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                                                                   2x13-Doomsday-Screencaps-Doctor-Rose-badwolf-tenth by Laurenthebumblebee

Sam stared at Rose, eyes narrowing and muscles tensing. He felt a sudden rage over come him but he gritted his teeth the best he could to try and stay calm to bare it for longer. He felt everyone's eyes on him and Rose like the audience at a tennis match, "You need to answer the question Rose.. You know what I'm talking about..." His voice was stubborn but he needed to be that way otherwise he wouldn't get anything out of her. He knew what Rose was like.

Roses eyes shifted to the space standing between her and Sam, turning her head to the side as her body was turned in front of Lucifer. She was about to reply but her throat felt tense and sore from the constant anxiety of what happens next. She knew what Sam was like. Lucifer's hands still clutching to Rose eagerly, she could feel him piercing her skin with his finger nails through the fabric of her clothing.

 Lucifer decided to continue for her, "There's no time!" He spat out at Sam. The portal blew out wisps of wind coincidentally at that moment, Susan clutched at her brothers warmness, he held her firmly by the side as he stood slightly in front of her. Jake also stood quite close to Jamie their hands almost touching through Jamie's spare hand.

But they were all frozen to the view of Lucifer, Rose and Sam. By now, Sam was stood the closest to Lucifer and Rose, leading the group from behind. His heavy breathing through his gritted teeth. Castiel wasn't far behind Sam, he was just a side from him, squinting his eyes taking everything in.

Jamie felt an adrenaline rush, heart beating increasingly as he thought of a burning question to break the ice, "What happened the night Dean died?"

Roses head hesitantly turned back to Lucifer's she mumbled something to him, bowing her head to him a little. There was something odd about their relationship. It was as though Lucifer had managed to get between Rose and her own family. Everyone found themselves develop goosebumps against their skin as it got even colder.

 Sam scoffed at them, wondering how more pathetic this could get. She was going down a long bumpy road, it was funny from Sam's point of view since for once it wasn't himself. Rose finally replied to her son, "It doesn't matter" She confessed bluntly, it didn't really help the situation it just angered Sam even more and made Lucifer grow impatient, the portal wasn't going to stay open for long.

Castiels eyes glew an innocent blue as he locked eyes with Rose, he noticed her regret as he read her thoughts. He nodded once at her, "Tell him Rose..." He muttered under his breath as if expecting Rose to have greater hearing than the normal human but she of course got the gist.

Lucifer pulled at Rose like a rag doll as he forced himself and her towards the portal. "C'mon Rose, we're going!" He solidly commanded. Rose took a long hard look at the portal, feeling the atmosphere pulling her into it. She narrowed her eyes and then pushed Lucifer away from her, "I'm not going!" She raised her tone, now looking worried at Lucifer's direction. She knew what he was capable of.

Lucifer folded his arms over his chest, he didn't react. He wondered how long it would take for things to kick off around her. Satan liked a bit of drama. He felt his arm pulse from where the wound had healed, he could still feel the energy flowing through it. The portal could last a few more minutes. Lucifer reassured himself.

Sam's eyes saddened out of frustration, him holding his temples with both hands either side of his face, "Tell me... please" His arms fell to his sides, looking at Rose, searching her with his eyes for some kind of relation to feeling that made him know that she understood how he felt.

Rose looked like the spitting image of Sam's reflection, feeling her arms flop as she turned to him. Her lip blubbered as she tried to speak, "I... I couldn't.. have kids.. okay?.. I made a deal-"

Sam felt his blood boil after those last four words, "A deal?!"

Rose nodded, "I was desperate Sammy.."

He shook his head, wishing she never used the nickname Dean gave her, "That was my brother Rose!" He shouted back at her, he inhaled and exhaled deeply to try and relax. The wetness on his face contracting the coldness from the air around him.

Rose felt her body crunch into a small ball, she bent down for a few moments holding her face in her hands. Blubbering at the reality of the situation, She soon rose again and as she did, her legs shook as they were weakened.

 She managed to speak. Mascara starting to blend out of her face leaving trails of dark down her rosy cheeks, "I tried... honestly Sam... I tried... it was a sacrifice.. I was only told...-" She took a deep breath, breathing in all the tears, "-When my first child turns eighteen"

Jamie felt himself feel responsible for Deans death, much like the Winchesters, anything that went wrong which had something to do with them they instantly blame the whole thing on themselves even if other people were involved. If only he hadn't been eighteen... how could he have not seen it?

Castiel looked at Sam with pure sadness, "Sam... she didn't know it would be Dean to-"

Sam took a quick glance to Castiel, his jaw clenching, he knew Castiel meant well but the Winchester was on a high from what he had heard from Rose.

The portal whirled and the light began to fade, Lucifer's patience now grew thinner as he looked at the portal, fear in his eyes.

'Either way I'm going to win' Lucifer smirked as he saw Susan latch eyes with him. Susan only felt sympathy for her mother, she had to say something, her body felt obliged to go over to her mother as she knew Lucifer was about to do something which they'd all regret if she didn't do something,  "Mum!"

Lucifer looked at Rose for one last time, "Rose we're going!" He announced, silencing everyone around him. His voice echoed and bounced off the walls. Rose panted and tried to leap away but then as she did, Lucifer grabbed her by the waist and pulled her full body with him towards the portal. Everything seemed to go slow motion as Rose kicked and punched Lucifer, screaming, "No! Lucifer..."

He grabbed her from behind, pulling her with him, she seemed incapable of releasing herself from his hold. This time she wasn't going to get away.

Susan ran over as fast as she could trying to catch them before it was too late, pushing Castiel out of the way, him almost loosing his balance looking  startled as he watched her get through Sam using her superman strength which had come out of nowhere "MOOOOOOOOOOM!!" She cried.

Jamie watched his little sister running over like a lost soul, he decided to sprint after her, "Susan, NO!!" He reached out to her as she ran straight for the portal.

Lucifer's form fell to the floor as he and Rose had hit the force of the portal entering his cage, they fell through, Rose screaming as she fell along side Lucifer's soul. Johns now free body laying motionless on the cold concrete floor. The portal shrivelled up quickly and disappeared.

Everyone looking like deer in headlights staring over at where the portal was and John on the floor. Susan gasped, jaw dropping as she ghosted over to her father who lay on the floor, his eye lids closed shut, "Dad?" She asked in disbelief looking down on him. Last time she had seen her father as himself, they had an argument. That was before John had left home, she was glad to see him but then again she wanted to smack him something good.

Jamie joined Susans side, placing a palm on Susans shoulder, grazing his thumb against her shoulder, "It's alright Susan. It's going to be okay" He looked down at his father. He couldn't bring his mother back now but he wanted to make sure he'd keep the family he had left safe.

Sam turned to Castiel and Jake, Sam looked guilty putting a hand through his hair again, "I can't believe it..."

Castiel nodded, "I'm going to go now" He commented, looking down at the floor. Sam was about to but in as he was confused but then Castiel shook his head at Sam. Sounding his wings fluttering. He was gone.

Jake struts over to Jamie just aside from John who was beginning to regain consciousness, eye lids flickering as his eyes began to move underneath. Jamie looked at Jake and pulled him into a tight hug, "Stay with me" He berried his head in Jakes shoulder, feeling his emotions pour out of him.

As Jake and Jamie had a moment, Sam stood silently watching as Susan fell to her knees by her father, her tugging at his torn suit, "Daddy!" She cried. He gasped and looked up at her. Astonished, he let out a gasp obviously not realising what had happened, he lifted up his heavy arm and placed his hand on Susans cheek. She leaned into his hand as he said, "Oh.. my love look how much you've grown"

Jamie and Jake let go of their hug, Jamie turned his attention to his father on the floor, "Need a hand Sir?" Susan backed away from her father, brushing off his suit.

John scoffed, Jamie pulling his father up with a strong hand. John smiled thanking Jamie and then pointing at Jake and Jamie knowingly, they were holding hands absently but they soon realised when his father had pointed it out.

But John's mood soon changed when he turned back to his daughter, he remembered Rose when he looked at Susan. He looked around worryingly now seeing the unfamiliar, cold and damp surroundings, "Where are we, where's your mother?!"

Sam had decided to turn around and walk away, feeling a presence next to him as he walked out, opening the white doors. The older Winchester put his arm around him, there was no turning back. But there was always going to be one for the road.

2036 - Alternative Torchwood 30
Final Part! Thought I'd end on a bit of a cliff hanger, so why not haha? There's probably a lot not answered. All ends with Rose in the cage with Lucifers soul, Castiel and Sam leaving. John returning to reunite with his kids, unsure of what's happened. Jamie and Jake share each others interests throughout all the emotions. Hope you've enjoyed reading. Sorry if it's not to your expectations on how it was going to end.
                                                                         Doctor-who-david-tennant by Laurenthebumblebee

Dramatically the white doors swung open revealing a bright blue hue, a figure of Castiel standing directly in the middle of the doorway, his figure a darkened shadow to the lightening hue around him. Everyone turned and stared at him while the light faded -that is- everyone apart from Rose. She kept her stare over at Lucifer who gripped his hand onto her wrist like a lock, if anything she was shocked, she didn't realise it until now. Castiel scowled in Lucifer's direction, his hands clenched tightly either side of him.

Susan immediately sprung into view from behind Cas, running over to her mother. But then Castiel re-flexed and pulled Susan back with his force, his glowing blue light in his eyes faded to his normal sky blue irises. Susan pulled a confused look at Castiel as she stood at his side, Castiel just gently gave her a reassuring look as if he knew what he was doing.

Lucifer squinted over to Castiel, raising his head in pride. "Castiel, brother. How nice of you to... 'fly by' See you brought your little puppets" Lucifer greeted Castiel, Jake peered from behind Castiel, his view instantly at Jamie who looked at him wide eyed back, Jack shuffled next to Susan and gave a wink at Jamie craftily whilst Castiel casually walked closer through Lucifer's path.

Susan tutted at Lucifer, she had more guts than most of them there, "We're not puppets. let my mom go!" She demanded with passion, her cheeks growing into a more rosy colour, the same as her lipstick, Jake smiled at her. He thought she had done good to stand up for her mother.

Lucifer smiled at Susan and then looked at Rose as he began talking, "You've certainly got your mom's feistiness.. is that even a word 'feistiness?'... meh" He tilted his head in wonder and then cleared his throat, everyone else unsure what Lucifer was up to. Sam nodding at Castiel knowingly and Lucifer continued, "Anyway, going off track... although my little Susan, your mother is sharp. She isn't being controlled by me. She isn't forcefully being here are you Rosie? She volunteered" Lucifer pulled an evil grin as he let go of Roses wrist, she instantly started rubbing it with her other hand, her hand feeling slightly numb, she felt herself backing away as she felt everyone staring at her.

"Why are you doing this Lucifer?!" Jamie asked, raising his voice to back his younger sister up, nodding in sync with his little sister.

Lucifer turned on the spot to give Jamie a wiggle of the eyebrow as he got his blade out again and placed it hard against his exposed skin, the sleeve still rolled up from before, he sliced his arm like it was just a piece of meat from the butchers.

 Lucifer tusked between his teeth jokingly, "Ooooh stings..." He chuckled to himself, the wound had started to form a ring of luminous light around from where the blade had enchanted Lucifer's arm, Lucifer seemed intensely intrigued at his arm as nothing seemed to happen at first.

Everyone felt St. Marys Convent start to shake, the vibrations rattling their feet as they all looked in different directions. Jamie grabbing his sister to protect her. Castiels eyes still glued to Lucifer and Rose. Sam looks away as the light began to shine brightly again, a draft coming from Lucifer. Jake suddenly leaps to keep Jamie and Susan safe.

The light which brightened had expanded and became a portal by the side of Lucifer, the strands of light fading from his arm, his wound healing quickly, Lucifer grabs Rose by the upper arms and looks at her in the eyes, she looked back at his only seeing the man she married all those years ago.

"Come with me" He suggested calmly whilst everyone else were distracted. Rose found herself bottling up inside, her feelings all over the place, she didn't know what she was doing. She froze, unsure of what to do. There wasn't much here for her any more, she was scared she wasn't welcome. Her mind played tricks on her and she felt everyone began to stare again.

Rose shook her head finally and muttered almost inaudibly, "I... can't" She breathed out heavily feeling all she dreaded come into two little words, rejecting him again, sending him away, she'll never see him again and all the pain would be left behind with her and she would be reminded about it every day by Torchwood and the people within it. She could say 'yes'.....

Lucifer placed a palm against Roses cheek, brushing his thumb against her hairline, feeling her tremble at his touch, "I can see it in your eyes. You want me... I want you" Lucifer pleaded.

Roses eyes saddened, parting her lips, "Luci-"

Lucifer smiled more sweetly than usual, interrupting Rose, "Shush, c'mon" He pulled her by his spare hand and let her face go, pulling her by the portal. But then the others  came to realise as the vibrations and shakes steadied, all of their attentions called to Lucifer and Rose, one of them surely had to say something. Maybe they were questioning the possibility that Rose might have wanted to go with Lucifer but did she realise what he was getting her into?

Jamie breathed heavily, teeth gritting, "Stop it!" He cried, his hand pointing at his mother. They all got the vibe of what Lucifer wanted, that was his  plan all along. None of them wanted Lucifer beckoning Rose. None of them truly understood what she was dealing with. They weren't going to let it happen.

Jake shook his head, "I fucking knew it..." He mumbled silently to himself as the atmosphere thickened around him.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
2036 - Alternative Torchwood 29
Shortish part to what may come next to be the final part. The Torchwood gang gather together to try and complete the deal. Lucifer soon twists their words and gets Rose to do what he likes. Will she go with him? Or will the others get into her mind before its too late? Find out in the final part- laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…
                                                         S2 01 Wal 16 by Laurenthebumblebee

  Sam and Jamie arrive at St. Marys Convent parking the pick up truck in a dead grassy area by the building itself, twigs crunching as they walked. The place really set the scene, it was dark, gloomy and they had to stay close if they wanted to see each other clearly. They both walked up to the abandoned building, the greyish theme gave off an eary vibe. Sam squinted his eyes as he looked up and then around the building turning on his heels, trees surrounded the area of what they could see, trees which curved and twisted to the wind, no colourful leaves to be seen.

He turned back to Jamie who was carrying the bags over his shoulders, he looked quite timid as he stared up at the symbol of the building. He tusked his teeth, "You think there's anything inside?" Jamie asked, sniffing hard afterwards as the cold ripe air was getting to him.

Sam walked over to him, the blade in his grip, by now the demon blood had seeped into the sharp carvings and become apart of the enchantment. Sam scoffed, "Well there's only one way to find out" He gestured to go forth into the building as he looked back at Jamie. It was more of a mansion, most of the building being covered by mist, branches, bushes and bracken which had started to become apart of the building structure that suggested it had been abandoned for a while.

Before doing anything else, Sam checked most of the windows from what he could see, most of them were blacked out, the odd one or two with smashed windows. The typical creepy mansion that you would usually come across in a horror movie.

Jamie shrugged, walking forward with Sam by his side lifting the bags over his shoulder again as they started to slip from his grip, they both placed a palm on the damp door frame that crumbled wood carvings at their finger tips, "Ready?" Jamie asked quietly, putting the tiniest bit of pressure to the door not really appreciating the feeling of damp wood which had lingered at their touch. Sam smirked, "Its either now or never" He added back as he put as much pressure as Jamie, they gradually opened the door, minding that the door could fall apart at any point.

They soon opened the door, letting the heavy moonlight through, seeing dust particles floating through the light beam as it casted through the gaped entrance and onto the grey marble floor. Sam went in first, it was quite dark so Jamie quickly fiddled with one of the bags zips which was still resting over his shoulder, pulling out two torches, throwing one carelessly to Sam. Sam had good reflexes and caught it just before it hit the ground, turning around quickly to the darkness, just before giving Jamie a look which described 'seriously? throw properly next time'.

Sam flashed his torch light into the darkness, he narrowed his eyes as he looked around his arm instinctively behind him to Jamie's direction as if a defence or to call Jamie to follow him. "Stay with me, keep your flash light in front of you at all times. You never know what could be lurking in the dark" Sam commented using a soft tone to Jamie seeing a stair case just in front with a few wonky broken picture frames barely hanging on the cracked and peeled walls.

Jamie scoffed, shining his torch light at the ceiling and then all around, dust could be seen everywhere, cobwebs dangling from the ceiling, sticking loosely as they swung in the draft, "Way to keep the spirits up Sammy" He stated a bit louder than anticipated. Sam shushed him almost inaudibly as he crept into the next room.

After exploring around the building, there was no sign of any Supernatural life at all around. Sam even got out the EMF detector. Nothing. Then they reached a corridor which had two huge doors at the other side. The doors were unnaturally white and gracefully carved against the grey stained and crumbled state of the rest of the building. As if it had been cared for. Sam and Jamie both looked at each other in surprise.

Sam patted Jamie on the shoulder, "C'mon. I have a feeling about this..." Sam added, starting to walk faster towards the two white doors. Jamie also had a feeling. In his stomach, it didn't feel good. He frowned watching Sam walk closer and closer. He sighed starting to catch up with Sam. They both got to the white doors, Sam wasting no time slamming the doors open forcefully. Jamie wasn't so sure and he had a right to be, they both froze in the doorway.

"Oh shit.." Jamie gulped hard looking right in front of him.

"Hello boys!" Lucifer stated revealing himself in the suit which both Sam and Jamie were used to but not on him. Jamie found himself shatter inside, that was his fathers suit. Lucifer was with Rose formally dressed by his side, his smirk showing some sort of cunning idea he was up to something.

Sam's eyes latched onto Rose, his eyes saddened. She looked older maybe the time with Lucifer had aged her. Yet scared witless, "Rose..." He breathed out slowly. Regretting all the thoughts he had about her on the journey there, his heart sank. This really wasn't about The Winchesters any more.

Rose smiled shyly at them, raising a weak pale hand to them, "Hello.." She smiled in such a way when her cheeks dug into her eyes it looked as though she was about to burst into tears.

Lucifer clapped his hands together, the doors behind them shut with some force that the building shook, "Don't worry apes, I dealt with the little ghosties before you arrived. Drop your bags" He demanded and gestured his hands to lower the bags which Jamie had clutched to him.

Jamie glanced to Sam who nodded at him and Jamie did what Lucifer said, lowering both bags on to the floor. Sam felt his grip tighten around the blade through rage, he wanted this over and done with like the next person.

Jamie and Rose shared a glance, she looked so proud of her son and then Jamie added, "You look nice Rose, where you going?" He cheekily asked his mother.

Sam pulled a bitch face at Jamie, nudging him. "Ha ha..." He sarcastically laughed.

Lucifer rolled his eyes not looking impressed, "Lovely time to joke boys" He mocked and then reached out a hand to Sam and Jamie. "Give me the blade"

Rose gave them both a look as if to trust him, Jamie gave his mother a confused expression. Why was she sucking up to Satan? It was like she wasn't the same Rose. She was stronger than this.

Lucifer winced at them as they didn't do anything, "Please" He stretched his arm out further his fingers making grabby hand gestures. Sam wondered how far he could take it he looked down at the blade and then back to Lucifer. Lucifer grinded his teeth together making everyone cringe, "Now!" He raised his voice, eyes turning wild. Jamie jumped a little, could almost see the flames in his eyes. Jamie guessed it was because Lucifer had took the form of his father who he was already scared of as it was.

Sam raised his eyebrows, "Or what?" He dared to ask.

Lucifer turns his head to Rose, her eyes widen at the thought of what he was going to do to her to get Sam to give him the blade. She still had bruises, scratches and aches from their sessions before there was only so much a human could take, Lucifer looked at her up and down and suddenly grabbed her, pulling her in a sort of headlock facing Jamie and Sam.

Rose yelped and struggled but Lucifer was too strong, his muscles tight around his suit, "Or I snap her neck!" He announced, his grip gradually tightening around Rose, one hand on her torso, nails digging through the fabric of her clothing. The other arm around her neck, Rose felt herself get a clenching sensation in her chest from being enclosed by so much space, "Luci..." She gasped.

Jamie was alarmed seeing his mother like this but what was he supposed to do to Lucifer.... his fathers body..

Lucifer leaned down to Roses ear, caressing her ear by breathing hot air on her, Rose closed her eyes shut, mouth parting, "Its alright my petal..." He reassured her, "It won't hurt as much as earlier did" He continued with a dark chuckle afterwards shooting a quick dark glance to Jamie and Sam who looked disgusted.

Jamie pulled a face, "Ew.." He said under his breath, he didn't even want to think about what Lucifer had mentioned a moment ago.... his mother... and him...

Sam clenched his jaw, the blade taunting him. "Fine!" He abruptly announced, "Alright...", Sam hesitates to reach over to Lucifer to give him the blade, arm tensed as though it took some of his own strength to be able to flex his own arm out to Lucifer.

Lucifer smiles happily, "Good boys!" He announced loudly, sounding a lot like the Doctor as if getting into character, not taking notice of Roses ear drums in the process. He kissed Roses hair forcefully and then let her as if she was only a toy, throwing her away. She found her balance, standing a bit more away from Lucifer unknowing what to do.

Lucifer walked casually up to Sam, tough looking and snatched the blade from him, bowing down to him slightly, "Thank You Sam, you shall be awarded by not being one of the first to die"

Sam frowned at his comment, tilting his head and then Lucifer cheekily smiled, "Joking!" He walked away back to Roses side holding the blade closely by her. Jamie watched intensely as if he had to do something.

Lucifer exposed his skin by lifting his sleeve up the sharp blade caressing his skin lightly like he was gently holding glass making sure it doesn't break at his touch, "All I have to do is cut right?"

Sam nodded, "Yeah.. and the portal activates" Sam was unsure if Lucifer was really going to go through with this, there had to be something more than just activating the portal and going into his own cage. He was dreading the outcome.

Everyone was on edge watching the blade barely grazing Lucifer's skin, he looked up at Sam, "How about we make a quick arrangement?" He suggested, he knew what the reaction would be.

"What? No! You promised Lucifer you wouldn't do this!" Sam was angered, his face muscles tensing, he felt himself move closer to Lucifer pointing a finger at him.

Lucifer shrugged, "Just a suggestion Sammy, I am Lucifer after all" He replied snarling at them, his fork tongue flicked out for a second and slipped back into his mouth, "Before I complete the trials, I would like to recommend a change in plan" He pointed out. Lucifer looked over to Rose lustfully, he put the blade away for now in one hand, the blade pointing upwards towards himself, he latched his hand onto her wrist, pulling her close with one arm, he felt as though a storm was approaching, he was waiting for it to arrive.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
2036 - Alternative Torchwood 28
Sam and Jamie enter St Marys Convent in order to complete the deal, they meet up with Lucifer and Rose unexpectedly early, Lucifer decides to stir things up by having a change in plan. What is Lucifer expecting to happen? Will they be able to get Lucifer where they want him before its too late? Find out in the next part- laurenthebumblebee.deviantart.…
Oh my god.. what a month so far!

Sadly I had to leave a few friends behind due to things happening at school, one of them being my choice since I thought it would be easier as things got really complicated causing me to get incredibly anxious about the whole situation. So far, a day doesn't go by that I don't think about it but oh well. Always moving on.... thinking positive... trying to.

More fanfics to come! But sometimes I must admit that I dont really get the point in uploading at times but then I remind myself its for my own benefit and not just other peoples. :)

My minds all over the place lately but I think a lot of things are going to change this year in my life and on here. Hopefully my writing skills improve, they should do since I've got a lot of English to revise for -_-

Check out my Tumblr! Awesome sauce things on there, preferably better things on there than on here hehe -…
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                            PicMonkey Collage by Laurenthebumblebee

                                                                                                        I loved you with red fire,
                                                                                                           Now its turning blue
                                                                                                                 And you say,
                                                                                                            Sorry like an Angel
                                                                                                   Heaven let me think was you,
                                                                                                              But I'm afraid....


Jake rubbed Susans shoulder in comfort, them both walking into Torchwood. He was nervous and walking into the main office of Torchwood with Susan didn't really help, he let her have some space as he thought he was getting too close. He was unsure about facing everyone, the alcohol tricking his mind like the devil on his shoulder.

 His eyes caught Castiel's across the room as him and Susan stood at the corridor. Castiel was still looking down at the computer monitor, the pictures haunting him. These human emotions were not good for him, how did they cope with such things?

Castiel didn't flinch from their movements behind him until Susan opened her arms and ran over to Castiel, "Castiel!!" She announced happily, running over to Cas and latching onto him with open arms like an over grown child which needed the care of others to keep her sane or perhaps a large breed of puppy mauling him. Jake wondered where the others were since it was just Castiel, it was too quiet for his liking, he leaned against the edge of the entrance, "Where is everyone?" He wondered out loud. 

Castiel didn't answer at first, his throat sore from not speaking to anyone for some time, turned to Susans touch and instinctively put his arms around her yet his posture showed that he was slightly uncomfortable, stiff movements, looking down at young Susan. She smiled at his warmth and he felt himself smirk at her happiness, relaxing at her comfort like he was melting from the sensation of someone hugging him again. Castiel looked up over to Jake as soon as his mind stopped wondering, he smiled back at him, he was about to reply but then Susan butted in;

"So glad you're here Castiel, and yeah, have you seen the others?" Susan chirped, looking up at Castiel, still latching onto him for dear life.

Castiel gulped harshly taking away the sharp sting in his throat, he  squinted his eyes at Susan as she let go of him, she stepped back a little, "I.. have been ordered to stay here" He replied bluntly.

Susan frowned, "Oh okay.. why you? I mean... why couldn't you go?" She asked persistently.  Jake walked up to Susans side to get involved, folding his arms.

Castiel scratched the back of his head it was something he had picked up from the other guys, especially Dean, Dean did that a lot, "Well... that doesn't really matter" Human emotions were effecting him more than it should be. Maybe he was sick? He wasn't too sure if he should mention it.
Jake found himself staring intensely at Castiel, Castiel looked ashamed of himself for some reason trying not to look him in the eye, and Jake had to ask, "You alright Cas?", He asked, raising a hand to pat him on the shoulder but then Castiel shoved him off, that gave off an awkward vibe. Jake seemed to think that was a good way to comfort but at the moment it just became an intense atmosphere.

Castiels eyes darkened resuming reality, looking at Susan and Jamie, his posture like a soldier in front of his general, "You mean Susans mother being manipulated by Satan, her father being possessed by him and Dean being dead because of Susans mother. I think 'things' are really rather underrated" He quoted, 'things' with his finger but both Jake and Susan were dumbfounded by the news which they had just been announced by Castiel.


Jamie and Sam were driving to St. Marys Convent in Sam's pick up truck, the bags in the back, Sam driving and Jamie sitting in the passenger seat, his feet up by the dashboard his boots slightly muddied up leaving marks behind in the car. Sam didn't care as much as Dean would though, he smirked as he wondered about Deans reaction if he were driving the Impala. The Impala was in storage but they could use it whenever. Sam didn't want to get it damaged as he remembered Deans words about him haunting him if he ever damaged baby. Baby....

Sam had just gotten off the phone to Jake. The atmosphere was silent despite the hint of radio playing from the stereo but it was barely audible to their ears, Sam kept quiet for a while, his expression focused, eyebrows fusing together with frustration as his feelings bottled up inside. He should let it out.

 Sam glanced over to Jamie as Jamie took a concerned look back at Sam, he felt Jamie's stare linger on him for a while, is he going to say something? Obviously not...

 Sam breathed in hard and then began, "So get this Jamie, your sister is back at Torchwood with Jake out of nowhere and then Castiel suddenly comes out with some bullcrap about Rose being responsible for Deans death.. I mean, Deans death was an accident, there were too many of them..." Sam stopped rambling in his tracks, one hand supporting the wheel, the other quickly wiping his eyes and then drying his hand off on his jeans.

Jamie took his feet off the dashboard and put them back onto the carpet under the glove compartment, making a thud from the weight of the boots shuffling to get comfortable again, "Oh my god.. why now? you alright Sam?" There were several things running through Jamie's mind, he couldn't imagine his mother doing anything to get Dean killed maybe that wasn't the case. He was really conscious about the time passing.

Sam cleared his throat nodding weakly, concentrating on the road -Well trying to- his vision was still slightly blurred but there were a few cars on the road, luckily none in front.

Everyone was still grieving, some better than others. It made matters worse that they still had to work considering there was a time limit constantly lowering, they still had a job to do, they weren't out of the war yet, Rose had to be safe and John had to be dealt with.

Sam felt himself sharpen in his mind, "Do we really have to do this? Now that we know... we could just leave it?" Sam suddenly forgot who we was talking to, Jamie immediately scoffed, shaking his head, expression as though Sam had spat on his shoe.

"Leave it? Leave what? My mom? What about my dad? Are you mad, we aren't just gonna leave them?!" Jamie raised his voice, not taking his eyes from Sam, him feeling distraught, "Especially my mom..." His tone lowered, Jamie found his eyes lowering down to his feet thinking about if anything did happen to his mother. He was definitely a mommas boy, he didn't care. He had to be there for her, he was responsible he thought. He knew Dean would do the same. He stood up to him.

Sam Winchester felt his grip tighten around the wheel, jaw tightening, eyes lowering on the road surprisingly keeping good control of the pick up truck, "Yes, leave it. I have a right to discuss this with you" Sam cursed under his breath, his breath hitched again trying to keep on top of everything, he felt his teeth grit together grinding against each other in anger. A lot of their time at Torchwood was consumed by work, they all needed a break, it was like they were working so much that their humanly needs were no longer needed.

The road was misty up ahead, Sam and Jamie were nearly there but it was getting pretty dark. Lights were glimmering through the fog, the odd light flickering as they drove past. Jamie sighed feeing himself sadden inside, "I'm sorry.... now seems like a crappy time for all of us.. so much for no frickin' chick flick moments"

Sam laughed a little, feelings his eyes tighten from his cheeks lifting as he smirked, "Yeah I suppose you're right. Dean would be kicking us now", deep inside he knew he had to do this. He had to pretend for the best. Rose had been a good friend. He couldn't let her down now. Jamie also knew that Sam only meant well.


Rose felt the weight lift off her shoulders as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her which Lucifer had just passed to her. It had seemed after several sessions, Lucifer has become very kind to Rose, almost as if it were John being with her. Occasionally she forgot that it wasn't John who was with her. It was Lucifer.

He jumped out of the shower shortly after her, kissing her temple and then grabbed a towel himself, drying himself off next to her and ruffling his hair with the towel like John used to, standing in front of the mirror. Rose just stared at him intensely, he noticed and then added, "You going to get ready then Rosie?" He asked her cheekily, a smirk peeking through those stubborn lips of his.

Rose began to have an aching sensation in her back and shoulder blades, it was a shame that her muscles didn't give her much relaxation but then nothing had done since Torchwood. The aching must've been the after shock from the sessions with Lucifer. She winced at his suggestion, "But... I thought"

He wrapped his towel around his naked torso and put a finger to her lips to shush her up, "Later my Rose", He snarled at her.

She was at-taken back by his actions, he took his finger from her lips, raising an eyebrow at her waiting for an audible response, "Okay... I need to pick something to wear" She added.

Lucifer poked the side of his nose and then commented, "Wear something formal my pet" He clicked his fingers, removing the towel after revealing a brown pinstriped suit, dark blue shirt underneath and purple tie. White converse. Oh god... he was going as the Doctor.

Roses eyes widened at him. She had forgotten how well Johns form had fitted into that suit. He looked too much like the Doctor, she quickly walked past him a little panicked, her destination was her bedroom to pick something to wear, before going completely out of his sight she added, "Okay... Luci" She teased him, biting her lip as she dropped her towel on the floor as soon as she entered the freedom of her own room.

Lucifer chuckled at her, he knew she secretly liked it even if it was wrong to. "More of that Later!". He shouted back to her, sorting himself out in the mirror, eyes flickering black at he stared at himself. He trailed his fork sectioned tongue on the surface of his front teeth, he gave off the vibe he really loved himself in this form but he knew it wouldn't last forever.

End of this part~Laurenthebumblebee.
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Oh my god.. what a month so far!

Sadly I had to leave a few friends behind due to things happening at school, one of them being my choice since I thought it would be easier as things got really complicated causing me to get incredibly anxious about the whole situation. So far, a day doesn't go by that I don't think about it but oh well. Always moving on.... thinking positive... trying to.

More fanfics to come! But sometimes I must admit that I dont really get the point in uploading at times but then I remind myself its for my own benefit and not just other peoples. :)

My minds all over the place lately but I think a lot of things are going to change this year in my life and on here. Hopefully my writing skills improve, they should do since I've got a lot of English to revise for -_-

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