But yeah... I guess I've wasted most of my time with people who weren't worth it. I'd spent so much of my time helping them when in fact the reality of it, they would dump me with a blink of an eye.

My school had tried to get to the bottom of things with me since a few teachers had noticed how low I had gotten. In art, my personally best subject along with English, both subjects the teachers had pulled me out of lesson and purely asked if I was okay. I don't intentionally want to feel down or whatever because inside I feel great but when I feel great on the inside, my body is different and reacts negatively, especially my facial expressions for some reason. At the moment I feel I have no control over what's going on and it scares me.

There's stuff going on at home with my dad again, he's not the best at the moment and there's some things about him which I found out... not by choice to go for the worst. My dad has always treated me poorly and sometimes it reflects on how I act with other people. I'm just glad I have my mom. My dad.... lets just say doesn't live up to his role and I'd rather not be involved with him. I find it hard to even say 'I love you' to him any more but I'm not going into detail why that is...

School ends soon which I'm very happy about. Four days left to be exact, not including this weekend. Despite the rubbish lessons I have before the holidays, I hope things will get better at school because I really would prefer not to even bother turning up. Once or twice, with my mothers consent, I was allowed to stay off school when I felt so stressed and anxious I couldn't physically talk myself into going to school or even leaving the house. I even got upset when my mom asked to go to school. She's only let me off a few times but I guess that's the only way I'll learn to get on with life no matter how hard it seems, there is probably worse off people and I apologise if I seem selfish or ungrateful for what I have.. its just if things are hard for me and I'm not used to the change it does get to me.

On the upside, Supernatural is amazing and I can't wait for the next episode, apparently Deanmon is coming back and I really hope he is. As tumblr says 'Mark me off as scared and horny' xD joking... but yeah... Deanmon really says how great of an actor Jensen is towards Dean as a character anyway. Also there are rumours going around that destiel may become canon. I really hope so but I'm not particularly bothered if that doesn't happen. I'm sure Jensen would say different but I respect his opinion on Deans sexuality and his views on Castiel and Supernatural as a whole.

Anyways, hope you have a fantastic day/night. Terribly sorry if I put you on a downer. Its just good to update my journals now and again. More to come! hopefully.. hehe~Laurenthebumblebee.
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Hello, I'm Laurenthebumblebee ..... or you can just call me Lauren.

(Profile Pic - Miss America. Young Avengers)

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I love Supernatural. I'm a Sam Winchester girl if you haven't noticed already.

Omg... looking through my old fanfics make me cringe haha. I'm terribly sorry if you come across a badly written fanfic by me. I do try my best these days. I started out as a fresh minded young soul when I joined dA. Slightly regret it but at least I've gotten used to it and developed within my writing and art skills. xD

I am a crazy frizz haired girl with a weird personality but you get used to me! ;)

I am a student, I like to study art, English literature and RE.

I'm a geeky nerd and some people like me... but I'm not sure who exactly, seems like lately I've only got one or two friends but that's fine since I can get my own things done and I can spend more time on the internet with you lovelies! :D

Without fandoms I am practically not myself. My four year old self was blessed by my grandads words of wisdom when I discovered Doctor Who. That led to Sherlock, Avengers, Harry Potter. Also ..... Supernatural and The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, The Inbetweeners, In the Flesh, Torchwood, Broacchurch, Gracepoint, Once Upon a Time and others which I can't really remember at the moment.

I write fanfics, literature and I love to draw art.

I am a gamer, I love playing on the Xbox.

Some random things about me-

I love all cute animals. Especially dogs, wide eyed cats and owls.

I like Indian food

I love sweaters and jumpers. My favourite type of sweater or jumper are baggy ones. I also like wool cardigans.

My favourite colours are blue and purple. Preferably Purple.


Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay!

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